West Virginia Man Wanting to Become a Cop Admits to Sexual Assault in His Interview

A man in West Virginia with visions of being a cop at the South Charleston Police Department back in February, permanently blinded that from becoming a reality.

21-year-old Tyler Ray Price admitted during a pre-employment interview with a sergeant at the department that he’d had sex with a woman after a night of drinking. He later said that he’d recorded the woman after the intercourse, and that she’d been naked and unconscious at the time. To make matters worse, he even admitted he still had the video on his phone.

Roughly two weeks later, police talked to the woman in question and asked her if she’d had consensual sex with Mr. Price. She didn’t remember having sex with him, much less the fact that he recorded her. She did say, however, that Price had called her the day of his interview and told her what he’d done.

He’s been charged with second-degree sexual assault and could get up to 25 years in prison if he’s convicted.


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