South Carolina Substitute Teacher Busted Getting Drunk in Class

A South Carolina substitute teacher at Brookland-Cayce High School is now facing her own detention after she allegedly got drunk via wine-in-a-box in class. She’d stashed the alcohol in her bag.

52-year-old Judith Richards-Gartee was taken into custody after cops were called Friday morning in relation to an “intoxicated individual,” and upon arriving at around 9:45 a.m., an administrator informed them that a substitute teacher was drunk while in class. They’d gone to the classroom and found the teacher throwing up and unable to stand up, according to a Lexington County Sheriff’s Office report.

Investigators say that she had a box of wine in her bag, and it was open. Students told them that she was drinking from it during class.

She was taken from the classroom in a wheelchair and taken to the nurse’s office. She was then taken to a hospital for treatment.

She was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.


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