Crazy Woman Goes Berserk in a KFC on an All-Black Staff for Not Serving Her Properly


A woman has been caught on camera delivering a tirade of foul-mouthed and racist abuse against staff at a KFC in Greater Manchester.

The blonde is seen speaking to a woman at the counter of the restaurant in Ashton-under-Lyne before suddenly bursting into a rage and throwing what appears to be napkins at her.

She is heard shouting ‘I’ll kill you’ in the direction of the woman while other workers try to calm her down, and later shouts ‘you f****** little black b****’.


  1. well, i can only imagine the comments that would be right here, if this woman was black.
    Colonel Sanders was a white man.
    White people love chicken too.
    White people are stupid too.
    Fat white women are ignorant too.
    And fat white women like to fight too.

    • No matter how you look at it minorities are going to jail and prison for the same bullshit non-minorities are doing while nothing happens to the non-minorities. FYI I’m not throwing sand in your face, I’m pushing your face into the sand. Don’t sit there and say minorities are the problem when non-minorities are the ones being openly racist individuals. And I’m not saying all non-minorities are racist ignorant bigots, but a good portion of them are.

      • “I’m not saying all non-minorities are racist ignorant bigots”.
        No, that’s exactly what you’re saying — “nothing happens to the non-minorities”

        Nice try, kid.

        • If you’re going to quote what I’m saying quote the whole statement. And second of all look at the news for the past what three years or so minorities have been getting killed and absolutely nothing happened to the ones killing them. So yes like I said a good portion of non-minorities are racist ignorant pieces of shit.

          • “minorities are going to jail and prison for the same bullshit
            non-minorities are doing while nothing happens to the non-minorities.”

            That’s what you said. That’s bullshit. That’s racist. That’s ignorant and an outright lie, to be honest.
            Where have I misquoted or misrepresented what you said in any way shape or form?

            All you care about is spewing the old tired totally unscientific and subjective “a good portion of non-minorities are racist ignorant pieces of shit”.
            If that were true they’d have political representation and since they don’t it can’t be anywhere near “a good portion”.
            But go on, keep on spewing your hatred and ignorance. You’re just not fooling me.

          • Again you did not quote my whole statement. For you to sit there and deny what’s going on in this world makes me believe you’re apart of that large percentage that doesn’t care about everything that’s wrong. Just like any other racist you probably only care when it happens to your own people. I care when anyone gets mistreated. The simple fact that you turned what that woman did to those employees into something else also makes me think you’re racist and just don’t understand why she is wrong. I wonder if it was a minority that did that to a bunch of non-minorities would you have sat there and defended that person??

          • You seem quite inclined to sweat the details when it suits you. How about you come up with a concrete number about this so called racism menace?
            You think a country composed of mainly white people who has a black president is fraught with racism?
            You’re either insane or dishonest. Either way, you’re not fooling me.

            I’ve heard the ‘most of the majority is racist’ spiel countless times and I’m simply not buying it anymore. It’s usually used by race mongers and other assorted scum and I don’t stand for it anymore.

          • But yet you have yet to say that woman was wrong. Just admit it you’re a racist. You somehow found a way to blame the people she was belittling. And it’s plain to see the injustice going on within the “people” of this country. A minority can’t even walk down the street without getting shot and killed for no reason. How do you explain that away?? And FYI one of the first things I said was not all non-minorities are racist, but a good portion of them are racist. That’s why I said if you’re going to quote what I’m saying quote the whole statement. Now be gone with you, you’re delusional.

          • “You somehow found a way to blame the people she was belittling.” Ah but you see, this is your interpretation of what I said. One colored by the unmistakable stench of race mongering where everyone who doesn’t tow the race narrative is labeled a racist.

            I’m delusional? That’s rich coming from a bigot.

          • Lol sure. That’s always what a racist would say. But yet you’re the one who even brought race into this. The sad thing is you’re too much of a racist to understand why I’m calling you that. Here’s the difference between you and I; I see this cow as a someone that was wrong for their actions regardless of what her race is. Anyone that did that is wrong. But you on the other hand found a way to say something about the race of people she was verbally attacking which makes you yourself a “race monger” or wtfever you call it. If you didn’t want to be called a racist you shouldn’t have spoke like one. Goodnight I’m done with this topic.

          • Sorry bub. You’re not fooling me. Tell your friend Al I said hi and try to tone down the ‘large swaths of the majority are racists’ it’s getting tiring and its disingenuous at best, a down right lie at worst.

            Unless it somehow makes you feel better and vindicated! If that’s so, carry on the race mongering and hate spewing or, you know, grow up and learn to respect other people’s opinions.


          • Sweetheart let it go already. You’re racist it’s alright just go be racist somewhere else. If a person can sit there and not acknowledge when someone else is being wrong to another person simply because of their race or ethnicity they themselves are racist. Like I’ve said before not all non-minorities are racist but a good portion like yourself are. Now let it go move on and go to something else. Goodbye have a great day.

          • WTF? I thought you were done with this issue? I don’t let internet bullies dictate what I do. Go fuck yourself. Take your hate speech with you. I’ve heard it 1000 times.

          • May God bless your wicked soul. Goodbye. I’m done talking because you have yet to prove me wrong. You just keep saying the same things. FYI you’re the internet bully not me.

          • You’re done talking? Are you sure? Third time’s a charm? Holy Mother of God.
            Prove you wrong? My mission in life!
            I’m the bully? LMAO

            Goodbye you racist prick. It hasn’t been a pleasure.

          • I’m only racist in your eyes because I’m speaking about something you don’t want to acknowledge is happening. Oh yeah and I’ll stop talking once you stop. Once again I’m saying goodbye and hopefully this will be the last time I will say it. Have a great night.

          • It came back yet again!!
            Are you one of Dan’s alts? Holy Mother of God.
            Are you being intentionally obtuse or are you just stupid? I really hope it’s the last time you said it.
            Bye now… for the 4th time. You’re a persistent little troll I’ll give you that.

          • Stop talking. I’ve said my piece like what three times and you keep being ignorant and silly. Let it go already. Bye have a wonderful night. Don’t reply back because it’s just going to make me keep replying. And after a while I will start being rude to you just like you’re being rude towards me.

          • I told you already I don’t let internet bullies dictate what I do or don’t do. You’ve said you’re done but keep coming back like a persistent little troll.
            I told you you weren’t fooling me.
            Bye, troll.

  2. So are you telling me there’s not a large number of kkk members?? Are you telling me that over the past few years at least three to four minorities maybe more were killed at the hands of non-minorities publicly and nothing happened because people like you sat there and spun things around and say they were “thugs” and “criminals”?? So how is what I’m saying wrong or race mongering whatever it is you’re calling me?? That’s the thing with this world people never care about what another person is going through until they experience it themselves. And that’s so sad. To be honest you’re the one being a race baiter in the first place by saying minorities are the main people in jail and prison. And that statement had nothing to do with the video what so and ever. You’re so sad and you need help sweetheart.

      • So I’m full of shit for speaking the truth?? You just keep proving me right everytime you respond. You know what, if you have children I hope your children fall in love with a minority and live a happy wonderful life with that person. May God bless you and I pray one day you wake up and see the truth about things that’s happening.

        • LMAO You don’t seem to get it LOL
          You’re not fooling me! You can’t hurt my feelings and you can’t affect me in any way shape or form.
          You’re a racist race monger producing the exact same hate speech I’ve heard 1000 times over. Get over it, it’s not working anymore.

          Now you’re after my children. What’s next? My elders? LOL Are you sure you’re not one of Dan’s alts. You sneaky fucking troll LOL

          • Lol you just got offended by me saying “I hope your children fall in love with a minority and live a happy wonderful life with them” so yeah you’ve just proved me right. Lol goodnight I pray that one day God will remove the hate from your heart.

    • No there’s not a large number of KKK members. In fact, I dont think there has been a murder committed that can be attributed to the Knights in past 10 years.
      Minorities being ‘killed publicly’, WTF does that mean? DO you mean by police? Then say so pussy. If you mean the criminals killed in the course of their attacking police, then what of it? They chose to fight and cause their own deaths. They are thugs and criminals, as defined by their actions.
      If you mean Walter Scott, that’s one. 1. Single. And that officer is being prosecuted. So STFU about that. Others were accidental and tragic. But race played no role in the pulling of the trigger.

  3. Lol who’s trying to fool you?? You’re already a fool no wait you’re a racist fool. Just go to bed already. If you can’t see how your statements made you look racist you’re the racist troll not me.

  4. Look be like that girl from frozen and let it go. You’re not going to get me to change how I think or feel about the inequalities going on in this world because of people like you. And clearly your head is stuck so far up your racist ass to see that there is a problem going on. So stop responding and I’ll do the same. I’ve wasted enough of my time with your ignorant racist bigot hate spewing self.

  5. I’m done you’re just a racist cunt. Now stop talking you’ve proven yourself to be a racist. You refuse to see that minorities are being killed everyday by people like yourself.

  6. Lol how when everytime your bumbitch ass responded it was doing nothing but proving me right. If a person can’t see or choose not to acknowledge that racism is alive and strong then they themselves are apart of the problem. What you said had absolutely nothing to do with how she mistreated the employees. But let the roles had been reversed you and every other racist would come out the woodwork to say something about the woman. Fuck out of here with that bullshit.

  7. And keep being racist. You’ve been being a racist towards me as soon as you responded. You are a racist and apart of the problem. Go ahead and choke bitch.

      • Everything you said. Bitch what was the point of saying minorities are in jail or prison. That had nothing to do with the video. Right there was being somewhat racist then you keep calling me a “race monger”. You made some comment referring to AL Sharpton and he had nothing to do with the video. You’re a Bitch cunt from hell probably related to hilter’s racist ass. Plus you refuse to admit that racism is strong. If a person calls someone a racial slur they’re racist. Simple as that. And like I said before even if that racist cow was a minority I would have said the same thing she was wrong for how she mistreated the employees.

        • I didn’t ask you to tell me what I said you stupid fucking moron. I told you to tell me how what I said was in any way racist you stupid fucking cunt.
          Show with concrete examples and citations you stupid fucking troll.

          I keep calling you a race monger because that’s what you are you stupid fucking idiot. You keep saying ‘large portions of the majority are racist’ but when asked to provide numbers you never do.
          You’re a bald-faced liar and a race monger. Fucking troll.

          • Lol Bitch the proof is in the pudding. And for the last time you illiterate whore I said a good portion of non-minorities are racist, but not all of non-minorities are racist. If you’re going to quote what I’m saying quote the whole thing. And second of all I don’t have to show your stupid ass a number if your stupid ass wasn’t racist you could see that what I’m saying is facts. Minorities are infact being killed and arrested for bullshit. Then racist media pushers like yourself would turn the whole situation on the victim and call them a “thug” and a “criminal”. How could a 14 year old with a bag of skittles and a soda walking home be a criminal and get shot for no reason. Or how is a woman who got arrest on a “routine traffic violation” be a criminal then magically turns up dead. Oh wait that’s right because of racist pieces of shit like yourself sit there and say those victims were thuggish criminals. Or what about the Hispanic man that was shot and killed by a racist cop while handcuffed. Oh wait does that not count for racism. I guess in your sick little mind all those killings were justifiable right?? Minorities are victims no matter how you look at it. But minorities are wrong and racist when they point those situations out right?? You stupid worthless cunt.

          • I said, quote and explain how what I said was racist. Can you not read you fucking troll?
            You’re very fast throwing out the racism card but very slow on presenting actual evidence. Could you be… a race monger?