Is This a Hate Crime? Black Teen Beats a White Teen While She is Holding a Baby


What kind of person attacks not only someone unwilling to fight, but also puts a child in harm’s way?


  1. It’s obvious the white racist mom incited the whole incident. I expect Obama to come and commend another black hero. That’s what you get for being racist and having racist children. Job well done black lady.

    • I’m not being funny but the way she grabbed her when she had the baby, racist or not makes the black girl 100 times worse and another reason why there are so many racists because of fuel like this. Acted like a bloody animal and in doing so should be treated like one.

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    • You are an idiot. If she was saying derogatory things, that child was innocent. He did not deserve to be hurt. This is the ghetto black ignorance at its worse

    • No more than all white females deserve to be klilled.They molest their children and gossip all day like pussC’s. AND they try to blame everyone else when theyre privileged asf.

      • This is a ignorant comment. You should get off the internet now and try living in the real world. White females deserve to be killed because they molest their children and gossip? Pretty sure not just white females that do that. Genocide solves nothing. Read the history books to see the results. Speak to some victims of genocide.

    • some of them i hope you are calling the whole human race cause we all can be animals. This bitch is just one of the worst

        • We all can see that Selena. Bigotry does greatly subtract from anyone’s intelligence. Lemme dumb it down for the forum: I have two Lab Retrievers…… One is white, and the other a chocolate . Which is smarter?

          Okay, okay, okay… I have two race cars… One has a black coat of paint , and the other a white coat of paint; which car is faster?!!!?

          Riiiight… it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The next lesson is at a going rate of $400.00 per hr.

          • I guess the ratio of black people in these vids where we see people go nuts and swing their arms, mostly female (you can call me out on that, too), doesn’t factor in? Or do you think non-black people are walking around with their smart phones ready for some random black action to occur?

        • Lmao. The camera turns on after theyre already arguing. Whitey was most likely trashtalking like always and when finally faced with consequences she keeps her baby on her lap to further avoid repercussions.

  2. Too bad she was not a concealed carry holder. She would likely be justified in protecting herself and child. As for the perpetrators, I am not one bit surprised.

  3. Bunch of animals.They have no compassion whatsoever.If someone doesn’t want to fight you,just walk the fuck away.What kind of asshole hits a mother while holding her baby.Then we have the instigator asshole recording this despicable act to take the baby.This is just wrong.This is what the fucking LIBTARDS stir up.Shit like this.Fucking assholes.I’m pissed.And people wonder why these fuckwads get shot all the time by the police.

      • R u kin to that coward Roof….Like the coward he is, he went to a soft target, welcomed his ass in, no questions asked, and your hero proceeds to shoot nine innocent people….I’m willing to bet your church would have questioned a black kid coming into your church…..

    • Vicious world, you are either a wolf or your a lamb….Problem with people like you, you are quick to pull a gun, in response to an ass whipping you could avoid, by keeping your fucking mouths shut, but no, your armed and it give a false sense of courage…..An animal walked into a bible study and murdered 8 people, that is a coward…..

      • You’re an idiot. First, you’re nothjng but an excuse making asshole for defending this and you’re obviousky racist against whites. Second, how do you know what preceded the video? Were u there? You know the mother instigated the situation and “ran her mouth”? people can and should be able to say whatever they want without being attacked along with their infant child. If you’re defending the actions of the animal who attacked her, or the dancing clowns watching and recording it….then you are an animal too. These people deserve to be caged, and it’s too bad they weren’t shot that minute. I would have no problem watching any of them bleed out in fear because they lack every quality that makes us human; empathy, compassion, goodness…..its non existent, just like your intelligence you race-baiting criminal. And you should talk. All u people do is shoot each other because you’re afraid of an ass whipping. Blacks wouldn’t be killing each other in record numbers if they weren’t cowards afraid to fight each other.

          • No, don’t think so. I’m a combat Marine infantry veteran, I’m always armed, and that’s why blacks don’t join the Marine infantry…..because inside and when they’re alone, their hearts and their resolve are weak. They’re “tough” in a group, single them out when no one is watching, and it’s a different story. Anyone who defends blacks like the ones in this video deserve to be looked at and treated like animals.

          • Brian, that’s completely false. I happen to personally know black Americans who were, and are Marine infantry who’d probably take you apart quicker than you talk $hit, and forget the seals who’d give you a more thorough beating.
            A person’s color has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR CHARACTER. Your statement about Bo black Marine infantry was a dead giveaway. I think you’re a liar.

          • I will just say this. I was in 2/5, please google what that is. And out of 180 echo company marines, two were black, and they were honestly the biggest bitches. One was in my team, he would purposefully act injured to get out of hikes, he wouldn’t Fire his mg in combat, he wasn’t a tough dude, and was about 6-3 and built like an nfl wide receiver. All muscle, no heart. And take a look at spec ops, black guys make up 3%, which when u compare it to the population proves my point. Listen I am not a racist, but my points were true. Blacks think they’re tough in a group, but when alone and faced with odds, many fall short. But I’m sure not all. I know there are black badass Americans.

        • Reasons no one should argue with you because you’re racist and don’t know it:

          1) “All blacks do is shoot each other because theyre afraid of an ass whipping.”

          2) “and that’s why blacks don’t join the Marine infantry”

          Over generalized statements like these suggest the type of person you are which is a closet racist.

  4. who the hellll is recording this… all five of these idiots must be charged….I hope someone finds all of them and beats them…

  5. @Jones, unsure where you come to the conclusion that “It’s obvious the white racist mom incited the whole incident.”, first off, the black female looks like she is the one instigating the conflict!…

    Second off, you can not hear the conversation that clearly, so again, confused at your “observation”!…

    You are probably correct, when you say “I expect Obama to come and commend another black hero.”, because like that no good Muslim Lover he is, I am sure his goon squad will be right there, defending that racist black female…

    Also putting a child in danger is beyond words…

    I “wish” they all, those standing there egging it on, and those recording it, get changed with a “racist hate crime”!…

    You can clearly see the black female is instigating the confrontation!… As you can hear it from the racist MF recording it!…
    From my observation!!!…

      • please save it.your an idiot who would condone this kind of savage behavior and the reason why neo natzi-ism exists.please stay in the ghetto and live your ghetto lifestyle where it belongs.

      • Interesting perspective you have there. So, it’s wrong if a white person prejudges a black person, but you condemn each individual white person, to the point of claiming it’s acceptable for them to be murdered.

  6. I’m 100% certain that ALL PEOPLE (no matter the race) are outraged by seeing this. This is horrible! No matter what the young lady may or may not have done their actions make you only see them as animals.

    I really wish the people on this forum would learn to not lump all blacks with the animals in the video. I was actually made aware of this video by a black person who was very upset about seeing this.

    • Yeah, Nate, I’m sure they’re up in arms over it. The SJWs and mouthpiece “reverends.” Protests, riots, and looting. The ongoing news coverage, demands for justice, President weighing in …

      Outraged indeed.

    • Outraged, your assuming that these kids just walked up and attacked the woman, you know damn well that cannot be ascertained from that 1:05 minute segment……She ran her mouth and thought she was going to be safe hiding behind her child, as did the woman next to her, who should have took the child, so the girl could defend herself…..She is a turd, along with the girls who kicked her well deserving ass

      • Of course, ’cause maggots like this always require provocation before attacking, huh. Shocking as fuck you’d sympathize with the aggressor here, not predictable at all.

      • I really think you misread my statement. There is a MUCH BETTER WAY to get results. They should’ve been smarter about it. Threaten the friend into taking the kid so the issue can be resolved. That child HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

        • Well done, useful idiot. Fucker proves you wrong within minutes of you apologizing for him. But it never really sinks in, does it?

    • I see, need a gun to defend yourself from a situation you created….The woman is a coward for hiding behind her child, after provoking the incident, and I think even less of the girl for assaulting the sorry bitch….Go get your gun, you’ll probably shot yourself or a family member before you ever have to really defend yourself….

      • Dont give a damn if she was hiding behind her kid! does not give the bitch a right to hurt the child. No the coward is the hood rat bitch who through the baby BABY to the ground not caring what happened to the kid! Grow up ignorant ass holes

        • The “hood rat bitch” who had a multitude of friends to back her up…

          I find it really strange that a mother holding and ostensibly protecting her toddler is construed as “hiding behind” the child.

      • This site is filled with idiotic republicans. Dont try n use logic with them. They act so hard on the PC but are quiet f-aggots in real life.

        • I hate to break it to you, but I’m FAR from a “Republican”. I’m a leftist, and proud of it. Why is it you think that anyone who is willing to own and/or carry a gun must be a Republican? Strange.

          It’s also odd how you think I was being “hard”. All I said was that it’s time to get a CCW. If anything, your aggressive language paints you as the one trying to act “hard”.

      • I’ve had guns for decades. Never once had an incident. I didn’t say I was going to go out and get a gun; I said it’s time to get a carry permit for them.

        You have no idea what precipitated this situation, because as usual, the video conveniently omits that part.

        I don’t think a person is a “coward” for not wanting to square off with overtly aggressive people who badly outnumber them. I seriously doubt that in the same situation, you would have handed your child off to your comrade and gladly entered into an altercation.

  7. This is so wrong and it break my heart to see something like this in the world. I hope she is put in Jail for what she did. I hope the baby is ok.

  8. This is exactly why I feel the way I do about urban blacks. I have seen this stuff in person when I spent ten years stationed in savannah during my army days. I never used to be this way till then.

  9. It’s things like this and all that I saw in person during my ten years stationed in savannah for ten years that have made feel the way I do about these urban black savages. Also the usual unfair cowardly gang up on one tactics that show them for the weaklings they truly are. If I was there I would have crossed all those apes off.


    • They were probably acting like wild animals and she didn’t think someone would be so ruthless and criminal to physically harm someone if you don’t like something Someone says. But since you’re such a tough guy badass and love fighting so much why aren’t you fighting in the mma?

  11. This is completely and unjustified. People are yelling they are not getting treated fairly. They say black lives matter and then they act stupid and ignorant and do shit like this and they wonder why they get shot. They have no respect for anyone’s life or there self. I have a lot of friends of all races and if there kids acted like these do their parents would take and beat them from an inch of there worthless life. They say they want respect how do you give it to them when they can beat a helpless women holding a child.

  12. Sorry Ass Piece of Shit Bitch. Should be put under the jail simply for attacking a child you coward ass got to have a group to back you up bully. Makes you look like trash from the hood. IDGAF what you come from. What color you are! Did you not give a damn about the baby you through on the ground! No you dont and it goes to show what kind of person you are. Karma is a bitch and I hope it slaps your ass in the face.

  13. Typical white female. Thinking they can talk sh-t about everyone all day cuz they got sum smelly sh-t between their legs.
    “OMG Lets Gossip cuz we know we wont say it to their face! LOL!”

  14. Maybe if white people stopped talking tough on the internet when theyre PUSSCS in real life, this wouldnt of happened.

    • Say that alone in front of a group of whites walking out of the bar next time then tough guy. Or come to Cleveland and say that shit here. Maybe there’s no serious white people where u come from but out here we wouldn’t be afraid to take you out back “reggae”. Lol. Nice name clown.

    • You really think that girl said anything, other than maybe “hello”? What do you suppose these ‘knockout game’ victims do to piss off their assailants, besides wearing the wrong skin?

  15. Theres a word for people like that. It used to be a bad word, but now they use it in songs and call each other it. They think if we stop using the word that they will magically stop being the word. Theyre wrong. They’ll always be the word whether we say it or not.

  16. It wasn’t a mother holding her baby. It was a 14-year-old holding her 3-year-old niece whom she was babysitting.

    As for being a hate crime, I doubt it will be prosecuted as such if the aggressor is ever found, because hate crimes generally require racist comments to be thrown around and/or the victim’s skin color has to be the obvious and primary reason for the attack. None of those seem to be the case here.

    And she doesn’t throw the baby to the ground. The baby falls to the ground when the girl is yanked by her hair unexpectedly.

    I don’t believe the fight was based on race at all, but something the girl supposedly did. The same may not be the case for the ‘spectators’.

    • Caught: Perpetrator was a 13-year-old girl.

      Texas cops last night arrested a 13-year-old girl in connection with a
      viral video showing her attacking a classmate who was holding a small child in her lap.

      The teenager surrendered to police and was booked into the Dallas
      County Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Center on assault and injury to a
      child charges.

      Investigators–who did not identify the defendant due to her
      age–began probing the girl after video of the June 19 assault was
      posted online. The attack occurred outside an elementary school in
      Rowlett, a Dallas suburb, and was the result of a prior disagreement
      between the assailant and the 14-year-old victim.