FSU Quarterback Punches Girl in the Face at Bar. However, People are Defending Him Because She Swung First. What Do you Think?


De’Andre Johnson was charged June 30 for allegedly punching a woman in the face in a Tallahassee nightclub

I do have a question though…from the video it looks like she punches him first…. Who thinks this was justified?


  1. sorry no man should ever put a hand or even a punch to the face to a women..He should have man’d up and walk away…….were they wanting the same spot at that bar, were they wanting to see that man in suspenders????? but I have to say , they were both intoxicated and they should have both been charged to be fair about it……see what alcohol does to a person makes them out to be jackasses and charged with a assault charge and sitting in jail………..was it worth it??????

    • Spoken like a woman who benefits from a double standard. She should have woman’d up and walked away. Both charged? She attacked him first and he defended himself, she should be in jail and he should be playing football. But we live in a culture that prioritizes women over men, this is what feminism has brought, enjoy the equal rights. You hit a man, you get hit. Period.

      • i am all for right and wrong and owning up to what one does….. SULLA i agree with you if u get hit by who ever u have a right to defend ones self.. and alike i said what were they trying to get to the same spot at the bar……… and yes she should have been arrested too if one was the other should have too… maybe I didn’t clarify my self on it. sorry if I typed it all screwed up……

        • You are a liar. You want women to never be hit, even when they are wrong. That means women are to be given unequal treatment over men. And no you didn’t screw up your typing, you displayed the usual female mentality that always wants favoritism for females.

          • hey raymond……………i see just by what YOU type u are a women beater……..and those should be put in jail…………now do u understand……………there is enough violence in our country……….it was black and white fighting and black on black fighting and white on white fighting……..if either need to fight in a damn bar STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE BAR AND STOP FUCKEN DRINKINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG , do u sir understand that???????

          • “hey raymond……………i see just by what YOU type u are a women beater”

            Do you have a SHRED of proof to back that up or are you just engaging in ad hominem because you have noting to come back with. Personally I think it’s the latter.

            As for staying out of the bar that ALSO happens to apply to the girl you. YOU GET THAT RIGHT!

    • Don’t hit back you say, don’t defend myself you say?

      OK THEN I guess if a woman ever comes at me with a weapon or is viciously attacking someone I care about. I guess I’ll just stand there take it like a man and let her do it because vagina.

      Thank you so much for clearing that up and stating that I have right to self defense. And NO in way did you say that the guy had the right to self defense.

    • Spoken like an old generation person. Sorry we dont live in your culture anymore. These bitches are not the women our grandmothers were.

      • Exactly, the older guys have no idea whats out there right now. Drunken, our mouthed slags looking to fight and argue with anyone. He did look like he pushed her though, but she raised her fist and he took it down, and she threw a punch. I mean….do we have equality or do we not. The left says its a social construct so why does it always matter when the rubber meets the road.

        • that’s because there are no men anymore a bunch of sissies who beat women if a healthy adult man can’t act like a man he doesn’t earn respect as one and women are having to take care of home, children and then so called men think they should take care of them too shameful and all women do hit men and no they should not be all of you so called men need to man up and show up like men should take care of your children and you women like you should if men treated women like women that might act like women but it want change over night you men have caused a lot of this on yourselves

          • Okay it’s obvious now. You’re either a troll or a truly deluded man-hating misandrist.

          • Shoulda stomped a few more feminists in your day if you mourn the passing of chivalry and male service to women. They blamed and insulted us until we walked away. They broke the partnership between us by painting us as monsters that oppress and rape women. You let them destroy your pampered and privileged position and now you blame and insult men when they don’t stand as white knights any more.

            Fuck feminism. Fuck traditionalism. You’re on your own.
            Fight your own battles. MGTOW and the sexodus.
            Look it up you selfish ignorant cow.
            I don’t hate women, I just can’t stand these greedy stupid people can’t figure out how to treat a man.

          • Lol, how pathetic. Men are responsible for women acting poorly??? My lord. Women run to the biggest losers on Earth and then hate the world and turn to good men when their choices blow up in their faces (like they should). A microscopic percentage of men are abusive and I’ve never seen this men with not a huge stable of women around them waiting to be his girl. It’s sad, it really is.

      • Maybe some aren’t but there are many still worthy of respect.The ones you call “bitches” are just doing what they think guys want and fail to realize they are selling their souls in the process.

        • You need a kick in ass for being so stupid and sexist. If anyone uses force on another then the attacked party has an inalienable right to defend them self, no special consideration is given based on gender. And no should be given if you believe in equalty. Equal rights, equal oconsequences.

    • Rick Allred……….in my first response I guess it was not put well…..NO ONE should put hands on anyone……….as i have said before what were they trying to do get to that same spot?? all these name callings are very immature people…..they were both DRUNK as one can tell watching the clip……. I deal with drunks every day for my job and yes they get nasty and always wanting to throw the first punch. she should have been arrested too they were both at fault……….so people no more hate mail ok……….it is what is is………..so move on and stop the snide remarks

    • Yep Rick I’ll remember that if and when a woman ever comes at me with a weapon or attacks me or someone else I care in a violent.

      Yeah you stupid shit I’ll just stand there and take it like a FUCKING MAN!!!! Because well you know I’m not a real man if I hit back in self defense.

      Go be a god damn limp wristed, brain dead, mangina somewhere else moron. Oh and remember what you said about not fighting back if it ever happens to you.

      YES it does matter and the one not being a man here is YOU!

    • Sorry Rick but the world has changed – for the worse. That definition of manhood just doesn’t stand scrutiny any more. Men matter. The free for all using men as commodities for womens benefit is over. The world of high priced vagina and worthless men that can be scrapped one after the other while protecting the wimmens at all cost has no relevance in a world where we aren’t about to run out of breeders. Defining manhood in terms of service to women is a relic. Equality remember. She can destroy me with a crooked finger any time. We are no longer coming to their rescue to burn another man just because stroppy sloppy bitch can’t handle her drinking.

      He’s worth more to me than her any day.

    • I’ll play along with your delusion…..”a man who hits a women is no longer a MAN”

      So then,

      What is a woman who hits a man?

  2. To all those who say he isn’t a man, you are simps. Sure let some crazy female do anything they want to you. Scratch you , kick you. You don’t know reality. What if her next move was to stab or shoot him? Still not ok? What if she was about to hit your son? What about the female teen who beat up that girl and her brother in recent video at Brookside Park? She didn’t deserve to be punched by anyone? Y’all better check yourselves.

  3. What I see is him pushing her from behind to a very unreasonable degree. She clearly complains about it, but then he continues to jostle her. I say he assaulted her first!

  4. for one he under age, shouldn`t have even been allowed in the bar, and another thing you don`t know what they were saying to each other, if you look as he was pushing his way , he had hold of the bar and using his elbow was pushing the woman into the bar

    • Yeah have you ever been to a crowded bar? Just because youre pushing up to the bar doesnt mean someone has the right to punch you in the face. He returned what she gave him and then everyone acted like it was a big thing, I wish when they skanks told the bartender he would have just shrugged his shoulders and asked “what did she do to make him punch her?” when will we start asking that question instead of “did he hit a woman?!”

  5. She got what she had coming, the only tragedy here is that he lost his position on the team because a bunch of anti male manginas. This broad should be thanking him for teaching her a valuable lesson all boys had to learn in elementary school. Put your hands on someone else, get thier hands on you.

      • My mum and both sisters are abusive, physically and verbally. I have told them all, extensively, to stop it. Defended myself and others in their presence.
        My mother has no business hitting anyone. Why does yours?
        For most of us it’s a rational thought process.
        For the ‘traditionalists, it’s a wholly emotional question.
        “Save my Mummy.”
        This is why MRA’s have no respect for White Knights.
        Mummys boys.

      • See unlike you, I don’t blindly defend people (even family members) when they are in the wrong. I actually focus on right and wrong, versus “who is on my team”, while proceeding to give a pass to everyone on my team. As a matter of fact, I don’t team up with people period. I’m an adult, and I take responsibility for my own actions.

    • There is something wrong with you, too. Had you actually noticed everything that took place in the video, you would have seen he was grabbing her ass.

      • She was blocking him out with her leg, her arm, and a mountain of attitude.
        And that was her face he touched, not her arse. They look alike, I know.

      • Instead of continuing to sound like moron – why don’t you point out the time stamp in the video where the alleged “ass grabbing” takes place.
        Shoulda GRABBED HER BY THE PUSSY! 😛
        BTW – arguing with people on the internet is like running in the special olympics. No matter who wins you’re all still retarded.

    • Karensue they were BOTH DRUNK and they should have been arrested. alcohol showed they were both stupid idiots………. as i said before i deal with drunks every day for my job

    • He felt her ass, lady. But since you were never trained to look at the details of anything, your comment is just that, ignorant.

  6. I think she deserved it. She was wasted. You can see it. If women want to be equal, then men should be able to defend them selves against trash like this and she should have been arrested. I’ve never hit a woman, but this seems justified and I believe she deserved it. The problem is women like this take advantage that men shouldn’t hit women.

  7. Either of one of the two (02) subjects: Whoever struck the first committed either an act of assault or the combination of the two (02) assault and battery. Vinney-

  8. If you are going to punch be aware you may get the same back but at the same time he used much greater force and should have used self restraint instead.

    • Obviously, That is part of your right to security as embodied in the law based on common law or derived from the Magna Carta.

      • a lot this guy is a football player are you telling me he could not take a little punch from a woman …really what is wrong with men today My father would not hit a woman and I know a few (very few) men who would have beat his ass for putting his hands on a woman a real man would not have done this and all men need to rethink who they are and learn how to be and act in a manor that represent what real men are not little women beating sissies I am ashamed of the acceptance of bad behaviour from people and ashamed of America for what it is becoming

        • Not a word about how the female acted? Even though she was the attacker and the male was simply defending himself. You have a sad skewed view of how people should act.

          “this guy is a football player are you telling me he could not take a little punch from a woman”
          – So in your mind, if a man is a football player then it should be okay to assault him? Please explain further…

          • she should not have hit him but men have not treated women like women for a long time if you want a woman treat her like a women .. women have been left to make the home alone raise children along and work to provide for them what happened to the man of the house the father who protects and provides for his family and I think a man isn’t much of a man if he has to punch a woman in the face what man isn’t strong enough to just stop her from doing this a punch from a grown healthy man can do serious damaged to a woman

          • I guess your super cool Dad that you were bragging about never taught you how to use punctuation. You’re like an angry 15 year old girl who just learned (and misinterpreted) what feminism is.

          • You are an idiot and a major reason this country is heading in the direction it is! NO woman should ever be struck unless the mans life is in danger and nothing in the video suggest that. You have no respect for anyone or anything! How can you expect respect in return? Good luck in your meaningless life!

          • Why should no woman ever be struck? Why are they so special and why are men worth so little?
            And don’t give me tradition.
            Gender has fucking nothing to do with IPV other than women use theirs as an excuse.

            The definition of idiot would be someone who believes unconditionally without rational thought of their own.

          • How is a man going to get respect by letting violent stupid females beat on them bright boy?

          • By walking away, thats how! Two wrongs dont make a right, “bright boy”! If your feelings get hurt because a little female barely brushes you in an attempt at a punch then call the police and press charges! Otherwise, if you hit a female, YOU ARE A PUNK!!!!

          • You’re a coward of epic pussy whipped proportions. if a female is stupid enough to hit me first I for no good reason other than to show off for her moron bar fly buddies she is going to get slugged.

          • And I bet you are some young punk who shot steroids in hopes that it would get you all the girls but your attitude and the acne all over your face along with your small dick and tiny balls makes it where no girl will have anything to do with you! Or your an older awkward dickhead who has been married and divorced 3+ times but couldn’t satisfy your woman sexually so youve sworn off all women. Whichever it is, I feel certain you didnt have a mother and father who taught you right from wrong and whipped your ass like you needed!

          • Uh nope, but you show yourself to be a young stupid punk. As for me I’m happily married with a very satisfied beautiful wife and real a non steroid body from regular exercise and a healthy diet. Plenty of money earned from hard work, saving and careful investing. So how’s life as an underemployed flat broke basement dwelling gamer working out for you?

          • Without touting myself as you obviously love to do, (lies Im sure), Im doing just fine! One thing is for certain, Im exponentially better off than you just off of morals and values!

          • You think so little of women. They can’t defend themselves, they shouldn’t be treated as equal to men. Why do you hate women you fucktard?

          • “NO woman should ever be struck”

            I think you meant “no person should ever be struck”. Why does gender matter when it comes to being a victim of violence? No one should be a victim or a perpetrator of violence.

            “You have no respect for anyone or anything!”

            How did you come to this obviously incorrect conclusion?

          • Why do you have no compassion for the people, men, women and children, that women are violent to.

        • What is wrong with women today that think they can hit men with no consequences. Her mother should have raised her to be a lady.

        • Why do men have to take anything from a woman?
          What makes you so special that you get to do what you want and we must take it?
          Fuck that. Keep your hands to yourself or equality, remember?

        • What if she scratched his eye and damaged it? What if she hit him and he fell and hit his head? She opened the door to violence.

        • 1. ‘ and I know a few (very few) men who would have beat his ass for putting his hands on a woman’
          This is your desire to inflict proxy violence. As an ‘oppressed’ woman, you’re happy to exercise your ‘privilege’ to call other men to do your filthy criminal intent. All the while, leaving you to appear innocent and free blame men as violent demons from which a defenseless poor woman must be defended.
          What a worthless base animal with out ethics or morality!
          2. ‘ a real man would not have done this and all men need to rethink who they are and learn how to be and act in a manor that represent what real men are not little women beating sissies’
          You are not in possession of a penis so you don’t get to define what makes a man real any more than I have the right to pen, “The Third Trimester And What To Expect.”
          All men are real and are not to be defined by women nor their service, submission and subordination to women.
          3. ‘ I am ashamed of the acceptance of bad behaviour from people and ashamed of America for what it is becoming’
          No you’re not ashamed tho you should be. Rather you are shaming others. You are the source and distributor of shame to any man who doesn’t serve women. Shame whippings are how you discipline your male slaves.

          You are a horrible person and I’m deeply gratified your days of privilege are over.

    • No.
      If a Person A hits Person B, B has the right to defend themselves by hitting A.
      Gender doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it. The archaic principle of the sanctity of pussy came from the days of small clans. One male can father many children so it doesn’t matter so much from a species survival pov if most of them die. With one breeding male, there is no change in offspring numbers. Start losing women and the population suffers immediately and until those women are replaced with eligible breeding age women. Nearly two decades to be survived on a knife edge.

      In the days of 7 billion ++ and counting, we can revalue the sexes equally.
      Women are no longer prized above men for their wombs and they be unhappy.
      Equality is a step down for most western women.
      The new rule is no-one should hit anyone.
      They’ve been banging on about equality for decades. Past time to man up. Besides, a woman can do anything a man can.

  9. And if the guy doesn’t do anything he allows himself to be physically and verbally abused by a woman is this right?

  10. This was so beautiful. I have tears running down my face. As a feminist I can only applaud the actions of this young lady. It was too bad she hit a man and not the predominant mangina. Too bad.


    Fla. (AP) — Florida State has dismissed freshman quarterback De’Andre Johnson
    from the team on the same day that prosecutors released video showing him
    punching a woman at a bar.

    a statement Monday, coach Jimbo Fisher announced Johnson’s immediate dismissal.
    The quarterback had been suspended after the June 24 assault.

    the security camera video released by the State Attorney’s Office, it appears
    the woman and Johnson were trying to get a position at the bar, and Johnson
    jostled her.

    woman raises a fist and shouts at Johnson before he grabs her fist and holds it
    down. She then raises her other hand and swings. It’s not clear whether she made
    contact, but Johnson responds by punching her in the face while still grabbing
    her other hand. She staggers, and her nose begins bleeding.

    has been charged with misdemeanor battery.

    • He grabbed a balled fist she was threatening him with.
      And she went on with it.
      She turned to him first and repeatedly to threaten.
      She isn’t going to fuck you so why defend her violence?

    • Dufus she made a menacing gesture and verbal assault then the guy attempted to end it by holding her fist back but no the dipstick broad had to punch him and guess what he gave her fair and equal treatment. I bet you mattress girls awful performance art porn vid This is not a rape a rip off of this is not a pipe is the greatest thing for feminism ever right?

  12. I guess she shouldn’t have thrown such a weak, sloppy punch if she couldn’t handle the effect. She tried to act like a man and got treated like one.

  13. One person attacked another person and that person defended themselves. It’s as simple as that. The gender of the people involved is irrelevant.

  14. Hes a bitch and everyone defending him is a bitch, sure you have the right to hit someone that hits you first, so do you also stomp the little dog into the ground that just nipped at you, or punch the little handicapped kid that bumped into you, he grabbed her first, she threw a girly punch at him, he got butt hurt and punched the shit out of her. Only people with issues do shit like that.

        • I treat everyone equally. I’m an egalitarian. Look it up because I know you don’t know what it means.

        • Au contraire. Being angry with violent women that destroy peoples lives and careers isn’t misogyny.
          Supporting violent crims, as you do, who punch strangers in the face on the basis of gender is bigotry.

          Why are you incapable of having compassion for men?

        • Almost as stunning as your stomping puppies comparison. Some comments just aren’t worth the time or thought. Yours was obviously in that category.

          • I feel compelled to call idiots out on their stupid comments. You qualified as an idiot with a stupid comment. I’m sure you’re used to that by now.

          • I guess you lack reading and comprehension abilities. No surprise there. White knight manginas like you are what’s wrong with society.

          • “Mangina”, wow are you in middle school? You just lost any credit you might have had. Dont worry when you grow up and stop thinking that girls are icky you will understand, lol

          • Mangina (insert picture of FedUp)

            A Mangina is a self-depreciating man who subconsciously hates himself and blindly believes women are superior to him. He has been raised to think masculinity is inherently wrong – perhaps even a genetic/evolutionary/social flaw – and must be corrected by embracing his “feminine side” to the point of losing the very qualities that make him male. He believes women are beautiful, innocent angels and men are
            filthy animals who need to be controlled.

  15. men have become a bunch of women beating pussies you can’t expect women to act like ladies when you treat them like shit

  16. Rule number one is keep your hands and feet to yourself. She clearly started it but he didn’t need to finish it. I hope they were both charged.

  17. Even if they didn’t hit each other. Imagine the outrage if the male had raised his fist in a threatening manner like the female here did.

  18. I think he should be arrested for hitting her,I don’t care if she hit him first, he was holding her arm and trying to get in between people at the bar!!

  19. Unreal all the comments about ‘you should never put your hands on a woman…no matter what’. Give me a break. I’m one of the most gentle souls alive and if a girl hit me, anything that happens after that is reflex and defense. If you don’t think a man should hit a woman, then don’t hit him first. Simple as that. The second you hit a man, you’ve essentially made yourself a man. Almost no one alive would simply stand there and take it unless it was punches to the shoulder or something. (Even then, only for so long.) Hit me in the face and what’s between your legs becomes the least of my concerns. I’m swingin’.

  20. When ever I feel like being a belligerent bitch and balling my fists in a crowded bar, I sure as shit don’t go swinging on the super fit professional athletes unless I want my face pushed in.
    Should I lower my safety standards and wake up in hospital, I would think I made a dumb mistake.
    But then we have these insanely stupid questions about whether women should take responsibility for themselves.
    Teach women not to be bitches.

  21. Thank god he treated her as an equal. Otherwise, all those nasty dykes from the feminists groups would be upset.

  22. no matter His response should have been measured That punch had a lot of force behind it. He was not in danger.

      • Kindly? you simply do not ever, unless your life is threatened, hit a woman. I don’t care what the lady did or said. Of course he could have knocked her out ; that’s the point. I have a feeling she couldn’t knock him out no matter how hard she tried. And it’s, ( comma) dufus.

          • No I am too old, big and ugly and I love the women in my life wife daughters sister plus many others. I was brought up to be better.

          • You mean raised to be a sissy who gets beat up by girls. I don’t bother females unless they push me to far and I have a long fuse.

          • No Rich not at all. There are few women who could or would ” beat me up” You sound very young. If you hit one of my women which given situation and circumstance is improbable I would as a father husband son make sure you never do that again to any woman. Not only me but all the guys I know. A long fuse is a good thing. It will help you avoid jail time.

          • I’ve been around many many decades. I have slugged females who assaulted me but only after I gave the more than fair warning and a chance to walk away unhurt.

          • Well there’s that whole legal bit about self defense and witnesses backing it up. Darn facts and laws keeping me on the streets right?

          • My luck coupled with the law of the land has allowed me to live to become and old and free man so…

          • Young? You do understand how many years over five decades is right? I’m a great grandfather for pete’s sake!

          • More then 5 less then how many ? Why did you pick 5?
            Rich, then I’ll pick for me 7 Truth is it doesn’t matter You were brought up differently if you think its appropriate ever to hit a woman. Its like shooting an unarmed guy! I know you can stand your ground but man it doesn’t seen right. Enough of this chit chat. The wife is coming home soon ! PS a great grandad Congratulations! you must have married young and your kids also .

          • A ball park figure, if you were the old man you claim to be an expression of a ball park figure would be obvious to you squirt.

          • It doesn’t seem right to let someone attack and assault me and do nothing about it just because they are female. They demanded to be treated equal to men and then whine about it when we do.

  23. Both the guy and the girl were moving toward the bar, she tried to box him out even tho there was enough room. SHe had her hand on the bar to take up the space he was moving into. She then copped an attitude and and raised her hand in the first 5 seconds AND then she attacked him. She got what she deserved. She was 100% to blame for the events as they unfolded. What a pig.

  24. If you look closely you will see he was grabbing her ass with his right hand while pushing her against the bar. Women dont get that upset so easily over being crowded.

    • I had to watch the video several times before i caught that. I would have probably done the same thing if some creep did that to me, except i wouldnt have hit him once…he would be on the ground begging for his life. Watch the video again and notice where his right arm and hand is. Then, maybe all you idiots would realize she was assaulted first. Keep in mind, he was already accused once of sexual battery…once a sexual offender, always a sexual offender. Throw the book at him.

  25. I think its bullshit he got charged and lost his team position the stupid bitch swung first and I’m sorry where I come from somebody swing on you you fucking swing back down make a damn male or female she should a kept her hands to her self

  26. This is what women ALWAYS do – attempt to manipulate the situation by instigating, and then turning around and playing the victim. Good to see in the comments below that many people are waking up from the PC feminist matrix, and are finally calling out bullshit for what it is – bullshit.

  27. There is no way a woman can hit as hard a man period. Anybody who thinks it’s OK to hit a woman is delusional. I stand by what I say , hitting a woman is wrong and if you think it’s right how would you feel if a man hit your mother or girlfriend.and if you think that’s alright blame your parents

  28. He assaulted her first for those who are so blind they can not see. She simply was raising her hand in protest to him while pointing with her thumb in raised hands to the male friend she was with who stood at the bar behind her. They too were jockeying for the bar seat. That is when the #bully grabbed her wrist along with her hair and wrenched her downwards, that is assault. She simply defended herself from him as he started man handling her for the bar spot that she got to first, loser.
    What a piece of human garbage, hitting a girl for a glancing blow. Congrats to the team for booting him, I hope it negatively affects him for the rest of his life. The entitlement minded PC progressive cowards who feel they are obligated to all things first because of there progressive political connections deserve a demotion and revocation of all subsidies.

    • Obviously, we were watching two different videos

      I cannot condone a man hitting a woman. Neither can I condone a woman thinking she should be able to hit a man with impunity. The district attorney should have charged both of them with assault, Then maybe both of them would think twice next time before resorting to violence

  29. I watched the video about 15 times and his hand is clearly on the bar. 0:07-0:12 if you look closely you can see him grab under the bar pulling himself to it and her moving to block him.

    • It’s no more or less acceptable to hit your Dad or husband than it is to hit your mom or wife. Stop condoning violence against males. Violence against any person is wrong.

    • You can actually see his right hand holding onto the bars edge when she turns around in his face aggressively. So where and when does it show him grab her butt?

  30. She wanna act like she got balls . . . . He held back . . .but her balls got swollen. . .as far as arrest she should of been arrested she assaulted him first . Now she playin the boohoo game. She didn’t / won’t learn her lesson I bet. She will cross that line again .

  31. A professional male athlete vs. a drunk girl? He obviously put too much force behind that responding punch. Better would have been to walk away the moment she started raising her voice rather than engage in any way (but that would require some degree of social intelligence which not a lot of athletes have).

  32. You have to convince me he was afraid of his well being or just trying to protect himself to justify hitting her back. A small girl is not a threat to a College Football player.