Infuriating Video Shows Disrespectful Punk Teen Light a Cigar and Blow it in a Teacher’s Face


An 18-year-old North Little Rock High School student is shown in a nine-second video walking to the front of his class before blowing a cloud of smoke in his teacher’s face following an argument over exams


  1. Here I was wondering why there are more incarcerated African Americans in the USA than there are Caucasians, yet they only account for 13% of the overall population.

  2. I would just like to say I completely disagree with what this ignorant fool did but you all just gave me a meere fourteen year old a good look at how pathetic people from America can be..of course he deserves what punishment is given for that particular offense but I know damn well thats not getting shot by a trigger happy cop…which is as honorable a death as any of yall gonna get speaking like that

    • First, I don’t believe anyone was trying to impress you… Look around the internet kid BOTH sides if I can say BOTH sling racist garbage at each other every second of every day. Not really sure where the reference to getting shot by the police fits here but I guess it was just nice way of introducing your special form of stupidity to an otherwise pointless video. As for the police shootings and this asshole blowing smoke in this teachers face, one has nothing to do with the other. His POS parents are responsible for this shit-bag and the way he acts in public. Expelled BTW. Soooo now he gets to flip burgers for a living and expects to get paid 15 bucks an hour to do it, unlikely. In the end HE LOSES not because he is black as I am sure you suspect but because he is a shit-bag that acts like trash. Thank GOD for video, it shows off all of natures little scumbags no matter what color they are.

      • First, don’t call me kid you don’t know me. The reference to getting shot by a trigger happy cop was a response to someone else’s comment; you would have known had you read preceding comments but, if insulting a child brings you joy by all means carry on. Anyhow excuse me for trying to simply convey the idea that you can’t make it far in life fostering so much hate towards a being you’ve never even met…its been fun thanks for trying

        • You just said you’re a 14 year old, kid, so that means you’re a kid, kid. So don’t get all pissy when someone calls you what you are, kid, which is a kid, kid. :p

          • Not getting pissy because I am a “kid” and I recognize that my point being you dont know me my name isn’t kid…and if I were Jewish I’d have been a “man” at thirteen call me what you will I think and act with a level of maturity far beyond whats expected from an as you say kid

          • You don’t know me you have know foot to stand on or evidence to backup your accusations but I feel no need to prove anything to you, you just sound so ignorant trying to tell me someone you have never met or spoke to before how I am; you sound like more of a fool then who ever made this video in the first place you have no idea who I am or what im like how mature I am you don’t even have it verified im 14 I could have easily been lying….I may have only been alive a short time but I’m one to listen and pay attention I had an iq of 125 at 11 and the local news is the only show I watch regularly just a tiny glimpse into my life. I’ve never hung around anything except adults ever since my early youth so I had no choice but to mature fast. so before you go trying to tell someone who the fuck they are maybe ask them about them selfs get some type of information seriously fym πŸ˜›

          • Am I supposed to be impressed by an IQ of 125? Mine is two standard deviations higher. Congratulations, you are just barely enough above average to have an ego about it, but not enough to actually make you interesting. I can verify your immaturity by how much you keep trying to gainsay it in semi-literate gibberish. A wise man once said “It is better to keep one’s own counsel and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

          • Ok that was three years ago,so. A quick exchange of words through the internet is not anywhere close to enough for you to accurately pass judgment.XD I could care less about you and how mature you think I am I have more important matters to attend to

          • Nearly 7 out of 10 African Americans that reside within the US are currently on welfare. If you also end up on welfare when you get older with an IQ of 125 or who knows even greater – what will be your excuse? Will you blame it on WT?

          • I will be forced to blame it on the government because unlike the “black population” that you racial decided to stereotype me with I am an ap student with straight A’s I have a job already waiting for me when im old enough and I have my future mapped out pretty far bud again I’m a little more mature then your all giving me credit for which really makes no difference because I could car less what you think and its not only the blacks on welfare whites are only one percentage away from match the number of blacks on welfare its our fucked up economy along with a whole interracial nation that doesn’t feel they should have to earn there money. But thanks for trying to tell me im gonna be on welfare you ignorant prick

          • I took the test twice, with the same results. First when I was eight years old, and again when I was 16. There is a part of the testing process called “normalization,” you ignorant fool. Where the tester makes adjustments based on variables such as age. That’s why the average score is always 100 points.

          • If you are indeed as intelligent as you say why do you feel the need to consistently try to belittle me instead of sharing knowing through kindness. I thought we moved on from ther a while ago at least I have you are the one still lingering around the subject im proud of my vocabulary and am not going to stop using it for the likes of you.. you gotta problem with me saying I have just as much potential to be smart as you then go im not keeping you here. I am todays smart but tommorows stupid I am always learning new things I love to learn if youve GOT a problem with that then dont fucking respond.. as for you thinking you know everything you have “nothing” left to learn which in the end makes one truly not trying to show off or put down but im human so yeah you come at me attacking im gonna defend myself

          • If YOU are as intelligent as YOU claim to be then why did you feel the need to denigrate an entire nation of people (who have spent trillions on foreign aid and providing military protection to less financially solvent nations over the past 74 years)? Where do you get off talking about people you’ve never met not deserving honorable deaths? Just who the hell do you think you are little boy?

          • I didn’t say anybody didn’t deserve an honorable death I said how can you expect an honorable death when you do nothing but disrespect others
            Once taken out of context.I, and again with the belittling age is but a number you are to stubborn to face the fact that what you are saying is no more truthful than what I am saying.

          • If spending money and fighting is smart then gangbanges and drug dealers are as smart as they get. I didn’t say that to you, and anyone throwing shade doesn’t deserve an honorable death.. I think I’m alex fucking black

          • The fact that you are still responding to me trying your best to argue with a teenager tells me enough about how intelligent you are

          • Although I’m curious to know why your so fixated on diminishing my ego, which can’t be done; im far to self profound to allow a few words or ignorance and hate to make me second guess myself

          • Why am I “fixated” upon diminishing your ego? have you even considered for a second that your ego is overweening and needs to be dropped a few pegs to make you less insufferable? Do you have any idea how obnoxious your iamverysmart attitude is? As in, someone who claims to be 14 years old and then bitches about being called “kid?”

          • Why, did I use words you find “difficult?” I think they’re all 5th grade spelling bee level at best, maybe you’re just an idiot?

        • Thanks for being the adult in your conversations, and please don’t let the hatred in these forums get to you. They’re just very ignorant.

      • you think this asswipe is going to get a job? he’s going to sell drugs or rob your home to get money……………………

  3. Typical Nig Nog Behaviour (TNB). Did you know that nearly 7 out of 10 African Americans that reside within the United states are currently on welfare – lets compare that to the mere almost 2 out of 10 Caucasians that reside in the US are on welfare. There is a disparity.

  4. Are there no such things as consequences, for ones’ actions ?
    Why did his fellow students find the blowing of smoke in a Teacher’s face, entertaining and worthy of ( respect ) ?
    Disgusting …..

  5. The teacher and school system is just racist if they do anything about it…. that kid will probably be invited to the White House now….

  6. Little does that teen know, his name will be placed on a list

    It wasn’t the smoking, but the opposition to authority, and has been happening for some time. Public schools are about modifying behavior. ‘Student activists’ are placed on the same lists for writing letters to chemical companies to close their smokestacks. The inevitable monitoring and harassment program that follows is how the 60s was ‘fixed’. He will never make it through college

  7. This teen is a thug, and will probably be dead or in jail in less than five years. He might feel tough now, but soon he will blow smoke in the wrong guys face, and get what he deserves.