14 Killed Because of Political Correctness: Neighbor Suspicious Didn’t Report Because of “Profiling”


Authorities on Wednesday night continued to investigate a Redlands home tied to Syed Farook, a suspect identified in connection with the mass shootings that killed at least 14 people and injured at least 17 people at a social services center in San Bernardino on Wednesday morning.

A few hours after the mass shooting, authorities followed a tip to the home on Center Street in Redlands. As officers approached, the suspects fled in a dark SUV. A police pursuit ensued, ending back in San Bernardino, where a gunbattle broke out.



  1. No, 14 were killed because guns are too damned easy to get in the USA, even if you’re out of your mind. But let’s blame the “dayum librul media” instead.

    • You are not a smart person. The guns didn’t cause these people to kill anyone, the crazy people who wanted to kill people did it. It is sad that you just blame the gun, a bomb would have killed just as many people. Plus try and look at statistic! More guns lowers crime rates!!

    • I am a retired military intel analyst and can state without reservation that you are delusional. HUMINT (Human Intelligence) is key to identifying threats and is one of our most valuable tools to exploit.

      I appreciate your perspective but you are completely wrong and have a right to be wrong no matter how irrational your perspective is. It could be that you are too emotionally impacted at this moment and my hope is that you will reestablish your rational thought processes soon.

      Have a nice day!

      Destroy ISIS Now.

    • you’re right! if guns were harder to get 3000 people in the world trade center would be alive today! damn guns……….

    • I agree that accessibility to firearms needs adjusting, but you can’t take the responsibility out of the people and their twisted beliefs, motives, and actions.

  2. Well, now we know it was a terrorist attack.not some BS story about it being violence at the work place! like CNN and MSNBC are calling it.This was a very well planned attack by Muslim scum.

    • Like many combat vets, I can say in complete confidence that this was a well planned op. The only failure which ultimately led to their deaths was their egress plan. The fact that they killed 14 and injured 17 indicates they are well trained regarding the tactical use of firearms. The IED’s found in their apartment indicate complexity as they were not necessarily crude in nature. Most likely they were assisted by external jihadi resources.

      My number one question is why they did not ping federal radar with the purchases of materials as evidenced by a spike in volume of deliveries to their apartment.

      The deliveries of materials and assembly of IED’s in their apartment garage is another critical flaw in their plan that unfortunately, the feds missed. That is why HUMINT is so important. Folks need to report suspicious activity. If it looks like canine fecal matter and smells like it, one does not have to taste it to confirm it before they report it. If two red flags are raised, report.

      Destroy ISIS Now.

  3. The country going to hell because of liberal sensitive fucks who’d rather watch it all burn than to call a spade a spade.
    You’re terrorists biggest allies.

  4. This is my point about muslims know who the kooks among them are. This neighbor lady picked up on it. Muslims know the hate and radical shit being taught. But they dont expose it because they’re afraid of being disloyal to their religion. And thats wrong. That’s why they’re all complicit.

  5. Around the time of the holidays and a neighbor receiving packages… so you’re telling me we should be contacting police/FBI over people receiving packages? Working late at night is a crime? Guess my neighbor should stop working on his rare and old cars tat he orders parts online from as he could be labeled a terrorist. Damn the PC and anti-pc culture attempting to use scare tactics to move America to fit their agenda.

    • If he’s a terrorist we’ll all find out sooner or later so why bother.
      In the end it all comes down to how comfortable one feels with blood on his hands.

      • He has no blood on his hands. Unless he actually seen some sort of manifesto, saw pipe bombs, saw the dude, his wife and accomplice getting in a vehicle with a ton of guns, ammunition and tactical gear on he has no blood on his hands.

        America, land of the free. Wait no, we’re taking that back, lets fear our neighbor and tattle on each other like children over potential terrorism. We used to be brave, now we’re scared.

        This will further the agenda of being afraid of someone with guns no less.

        • No Dan, we’re scared of not being PC, you can (and should) report anybody you see if they seem suspicious, its called a neighborhood watch, its been being done for years and years…just make sure you dont report them if they arent a white male otherwise your a racist. Whats wrong with you? If I see something strange in my neighborhood I’m going to report it, it’s my dam neighborhood too and I want to keep it nice. And guess what, if somebody reported me for some reason I wouldnt get all pissy and cry over it, I’d feel pretty thankful that others in the area want to keep it nice too.

          • Whats wrong with you? Innocent until proven guilty jackass. Suspect your neighbor. You are never safe. It happened in one place so it can happen anywhere throughout america. Stay in doors. Fear the holiday season when packages are delivered in masss.

          • If your neighbor gives you reason to suspect them then yes report it. Youre quite naive if you dont say anything when something doesnt seem right, a prime example of what criminals want in a neighbor, people like you make it easy for them. Places like the projects dont report crimes or suspicious activity m’man, is that how you want all neighborhoods to be out of fear of being not PC? You cant prove any crimes without first alerting the police to the fact that there may be something wrong, your catch-22 is that if you dont report it it can never be proven as a crime.

          • You sound like a fucking ex-con. Don’t tattle? LOL
            PC liberal racist jackasses like yourself are eating away the fabric of the country and you really couldn’t care less.
            As I said before, you’re terrorists’ best allies.

          • Liberal bigot racist ex con. You are so fucking cute its outrageous, mother jones. Keep on with your SJW rhetoric. You might make it into the feminisphere.

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          • There you go with your SJW rhetoric pulling the race card. Is that all you have to lean on you whiner?

          • Sorry that I triggered you. Your lord SJW’s must be rolling over in their cafe right now. You went full McIntosh.

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            It’s unfortunate you’re a bigoted liberal racist but fuck it. I accept you.

          • Wow. My first internet stalker. EVER. I’m so proud. Thanks bitch.

            It’s unfortunate you’re a bigoted liberal racist but fuck it. I accept you.
            Just do me a favor though, stalker. Learn what ‘irony’ means.

          • I don’t think you know what “stalker” really means. Then again you are pulling the “racist”, “liberal” and “bigot” cards pretty swiftly so I wouldn’t expect you to.

          • No, no I don’t think so. Sure news definitely isn’t that popular. Why are you comments like a 13 year old girls?

          • Its okay to be in denial. It happens. Just accept your taking sargons law in real time and I poor you a glass of cold beer.

          • Running out of steam. Repetitive retorts with little or no substance and repeats what its betters state in a show of failing confidence with a twist of ego. Too stupid to realize shes failing.

          • I love to bring out the real self in each and everyone it never fails to bring me joy and satisfaction. Nice to meet you SCUMBAG. Please no insults to my family this time. Be a good little bitch and go away.

          • Do you even know what was said to “insult your family”? Or are you just making things up so you can feel just?

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          • Whatever you say Mother Jones. Next time should probably think a bit more about what you’re typing out so you don’t contradict yourself within the same sentence.

          • I’ll exercise my right to be secure by pointing out unusual situations and not be complacent in the idea that these things are going to happen and that theres nothing I can do about it or worry that I may offend somebody by not being PC.

            But you go ahead and continue to enable and support criminal activity by turning a blind eye to it.

          • Rely on big government to take care of your woes while you inhibit the liberty of others. Everything must be suspicious because we don’t want them al Qaeda to get us.

            “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

            That means everyones liberties. Not just those whom you see fit.

          • No, allow taxpayer paid officials to do the job that they are paid to do. You really are a complete fool arent you? “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Really?? Exaggerate everything to try to make a point, huh? Trying to make it sound as if the police will show up, throw a pillow case over your head, take you to a secret room and beat a confession out of you LOL! If you havent got anything to hide a 10-15 minute conversation with the police is nothing to worry about, and nowhere close to giving up “essential liberty.” Give it up! But hey, go ahead amd enjoy your sanctimonious, misguided belief that supporting crime is the best thing for America and its citizens.

          • Lol do the gubbments job. You pay taxes in order to perform their duties yourself. Spy on your fellow citizens. You’ll get a medal for it.

          • yep, you’ve confirmed your foolishness, an alert neighbor reduces their chances to be a victim, but you LOVE victims dont you?? scream victim this and victim that because you allow yourselves to be one, then scream at the police for not doing enough… oh well, keep trying to convince people that not reporting anything is the proper course of action, just as criminals and terrorists want you to, youre being very helpful to them!

          • Your the victim here. Your the victim of every one of your neighbors yuo suspect of causing you terror. With all the shootings that have taken place in the last year, this one had to do with someone that affiliated themselves with ISIS and now everyones feeling like they have to find out whose getting shipped products to make bombs (even though no bombs were used). You say I love victims. I say you aren’t an American. You know Brittain has CCTV everywhere with folks calling the police for folks disagreeing with them on the internet. You’d probably love it there.

            Again, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” You are giving up essential liberty of your fellow americans. You deserve neither.

          • “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” You keep saying that but you dont understand it…

          • I bet it translates to spying on your neighbors cause your afraid from that one shooting that had to do with someone affiliating themselves with a terror group all of a sudden requires us to do the governments work when the last 300+ shooting was simply nothing to worry about.

            ISIS is your neighbor.

          • Whatever, crazy person. have fun trolling everyone else on this page since you are obviously right and everybody else is wrong…

          • I can say with confidence absolutely. Same whiney mentality as the SJW’s at Gawker media, just polar opposite on the issues. Liberals say remove rights because safety, right wing gets pissed. Right wing says remove rights because security, left wingers get pissed. Bunch of circle jerks. You have fun preaching to the contribution of eroding the remainder of our freedom and point the finger at the “other guy”. I’ll continue preaching to keep freedom intact.

          • Freedom does not include standing idly by and ignoring crime and threats, with freedom comes responsibility, a responsibility to do the right thing, and in this case the right thing is to report suspicious activity where ever you see it. To ignore suspicious behavior is, as I said, naive. You want freedoms for criminals and terrorists.

          • Freedom isn’ just what you perceive it would be. Otherwise the freedom under the UK would’ve been sufficient. Freedom is everyone having their individual ability to do as they see fit as long as its lawful. This includes privacy and being able to order to have things shipped to your house. At least I know you’re not for an efficient government.

          • What is this groundhog day? why do I have to repeat myself? IF somebody see’s something that may NOT be lawful, it should be addressed to the authorities. As I said, this is nothing new, its been going on forever, so no freedoms are suddenly be taken away by doing it, the only difference is that now a days people wont report certain other people out of fear of being judged not PC and probably racist. Just look at people in open carry area’s that have neighbors call police on them for carrying a gun, its not illegal but its not common and therefore, suspicious, those people that have police called on them almost always cooperate with them and have a short conversation with them, hardly a blatant violation of their rights. some of these interactions you can find on youtube, its not a big deal but if they dont call and the people with the guns are bad guys, then what? Freedom to go about their violent acts that you defend.

          • Someone carrying a gun in the open is way different then someone working in their garage at night and receiving packages during a holiday season, regardless of their race or religion. There are those of different faiths that will still celebrate Christmas not as the birth of christ but as a cheerful holiday focused on giving. I know folks that receive tons of packages as they actually craft things from furniture to little remote race boats as a hobby. So not only are they receiving many packages but are working for long hours in their garage.

            My issue isn’t with people reporting obviously suspicious behavior (Lurking in neighborhoods looking through windows, etc) however a government body encouraging people to spy on their neighbors to make sure their not doing anything suspicious is too damn broad. Not everyone can tell the difference between a drug deal and someone shaking hands. And unfortunately they love the idea of a person or government body telling them its in their hands to stop the next shooting by spying on their neighbor.

            You, just as anyone else here can do as you wish. But again, I will not fear my neighbor unless they give me something to fear. I will not allow these terrorists to win by pitting myself against my fellow Americans. The gangs are already doing that well enough.

  6. 14 killed because of a radical Islamists. Syed Farook and his Saudi wife Tashfeen Malik were terrorists and this was terrorism.

  7. Let’s not forget that it was guns that stopped these fools. When a guy named Syed Farook buys two AR-15s,how about doing a double background check. Call it profiling if you want. Better safe than sorry. People don’t need guns to kill a lot of people,there are other ways. People want to yell gun control. How about controlling the number of imigrants from countries that want to kill us.

    • FYI Farook had a clean record and the AR-15’s were his neighbors. In CA its illegal to transfer weapons between two persons unless its passing down firearms from (grand)parent to (grand)children. So far from the reports I see there should be some form of information that Farook purchased them from Marquez however I have not found anything yet. It looks like the guns were illegally acquired.


      “The hundreds of thousands of weapons the “bullet button” made “California legal” include the Smith & Wesson M&P-15 and the DPMS AR-15 that a onetime neighbor of Syed Farook is thought to have purchased at local gun stores sometime between 2007 and 2012. The rifles somehow passed from the neighbor, Enrique Marquez, into the possession of Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik.”


      Sounds akin to the Columbine shooting. Guns were Legally purchased, however illegally given to minors. In this case under CA statute, the guns were legally purchased however illegally given or acquired by Farook.

      • FYI this comment was made 6 days ago before media reported the guns were purchased by someone else. I never disputed the legality of the purchase. Maybe we should’ve captured Syed alive and gave him a big hug and kiss and made him promise not to do it again. Regardless of the semantics 14 people are dead because of RADICAL ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS. So I really don’t think your tit for tat matters to the victims or their families.Something has to change. People don’t have solutions. They’re more interested in bashing other peoples ideas for solutions.

        • Wasn’t bashing any ideas. Was just engaging in conversations and a minor correction which Farook did not have any priors (background check would not work, so adding a redundant background check would be inefficient), nor did he purchase the guns (background check never would’ve hit him anyway) and that he more than likely acquired those guns illegally (either stole the guns, or used them when california law forbids it due to the guns being in his neighbors name), with the obviously illegal use. For the most part I agreed with most of what you said originally. But, just as I’d expect anyone else, wanted to make sure you have those additional facts.

          The neighbor actually checked himself into an insane asylum after he found out what farook did with the weapons, so it sounds liek the neighbor may have had a hand in Farook having those guns in his possession. More information in those articles I linked you.

          The government failed in its surveillance. After the incident transpired they could see all that they ordered online, what the materials were. That he lived in Saudi Arabia for ~3 years and acquired a wife 6 months prior to moving back to the USA. Farook also had conversations with known ISIS/ISIL/Daesh Sympathizers who were on the watch list. Yet the government has the audacity to tell us we need to watch and report on our neighbors (1984 style) instead of improving their own methods and not encourage US citizens to impose themselves on their neighbors privacy.

  8. In Syria these Islamic barbarians hide behind Women and Children.

    Here in the USA the Islamic Jihadist hide behind Liberal Democrats.

  9. Suspicious of someone doing work in there garage and who receive packages in the mail because there from the middle east? This Country is NUTZ!!!

  10. Dan Anderson is an internet troll. I’ve never seen so many comments from one person. Has nothing else to do. Makes him feel important to say dumb $hit and pi$$ people off. He is an I.S.I.S. supporter. He goes out of his way to defend everything the terrorists do. I’ll bet he’s a muslim.I’m sure Dan Anderson is an alias.14 innocent people died and this F–KTARD is on here defending these terrorists rights. While offending those who are saddened by this. What a piece of $hit.