Why Traditional Marriage? Watch This, Then Tell Us What You Think. Valid or Invalid Points?



  1. This is pure sophistry, start to finish. They claim that banning same-sex marriage doesn’t discriminate against homosexuals, because after all, homosexuals could marry a person of the opposite sex. Same-sex marriage harms society, and banning it regulates behavior, not people, they say.

    Well OK, by that logic, let’s have the government promote worship of Allah, and forbid worship of the Christian god. After all, Christians could worship Allah, so banning worship of the Christian god would not be not bigotry. Banning the worship of the Christian god regulates behavior, not people.

    And we sure have more than enough proof that worship of the Christian god harms society!

    • You’re talking religious beliefs. There is no religious belief that supports sam sex. In fact, all religions reject it as unnatural and against their god. America says you have a right to your religion. So worship away.
      The facts are there. Same sex doesnt benefit society at all. By allowing same sex, its opening doors for other groups, (incest and pedophiles) be treated equally to say they wanna be legal in doing what they do. We all know that isnt right.
      The idea is to benefit society. If this wasn’t passed, wouldnt it have the same effect on society as it does now being legal? I dont care ither way for i do not worship. This doesnt effect me as much as it will my children, children’s children and so on…

      • Thats a lie. Wiccan actually promote any fullfillment of desire you may want. Also there are many eastern religions that don’t really care. There are even ancient religions that do not condemn homosexuality and even list a third sex, which can roughly translate to trans or hermaphrodites (Neither male nor female by teh standards of yesteryear). Thinking that “No religiouis belief that supports sam (sic) sex” is absolute hogwash and is a more recent line of thought within the last couple of thousand years of humanity that has been promoted in order to continue fertility among communities and keep the population growing. We are now at the point where this is no longer needed, there will be plenty of breeders, you and I will continue to have children and homosexuals should be allowed to live happy, be provided the same tax benefits, and be allowed to adopt as those children need families too and not all straight couples will adopt.

        • Wiccan really? That new age watered down hippy/stoner rehash of satanic ritual and human sacrifice sprinkled with pseudo druidism? That’s a lame reach even for you.

          • Its actually pagan. Has nothing to do with satan as its not a form of Judaeo christianity. Remember hell didn’t exist until Inferno was published in the 1300’s so there was no satan sacrifice. There was just christians and the original “Ha-Satan” which in hebrew means “The Adversary” (very similar to how the Qur’An preaches as well).

          • You do get pagans are anyone who worships other than god, so Satanist are pagans as satan isn’t god. You try hard I’ll give you that. How you muster the strength to fail each and everyday in grand epic fashion is beyond me though.

          • Also satan is the adversary, ya know the better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven bit…so pagans are adversaries just as satan is.

          • Except Lucifer was created by god, who is infallible based on that fairy tale which was released well after christianitys first version of events was created. Satan is just an extension of god thus is an extension of Yahwehs malice and jealousy.

          • Also the glaring point that god and or gods of any sort simply just don’t exist makes your comment exceptionally absurd.

          • Dufus I just said they don’t so proving they exist much like your existence is utterly pointless..

          • Then why are you arguing it? You seem to think my existence is worthy enough to respond to, so you’re obviously just using 3rd grade play ground smack talk to attempt to hurt someone elses feelings. But I actually have conversations with adults so its pretty hilarious listening to a “grown man” who can’t raise his kids properly try to tell other people how htey should live. Nor make a decent arguement and agree with a retarded video that literally has no decent points as if its an argument the SUPREME COURT of America would take seriously.

          • Your hellbent to argue something even if theres nothing to argue about. All ways fishing for a reaction then getting cheesed off when you get one.

          • So you slinging ad hominem attacks and baseless argumentation thats only built off your petty emotions and bigoted outlook thinking someone wanting equal rights is “entitlement”? You are so clouded you don’t realize you suggesting they can’t be married is your sense of entitlement showing. You should be more upset over the “hate crime” for beating up a gay (even if the gay is a douche) as beating up anyone should be considered an act of hate.

          • No you ranted about it being selfish and other crap, over population ect….You used the duggars as bullet point. I find quiverfull zealots like them just as batty as I do you.

          • Here is your gold star. I know your CAPS instructor stopped giving them to you, but that’s cause they had to use the extra budget on replacing the glue you consistently eat.

          • Cecil Adams did years ago mathematically speaking as he proved there was a first cause that set everything in motion though not exactly god as you were exspecting.

          • So why even provide this if it has nothing to do with any form of god(s) (which keep in mind is still a waste of time seeing your other comment even suggested you are not a theist) and instead has to do with the big bang?

          • Well if you had any active brain cells you would extrapolate that primitive minds when face with things beyond there understanding or great fear come to reason that those things are of divine origin or gods to be worshiped. Hence all divinity and gods are products of feeble minds with vivid imaginations.

          • That still has absolutely nothing to do with it. You literally started a conversation that died already for no other reason then for you to see what you typed out. The online equiv to talking just to hear yourself.

    • The best part, adding to your points, is if a lesbian couple and gay men were to marry each other for tax benefits and the like, they could be thrown in prison for lying to the gubbment.

    • Your going off on a goofy tangent, your were doing good in earlier posts but you just always go off the rails later. You do understand that those who worship Allah execute homosexuals in public right?

        • Oh yeah good stoned to bones blog site alternet. If some holier than thou uber kook puts it online it must be true, just like those alien proof vids on youtube.

          • Like your comments thinking your deserve the tax breaks and decent human rights more so than the gays? Especially with your theist backing of the dung thats spewing forth through your sucker hole just confirms its sargons law.

          • Danny boy why should gays be treated special? Treat them just as any one else. Your living proof of sargons law.

          • Treated special? You are saying the ability for them to have the state/fed acknowledge they are in a monogamous relationship and receive the same benefits straight couples receive is special treatment? You know slave owners would consider a black man being free special treatment. You are so dense its incredible.

          • You don’t even know what special treatment is. Its literally been biting you in the ass. I would love you to provide examples of how you earned your special treatment other than failed parenting attempts.

          • We debate about gay marriage and your freakshow self decides to talk about ass biting. I’d to be the one giving you Rorschach test.

          • out of everything stated, that’s what you focus on. You into that or something? Its cool if you are, I won’t judge, hell you can actually marry now if you want. Just know you don’t have to hide anymore.

          • You know what you call Sargon’s law(it’s just liberal buzz speak not even really acknowledged except in urban dictionary sites like heteronormative coined by grace dunham and other baloney terms stupid liberals use to sound superior.) really has nothing to do with Sargon of Akkad in any way.

          • You mentioned something regarding SJW (social justice warriors, those who are offended for the sake of being offended; pussies), and I simply detracted

            because it didn’t have to do with this discussion. It is actually anti-liberal rhetoric. Sargon’s Law is actually fairly new, however it refers to those that feel a certain way but don’t show it, so they project it out to others. “YOu’re racist/sexist/bigoted/homophobe” when its in fact the SJW that is so. It has to do with Sargon of Akkad…in a roundabout way. https://www.facebook.com/realawkc/posts/880714318651378

          • Nope, you used ad hominem attacks and I reciprocated. Also I’m countering your ignorance with facts.

          • Coming from a person who doesn’t even know the topics at hand, that’s pretty funny. I see what you did there.

          • There we go with the innuendo’s again. I appreciate your attraction but I do not feel the same. I wish you luck in your future booty call.

          • Calling you a fool who can’t handle anything isn’t even close to innuendo. It’s at it’s utmost base saying your an incompetent moron.

          • Did you just reply twice to a single comment? What are you, desperate? Come up with something you think is better later on and have to jump back on?

            You speak of evidence and not based off assumptions but more so on facts, reason and evidence, but what proof do you have that there are no benefits of gay marriage?

        • You also under stand Allah worshipers have been killing gays and such long before America even existed. So the whole American evangelical bit being responsible well…makes your attempted counter point look even more stupid than per your norm.

          • Under your stand chrisitans would’ve killed gays. If you haven’t paid attention, which is obvious, gays are being slaughtered by the christians outside the US. You really think that because I don’t believe in christianity that I believe in any other religion based on a god? You really are running out of arguments, it shows. Pathetic attempting to put things in others mouths just so you can have something to say, like a spoiled child. Which makes sense seeing how much you fucked up your own kids. Only a matter of time before that grand daughter starts going down the same path.

          • HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE, thats a good one, must’ve killed them at the local CAPS you frequent.

          • Cause you haven’t paid attention. Can you even list a benefit of marriage? Do you really need a piece of paper and a metallic ring around someones finger to tell them you love them? Did you ever think that maybe its pretty shallow to think it matters? If you can even list one benefit of marriage where the state is involved then I can’t fathom why you would want to inhibit others. Also, do some research regarding the nations that have had gay marriage legal and see if you can find any trends of their downfall.

          • I could but it would be lost on you. Life has no glory for you but yet you insist on continuing to live to complain about it. Odd….

          • So there you go. You forfeit due to not being able to provide credible evidence. poor you, other people have gained rights you’ve had all along and you can’t deal with it. This super amazing video that can’t provide anything worthwhile caters to your emotional self making you feel warm and fuzzy. Damn those entitled piglets for getting something you’ve had all along.

          • Including married, just as the supreme court decided. The video in this article provided no good basis or arguments, just as your intial comment praising the video, and your comments.

          • I said it made some good points. Doesn’t mean it’s the end all be all of all that there is or ever will be.

          • And you being a bigot is not because you disagree with gay marriage. Disagreeing with it is fine. But when you go out of your way and perform ad hominem attacks against others you don’t agree with is what makes you a bigot. Just as the far left can be bigots just as much as the far right, and anything in between. There is a difference from being able to converse with facts and corrections, however when there are comments like yours, that is where it dissents into just online trash talk.

          • Like I said, you are trolling. If you start slinging ad hominem attacks, and you have no point to make and you are just attempting to get a rise, you belong under a bridge. So back under the bridge, you.

            Also, when you state “they feel their entitled to it” which eludes to you feeling they are not, then that is showing a nuance of being against gay marriage.

          • So why exactly are you so wild about this. I wish no harm to gays what so ever. What goes on in the rest of the world is out of my hands and yours.

          • Because denying gays rights such as tax breaks and the ability to raise children (single gays have a much harder time, if at all, to adopt, even though its been observed the children raised by same sex parents are doing just fine), receive the same financial benefits, and even simply riding with their loved ones if they are transported to the hospital. A lot of little things, and some major things (taxes) are being kept from them. I don’t care for the pride parades, I don’t care for them feeling special, but I care if an American citizens rights are being thrown out the window because a bunch of jackasses are holding tight thinking they’re the only ones that get “Special treatment” (federal acknowledgment of their monogomous long term relationship, tax breaks, ability to divorce).

            Besides, why should gays not have to deal with divorce lawyers? Them never having to deal with divorce lawyers is special treatment (Yes, this is humor)

          • So if you had the chance to reverse the decision made by the supreme courts you would not do so?

          • No you feel they are entitled because they are gay, I feel everyone is equally entitled regardless of sexual orientation, race creed or color. I said I won’t give gays any special treatment for being gay. ofcourse after it went through your blender brain who knows what it sounded like to you.

          • I feel they are entitled, as an American Citizen, to partake in the same rights as anyone else. They aren’t going to receive more rights due to being gay. I don’t wish them to receive more money from the government due to tax breaks and the like compared to what you and your wife/husband receive. I would simply like to see them receive the same.

          • again I’m not gay so….and now your just parroting what I said about everyone being equal gay or straight.

          • I don’t know, with that ass biting you were talking about. No judgement, just observation.

          • Lol, apparently you need to reread the comments. You are oblivious to what transpired.

          • I said the fact was biting you in the ass, and you jumped to ass biting. Which I found quite funny and revealing about yourself.

          • See you admit it. I was making fun of you and ofcourse the joke flew over your head as usual. Maybe I should have put POW at the end so you would notice.

          • Would help if you were actually funny. Your type of jokes are typically met with boo’s and rotten produce.

          • I agree, it would require someone portraying said intelligent humor that actually has a form of intelligence. Next.

  2. The government did not define marriage. Therefore the government does not have the authority to redefine marriage. This is just another example of tyranny under this administration.

          • Reality. You should join it sometime. Theres a reason why the ban on gay marriage was considered unconstitutional. But apparently that doesn’t mean anything to you unless it happens to coincide with your beliefs. Get over it child, stop your temper tantrum.

          • Your the one throwing a temper tantrum I really could careless about what you do behind closed door danny boy. How does your husband put up with you?

          • What do I have to throw a temper tantrum over? The supreme court agreed it was unconstitutional, and if you haven’t been paying attention, gays have been going in droves to get married. Has the sanctity of straight marriages fallen apart yet?

          • You’ve been barking at moon about my opinions non stop so apparently I really struck a raw nerve with you and you have a pathological need for the last word.

          • Bahbahahahahah. Now you try to back track. BEtween your comments regarding defense of marriage act (1996), the video providing great information and a rightful argument (it doesn’t) and the fact gays have civil unions that provides the exact same beenfits as marriage (it doesn’t) and now your saying I’ve had you all wrong? Even when you are the moron who decided to talk trash instead of having a conversation? Seethe more, you obviously are just being emotional and can’t handle the fact that you aren’t getting your way, just like a toddler whose spoiled, it would seemed to have passed down.

          • Danny you are the angriest most entitled gay I have ever dealt with. You hate the idea of children and mating to produce them even though your dumbself is the by product of what you hate so much and you hate the government all it stands for as your convinced that is what is holding you down when actually it’s just you keeping you down.

          • Lol, that whole putting words in other peoples mouths? Yeah there it is again. its that IQ dropping you gotta result to the desperate attempts to fit the narrative to your argument instead of the argument to the narrative.

          • Coming from an individual who not only has no foundation, evidence or source material it sounds again like sargons law.

          • Sargon’s law isn’t even a real thing. It’s just liberal buzz speak from the online urban dictionary morons like to quote to try and sound smart.

          • Liberal buzz word when you mentioned I was a right winger, you are all over the place.

    • You’re blaming the recent SCOTUS decision on Obama? Care for me to list who appointed the current SCOTUS justices to the bench? OK, here we go:

      Alito: George W. Bush
      Scalia: Reagan
      Kennedy: Reagan
      Thomas: George H.W. Bush
      Ginsburg: Clinton
      Breyer: Clinton
      Sotomayor: Obama

      So clearly, it’s Obama’s fault.

      By the way, “marriage” is a contract which is indeed backed by the government. I’m guessing by your comment and your avatar image that you’re not married, so you wouldn’t realize that you sign a legal document when you become married. Your comment about defining marriage makes no sense.

      • You mention in one thing about “blows equality”, do you even know what the differences are between civil unions and marriages? Reading your comments in this article have been incredibly ignorant as there are over 1500 Federal tax benefits that Marriage receives and not to mention couples rights (Ambulance rides and the like) that are not accepted or eligible with a civil union, dufus.

        • Yes “d” boy I do. You on the other just like to post malarkey as it’s your one and only defining thing in your life.

          • So gays will spend more married than they as they t do as two gay people living together….alrighty then…lol….

          • If you mean to say gays weren’t buying those things before hand until they got married…not sure you thought that one through. You should invest in stocks of publicly owned wedding planning companies.

          • ANd hows that? YOu should provide some examples cause I would love to see that you didn’t type that out “Just because” In order to feel special. You mean to tell me gays and straights alike don’t purchase lubricants at all? Those getting married never use wedding planners? How about divorce lawyers? Did you know gays eat, drink, piss and take dumps like straights? Please, provide examples where I’m stumbling, some sources with your “counter points” would be amazing in actually trying to portray what you are even talking about, cause so far its just been meaningless dribble trying to talk down to someone that clearly understands this better than you.

          • Lets see, I have issues with entitlement and am a douche cause I need to earn it. From requesting facts regarding what you mention. They usually call that CREDIBILITY which you have none, cause you cannot back up what you state with facts. You are the entitled one thinking things should go your way just because, sorry but its not that way. You can kick and scream and cry all you want but it won’t change a thing.

          • You’re the one that started this argument, and you can’t finish it cause you lack the ability.

          • Err nope. All you buddy. you just have some mental condition that makes hellbent to the last word no matter who stupid that word maybe.

          • Rofl, so full of crap you believe whatever you want, you started replying to my comments that had nothing directed at you. You fool, go get checked for Alzheimers.

          • I will be losing sleep over this. Because if there’s anything to base my beliefs on its someone whom doesn’t use empirical evidence in his argument. Lack of source = credibility. Its already obvious you shouldn’t have procreated, but that’s the sacrifice the rest of us have to make to maintain a free society. Nice try jackass.

          • What facts where? Where do see facts in any of dribble? Liberal narratives aren’t facts you loon!

          • “Loon”, thats funny, your god O’reilly teach you that one? BTW what facts do you have to back up your views, when this video couldn’t even back up anything with facts, only emotional bs. “I don’t like it so it has no benefits” is all it said.

          • So you mean to tell me you’re just being an emotional woman and thinking Gay’s getting married provides no benefits and throwing out pop words at anyone who disagrees with you cause you can’t muster up a sentence with some solid back, you know from areas where they’ve had gay marriage legal for years and have seen nothing but benefits, in order to make a point? I expect your retort to have no facts but have some flavor of smack talk, either something reused you found on google or to have overheard from the 3rd graders.

          • Ok danny what benefits would gays getting married provide to the world and better life for everyone else? Lay it on me.

          • See my comment where I actually listed some. Simple click and scroll. You already commented to it so it shouldn’t be that difficult, but it proves you don’t pay attention you just comment to do so.

          • Most that would read these threads would agree, aside from your creationist cause you just have groundless statements based on nothing but your petty emotions.

          • How exactly can person(me) who doesn’t believe in god and personally thinks all religion is crap be labeled a creationist? Answer by a complete idiot who’s trolling me online!

          • You are the one who started this. Don’t start complaining “woe is me” because you feel you shouldn’t be replied to based on the comments of ignorance. So entitled, aren’t you.

          • You have market cornered on ignorant posts. Woe is me? what for? Your nothing to anybody.

          • Lol what next your brother is going to beat up my brother? Lol such pathetic trash talk. You should try that against someone your mental age. I recommend 3rd grade.

          • Yeah you are, you should stop it and try thinking of something new. I know it hurts but its best practice.

          • Backwards stuff? Thats what you focus on? Because 14 year old girls post things backwards, naw man. 14 year old girls state something and follow up with “not!” cause its super original, and downright hilarious comeback, if you are a 14 year old girl. Don’t forget the midol.

          • Where did I use “not!” outside of me spelling it out that is the reason I said you must be a 14 year old girl. Cause there should be no reason you are still on the spelling backwards thing seeing how I just told you that wasn’t the “issue” unless you were bad at reading.

          • Backwards words you flaming douche! You used backwards word first. Also you just did use “not” in two new comments.

          • LOLOLOLOLOL I even specifically stated, 2 times now, that I was referring to the usage of “not!” and it had nothing to do with backwards spelling. Don’t forget to take your midol.

          • I replied to your idiot comment about your use of not and also explained that you started the back wards word bit dufus.

          • Lol still on that? You can be a 14 year old girl all you want. You should check out the teeny bopper chick flicks for more references, enjoy.

          • And your stuff would kill on fox news. Enough narrow minded people that can’t understand the benefits of not inhibiting the rights of its minorities because they just don’t agree with them gays being able to love and being recognized by the state as having life partners.

          • So? They also want to keep other individuals who don’t live the same way they do from receiving the same benefits for no other reason than a childish temper tantrum.

          • Oh okay, so allowing them to marry is denying them benefits? YOu said specifically “Thats why theres civil unions, dufus” do you even know of straight couples that got a civil union? They’ll tell you straight up all th ethings they will not be able to legally take advantage of like married couples do compared to married couples. You are so horrible at back tracking after commenting so much that makes it clear as day what your angle is.
            Like apparently them being allowed to marry is only an attack on christianity, cause christianity is the first religion to have marriage?! They didn’t affect straights being married at all, your comment below.
            “Pretty good video. Solid well argued points. I agree about religious
            beliefs and personal views being squashed by the need to accept
            something your not onboard with. Kinda blows the whole equality and fair
            treatment of others thing.”

            you agreeing with someone stating “There is no religious belief that supports sam sex.” and you stated, “I agree with you.” however there are many eastern religions that simply don’t give a shit. Not to mention pre-roman catholicism romans and greeks all got together for orgies where men were all over men and women alike. And those nations flourished until catholicism became common place.

            You are not only full of crap, but you are too cowardly to stand by your words. “Not my angle, its yours”, pfft.

          • How so? Can’t figure out a way to actually argue your point so you attempt to back pedal and focus on unscrupulous ad hominem attacks?

          • There’s nothing to back peddle on. You have a bs false narrative and some serious mental concerns.

          • Lol in your mind. You don’t even know what is going on anymore. From irrelevant statements to this, you are lost. Keep spinning in circles, its pretty fun watching.

      • Simply informational

        DOMA: The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
        (Pub.L. 104–199, 110 Stat. 2419, enacted September 21, 1996, 1 U.S.C. § 7
        and 28 U.S.C. § 1738C) is a United States federal law that, prior to
        being ruled unconstitutional, defined marriage for federal purposes as the union of one man and one woman, and allowed states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages granted under the laws of other states.


          • What in the holy hell are you talking about. I provide a link sharing the DOMA, where the government defined marriage as 1 man, one woman in 1996 that was deemed unconstitutional in response to your comment “they did (define marriage) pretty clearly in 1996” and you say “No duh as it has been for thousands of years.” And then you reply with this? Do you even know where you are?

          • Whoa, pulling out the big guns. Let me guess, next your going to tell me your brother can beat up my brother? Simmer down now.


          • That’s not a threat you made the goofy comment about me getting my brother to beat you in a failed attempt at snark so I replied in kind. if we ever met face to face you wouldn’t say anything because your just a basement dwelling keyboard tuff guy. As for me I wouldn’t harm you as I’m kind to dumb animals.

          • Lol again you don’t even know what your talking about. I would state the same things, and when you try ad hominem attack I would still reciprocate. Just because you are too afraid to do so in person doesn’t mean everyone is. If you wished to then assault me, I’d defend myself till you were no longer a threat.

          • No you wouldn’t. You would cry and whine if you could even get yourself to leave your mommas basement.

          • The big issue here is that homosexuality is so unnatural from a scientific stand point as it goes against all biological imperitive. That’s why it weirds so many people out. It may very well be a defensive measure enacted on some evolutionary scale to provide a natural buffer to curb over population in an environment or it may be a mental disorder as it goes against the natural order. No one really knows why homosexuality exists. I’m sure that will having you going ape typing more foolish crap directed at me. Then you have the bible thumpers who would say stuff like the command from god was to go forth and be fruitful not to be a fruit! I’m not religious so that’s meaningless dribble. I’m not gay either so I don’t give a fudge about gays or there concerns. Really and truly don’t give a crap about what you think or have to say either.

          • You a creationist? Because that sounds like a creationist theory. If you haven’t noticed, science has found homosexuality in the animal kingdom. It doesn’t go against science, its a part of science. Ever heard of Sodom and gamora? How about the roman bath houses? How about the Spartans? Homo and bisexuality has been around since before humans existed. Surely you’ve heard of the gay gene if your not one of those bigots and only believe what feels all nice and fuzzy to your emotions.

          • made it pretty clear several times that religion is crap. Your reading comprehension and retention stinks.

          • yet you think its fine in order to throw words in other peoples mouth. You probably don’t realize how often you do it.

          • You keep labeling me things I am not, so guess what, you are open game. You think you’re entitled to something? Earn it. Till then, just focus on your ass biting until you come to an actual conclusion.

          • So? Millions of others do the same. You are not special. Stop holding pride in something you are not unique in.

          • Pride in your work doesn’t mean you say you never received a handout when you don’t mind claiming people. nice try on that. Get an EBT while you are at it.

          • I don’t write the tax laws bitch at the irs if it bothers you so much you unemployed nugget. EBT for me never! I’d eat bugs first!

          • You still collect. Those that accept welfare didn’t make the laws, but they sure as hell take advantage of them.

          • What do you think menial taxbreaks are for things like child bearing and having a ring around your finger are? Something you are entitled to?

  3. Why must only heterosexual men suffer the horrible effects of marriage, that is discrimination!? (Joke, people)

    • I’m a single male and i will always pay more taxes even i have girlfriends and not wives…

      that’s why I don’t particularly appreciate same sex couples rubbing in my face now all their benefits over tax deductions which they don’t deserve

  4. Because the government is perfect at everything. Drug dealing is bad, so we make it illegal. However they don’t tell you that it increases the prices of said drugs and makes them rare and more sought after. Look into the areas that have legalized drugs and actually regulate them as if their prescriptions. This video is bullshit and propaganda. Big government is bad, unless it benefits our agenda.

  5. Traditional marriage is two people that love each other and wish to devote themselves to one another.

    The benefits of homosexuals being able to marry is distrubited tax breaks for adoptions and amrriage, just as single couples do, which will result in more money getting spent = more money flowing through America.

    Adoptions will rise
    Medical benefits will be shared resulting in less bills picked up by tax payers.

    Divorce lawyers getting much more clientele

    Gays are now able to state “never get married” over and over again just as their heterosexual counterparts.

    Married Heterosexuals can now harass gay unmarried couples about getting hitched just as they do to other heterosexuals

    Gays can be labeled sluts just as their hetero counterparts if they are not monogamous

    Marriage hasn’t been a big deal for many years, and its a construct to promote breeding and spending more money we don’t have. Get hitched, gubbment will pay you. But lets deny these folks over here cause we don’t like them. Supreme court found it unconstitutional to ban gay marriage, and we know how much we love the constitution. Lets listen to more individuals who are on their 3rd marriage (other 2 ended in divorce) to tell us how sacred marriage is.

        • Wow liberal defense buzz words. Ouchiie! You just proved everything I said about you in spades. Deductive reasoning based on empirical evidence for the win!

          • I’m so sorry that you can’t see that the federal government not blocking a minority from marrying as being liberal when typically its what Right wingers agree with, smaller government that doesn’t infringe on the populations rights and all. “liberal defense buzz words” lawlz, your pop terms are amusing seeing you can’t come up with a decent argument and attempt to defend a very narrow minded viewpoint.

          • Why? Because you can’t think of a better argument? Its okay, rub those 2 pieces of coal you consider neurons together really fast and try to come up with a counter argument. I know it hurts you but just give it a try.

          • YOu haven’t provided a decent argument. I’ve been providing sources to back up my claim. YOu have provided one stitch of evidence to show gays don’t need marriage in order to be provided the same benefits as their straight counter-parts. I guess keeping people you don’t like from achieving the American dream is considered legal equality in your eyes.

          • Look if a person gay or straight has what it takes to achieve the dream great. Where you get the idea I want oppress people is soundly your own invention. I just don’t think they should get special consideration for being gay I’m all about equal chance based on qaulifacation and individual drive.

          • We are both in agreement to that extent, however they are not allowed the same types of rights as straights through the various means I listed before (Civil union/Domestic partnership vs Marriage). I’ve spoken to many republicans that felt it was wrong they didn’t get the same rights, they just didn’t feel right it should be called marriage, and I don’t care if they call it dick to ass act or scissor patrol act. I dont care if they never got the “marriage” title at all, thats their fight, but to keep them from being able to have the same tax breaks (which is all marriage is good for, cause if you need marriage to tell someone you love them then thats another issue in and of itself) and legal benefits that follow along with the feds acknowledgement.

          • Funny considering you were spouting liberal this and liberal that earlier. Funny how wishy washy you can be with no actual foundation. Back under your bridge troll.

          • I’m not liberal so fail on that attempted burn. Your the one trolling me like you have an obsession with me.

          • You are such an idiot you can’t even follow a conversation thats typed out in front of you.

          • You making a bunch of snarky pseudo intellectual liberal buzz word fill post saying why your right and I’m wrong really doesn’t count as a conversation.

          • You’re* you’re*. It’s funny how you flip flop between me being a liberal and a right winger. Guess you gotta change up your argument since you don’t really rely on facts anyhow.

          • Although the term “right-wing” originally designated traditional conservatives, …. The ‘New Right’ consists of the liberal conservatives. Although the term “right-wing” originally designated traditional conservatives, monarchists and reactionaries, it has also been used to describe neo-conservatives, nationalists, racial supremacists, Christian democrats, religious fundamentalists, and classical liberals.Right-wing libertarianism (sometimes known as libertarian conservatism or conservative libertarianism) supports a decentralized economy based on economic freedom, and holds property rights, free markets and free trade to be the most important kinds of freedom. Russell Kirk believed that freedom and property rights were interlinked.[ Anthony Gregory has written that right-wing libertarianism, “can refer to any number of varying and at times mutually exclusive political orientations.” He holds that the issue is not right or left but “whether a person sees the state as a major hazard or just another institution to be reformed and directed toward a political goal.”

          • The only thing they share in common is the latin word liber (“The free one”). Other than that they have fundamental differences. Libertarians rely less on the government and Liberals rely more on it. Right wingers can be liberal in the respect that htey will rely on the government to pass laws to uphold their moral beliefs and decry when others do the same as “big government”.


    • The gay or feminist identity will define itself by opposition to the traditional sexual identities of male and female. These it will decry as socially constructed and consequently false and oppressive—“Heterosexism” in the approved jargon.

      • Since when did anyone mention male or female? Are you attempting to interject a new narrative to this argument cause you still can’t think of a decent argument? Sounds like that low IQ is rearing its ugly head again.

          • There you go, realized you couldn’t make a decent point if you had a knife and a stick, and when you can’t backtrack to give a good reason why you just pulled random tidbits out of nowhere that have nothing to do with a topic at hand, go to your wannabe common sense generator (google) to try to find the next reusable joke from the 1930’s.

          • Rofl, I started it off witha point, you just don’t see what you don’t want to see.

          • If that makes you feel better, cause that’s all your doing. Your entitlement to such privilege so you don’t wish to share it. Like the bigot you are, you cannot provide anything other than “No because I don’t want it”. With all your complaints regarding gays feeling they’re “entitled” (as if they aren’t american citizens) to be married, you still have yet to share why they shouldn’t. Thus you are decredited with unsupported principles to merely keep others from being treated justly.

          • You are one seriously deranged person. I’m not now or ever denying anyone gay or straight anything. That’s something you cooked up not me.

          • You saying gays are entitled for wanting to get married isn’t you being anti-gay marriage? You are foolish.

  6. Pretty good video. Solid well argued points. I agree about religious beliefs and personal views being squashed by the need to accept something your not onboard with. Kinda blows the whole equality and fair treatment of others thing.

  7. Probably one of the most dishonest arguments i have seen for awhile. Dishonesty from what one would assume is a Christan backed group imagine that.