Texas Father Has 3-Hour Standoff at Hospital to Save His Son’s Life – It Worked



The Tomball Regional Medical Center in the Houston area was in the process of weaning a man’s son off of life support after he’d been declared brain dead.

The man’s ex-wife and the brain dead man’s brother both consented to the action. Dad, on the other hand, believed it was a mistake and that his son wasn’t brain dead.

He chose to do whatever it took to make sure the right decision was being made and the right actions carried out – even if he did so in unconventional and dangerous ways.

He took a gun into the hospital to stop the doctors from starting the process called a terminal wean; slowly withdrawing life support.

George Pickering II’s son, 27-year-old George Pickering III, had been declared brain dead after suffering a massive stroke back in January.


“During that three hours, George squeezed my hand three or four times on command,” his father said.

Once he did that, he had the proof he needed and surrendered peacefully to authorities.

His son has since come out of his coma and is now fully recovered.

The elder Pickering was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Those charges were later reduced and he was released from jail earlier this month.

“There was a law broken, but it was broken for all the right reasons. I’m here now because of it. It was love, it was love,” his son said.




  1. That, people, is what a hero is.
    It isn’t someone just doing their job.
    It isn’t just a person in uniform.
    It requires action that is dangerous to ones self.
    Good for you, sir. Your son now knows who has his back.

    • I could not agree more. The facts are light, and we don’t know what happened at the hospital.
      The father brought a gun with him. So many emotions running through his mind, so many what -ifs….
      What was the intent ? Did his son continue to get care, or a different type of care, because of the Father brandishing the weapon ?
      What would the result be, if the Hospital had not listened to him ?
      That, scares the hell out of me .

      • By all appearances his intent was to stop the staff from killing his boy. Maybe their attempted murder will zero out his brandishing a weapon and terroristic threats

  2. White people think they are above the law. He could have killed an instant person by taking the medical staff hostage. He should be in prison. This is a country of laws. Just because the law wasn’t working for him or his son, what makes this guy think he has the right to challenge the law.

    • The difference between white people being above the law and #blm being above the law, is this guy was trying to save someone & #blm is about trying to kill police.

        • Aside from the fact that your grammar, diction and spelling are below trailer park level..my logic is flawless: yes, breaking the law is acceptable when it saves someones life.
          Maybe not your life, ’cause that’s not worth shit on a shoe, but everyone else’s….

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  3. arrest the stupid doctors and nurses who were about to terminate this young mans life…

    either by negligence or to save the hospital money, either way the dad was right – no one just “snaps” out of being brain dead, but yet the young guy is out of his coma.

    there should be laws about turning off life support prematurely.