News Reporter Grabs A Woman’s Breast On Live TV!



  1. if this woman was pushed out of harms way in this manner and the reporter saved her life, would she slap him?? sometimes women over react and it was not done as a sexual thing. come on~!

  2. You guys scare me. He clearly looked at her then focused his hand where he did; specifically inside her jacket.
    Whether he did it to cop a feel, humiliate her and/or for some racist reason even, etc. he intentionally grabbed her breast, it is on TV and now online everywhere and he should at the least apologize for it live on air. The lady hitting him was well in her right, but she really should have not retaliated; she should have called a lawyer and gone for gold! But either way, in that moment he got what he deserved! Would you want some guy to do that to your wife/daughter/sister/aunt/mother/cousin/girlfriend/mistress/Dominatrix, etc.????