IGNORANCE: Racist Woman Goes Off On 2 Brazilian Guys, Calls Them Terrorists & F*ggots! ” I Hate Middle Easterns”


Perhaps She’s tripping off some breaking bad meth?? WOW!


  1. Good GAWD, that woman hates diets…and “pedophilers”…and “Middle Easterns.” And Christians wonder why atheists, agnostics and non-religious are the fastest-growing group in America?

        • WOW. Here is resident surenews uber troll. Where it thinks addressing someone as ‘she’ is some kind of uber insult. You’ve remarked about my mother before so there’s definitely a pattern there.
          I didn’t label you a SCUMBAG (with caps) for no reason.

          • You really are easily offended are you? You should stop being so leftist and grow some thicker skin or else the world will eat you alive. Have fun being offended puss.

          • So far I got racism, sexism and misogyny out of you. I think I’m doing pretty OK.
            I should stop being leftist? LMAO. You really should look up irony in the dic.

          • So easy to find things just because when you’re easily offended. You’d be perfect for #BlackLivesMatter, #Mizzou, and your friends with 3rd wave feminism. How many pitty cards you got left?

          • Just calling a spade a spade. If you put out idiotic, sexist and misogynist insults you get called on it.
            If you think that’s what those groups do then you’re a great match indeed.

          • Sexist and Misogynistic cards pulled. You probably need to find your safe zone you special snow flake. The coloring books and crayons are available. Must suck to be so offended.

          • If you’re gonna use sexist and misogynistic insults, I’m gonna call it. Somehow this concept seems to go past your SCUMBAG self but it doesn’t make it any less true.

            It’s hilarious you think you can somehow offend me dumbass, but go ahead, keep pretending.

          • I’ll leave anything related to butt issues for you and your butt-buddy / alt carlos to handle. So you two go and do whatever the fuck it is you do.

          • I never portrayed myself as something I’m not unlike some holier than thou SCUMBAG named Dan.
            Double personality was never my thing but if it makes you happy go on right ahead. To me you’ll always be SCUMBAG Dan. You’re not fooling me anymore.

          • No prior mentions of Double personality yet Mother Jones brings it up. Isn’t this informational. Does the secondary personality talk to you sometimes?

          • There it goes again. SCUMBAG Dan’s like the gift that keep on giving. So many questions fuck face! You seems such a curious little critter.

          • I’m not sure how you’d be able to take that as a compliment, especially from someone you consider a “SCUMBAG” however I guess you wouldn’t know how to figure that. Canned responses much?

          • I can’t even conceive how you expect me to ever change the image I have of yourself after the way you behaved. You’ve demonstrated you’re the worst kind of internet SCUMBAG by going after family (like your butt buddy carlos — at least he somewhat owned up to being a SCUMBAG). You seem to be too much of a coward/proud to even acknowledge it.

          • You never were able to provide an example of when I did. You’re just delusional and in denial. So easily offended. You poor special snowflake.

  2. She’s finally leaving. They go, “Way way wait…..” she stops… then they say, “Hey! Why you talking to us? We need some more footage?” Put some bait on a hook – Beard, tinted windows, hair up in a bun, video tape airport, suspicious looking, accent doesn’t sound Portuguese etc. Seems legit. Ah! The Brazilians got one. It’s the new paparazzi.

  3. I’ve yet to see an intelligent racist. Definite Don Trump supporter here. Too bad trump’s doing more to help terrorists than deflect them.

  4. This is why no other race respects whites. This is how all white people fill about others. Most whites just type this stuff online, but she does it in person.

  5. And here we see an actual Trump supporter in in her natural habitat. They are are volatile creature that are prone to confusion and anger,if you see one in the wild do not approach it or stare directly at it,as it sees this as a challenge to it’s stupidity.

  6. This really isn’t funny. It’s very sad. But I noticed they didn’t deny being cocksuckers 😉 woot woot ! 😉