Totally Awesome Woman Chokes Man out at Las Vegas Hotel after an Altercation

Apparently, according to the source the two were arguing, the man slammed the woman to the ground where she got him in a leg hold and choked him until he he was unconscious

TEXAS: 25 Year Old Man is KO’d and Left with a Skull Fracture on...

He fractured his skull once he hit the sidewalk. The two men then walked away, leaving Erik unconscious until a man from a nearby tattoo parlor found him and helped him.

NFL Replacement Refs Music Parody goes Viral…

A little fun at the NFL's expense never hurt anyone right?

Maniac who REALLY wants his iPhone 5 Crashes into Apple Store with his SUV

A Los Angeles man accused of crashing his SUV through an Apple storefront in Temecula in a brazen burglary last week pleaded not guilty Wednesday, Sept. 12, to multiple felonies.

Mainstream press ignoring The success of “2016: Obama’s America.”

Mainstream media has been blatantly ignoring the success of the anti-Obama film "2016: Obama's America" despite its enormous success.

“Full Metal Jacket” actor R. Lee Ermey fired for criticizing Obama

R.Lee Ermey reveals that he was fired from his role in the Geico Insurance commercial for daring to criticize Obama.


Madden Hebert is a typical week-old baby -- "eating like a champ and he doesn't fuss too much," according to his mother.

CREEPY: Was the Future of the United States Foretold in this 1983 Marvel Comic?...

The alternate Ben rallies the populace of the area to help him recover "our" Thing, while our Ben wakes up to find himself prisoner of... the Red Skull.

Charlie Sheen to donate at least $1 million to troops, USO

Actor Charlie Sheen is making headlines again, but this time, it's for his generosity.

Hero Mom Walks, Dances with Ellen

Stephanie Decker, who lost her legs while saving her kids from a tornado, was told it would be 12 months before she could walk with help. She did more than that.

Brooke Hogan Wrestling? Daughter Follows In Fathers Footsteps

TNA Wrestling looks to have got itself a brand new diva, as Brooke Hogan is set to join the cast and crew of the popular wrestling franchise.

Hulk series possible for ABC in 2013-14

With a third "Hulk" film increasingly likely given the success of "The Avengers," ABC is also pursuing its long-gestating plans for a "Hulk" TV series, ABC entertainment president Paul Lee said Tuesday.