Kid Sings at His Graduation and Brings the House Down with his Version of...

JP Wallace Singing his version of "7 years" 4K The Lapeer High School class of 2016 class song performed by JP Wallace at the graduation cerimony 6/12 at Oakland University. SHOW MORE

Justin Bieber Fist Fight Video!

Justin Bieber got into an all out street brawl with a guy much bigger than him Wednesday night in Cleveland. Kind of hard to write this with a straight face. But, yea....Justin Beiber fighting

AWKWARD: “Hold the Door” .. Wait for It

Clearly only Game of Thrones fans will get this but its great

Singer Meghan Trainor Falls on Stage During Performance on Jimmy Fallon

After hearing her last week on Howard Stern i'm actually becoming a fan of her ... But, what a good sport she was about falling down and making the best of it Here's the full...

Hot Mic Captures How Gerlado Really Feels About Bernie Sanders

Fox News host Sean Hannity apparently wasn’t sure if Geraldo Rivera realized that his mic was “hot” on Tuesday night when he went on an unfiltered rant against Bernie Sanders. “He’s so annoying. This guy...

The Incredible Tom Waits Interview That Inspired the Heath Ledger ‘Joker’

Waits was clearly high on heroin, and according to legend, Ledger studied this interview endlessly.

Last Images of Prince, Pacing Outside a Local Pharmacy, Hours Before He Died

Here is another picture from December 31, 2015 (New Years Eve) before a concert. You can see how frail he looks: Here is a photo taken at his final concert on earth. Considering there was...

Rapper Birdman is Not Happy with Radio Show for the Host Using His Name...

He's like a cross between Mike Tyson and Rodney Dangerfield. "I ain't gettin' no rethpeck."

PRINCE: The Chemtrails, “We’re All Indentured Servants, I Don’t Vote…”

Tavis Smiley's guest, Prince, talks about chemtrails, Obama.

‘We Are All This Teacher’: Video of Teacher Learning About Prince’s Death Goes Viral

“It hit me like a ton of bricks.” When my teacher found out Prince died— ✨ diamond ✨ (@shvrdae) April 21, 2016

Remember the Awesome Moment When Prince Kicked Kim Kardashian Off Stage?

Prince adored beautiful women, but it wasn’t love at first sight with Kim Kardashian. As we remember the music legend who passed away on Thursday at the age of 57, let’s look back at...

WWE Superstar Former Wrestler “Chyna” (Final Video Shows Her ‘Out of it’) Dead...

She posted a video to her YouTube page earlier this week -- she looked like she was struggling. Chyna struggled with addiction for years -- and appeared on "Celebrity Rehab" back in 2008.

Guy Wows Everyone with Insane Pizza Tossing Skills

This just happened. Taste of Clintonville has it all now through 8 pm.

INCREDIBLE: MMA Fighter KO’s Opponent with Lighting Fast Front Kick

Luis Sapo Santos vs. Alfredo Morales. Via XFC MMA

Star Studded Crowd of 250 Watch Guns N Roses Reunite and Perform

Guns N' Roses surprise reunion performance drew a crowd of hundreds and the celebrity turnout was mighty impressive too. Kate Hudson, Bradley Cooper, Emily Ratajkowksi, Lenny Kravitz, Michelle Rodriguez, Chris Brown, Jim Carrey and Nicolas...

Full Footage of Katt Williams Sucker-Punching 7th-Grader & Getting Choked Out by Him!

Footage shows Katt Williams sucker-punching a teenager who ends up taking him to the ground. It was less than two weeks ago. Williams, who's been going through it lately, sucker-punched a man onstage at...

AMAZING: High School Girl Sings Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with Full Classical Orchestra

This is a live recording of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit by the Cinematic Pop Orchestra and Choir. Featuring McKenna Breinholt.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Exposes the Illuminati Banking Families Rothschild and Rockefeller on Live TV

Jean-Claude Van Damme appeared on the French television show Le Grand Journal stating that even he is aware of the global control and power of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

Stephen & Skip Debate “Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather” After McGregor’s Challenge to Mayweather After McGregor claims he would kill Mayweather in 30 seconds, the guys discuss who would beat who. 100% agree with Stephen A. Smith on this.

Morgan Freeman Nabs Himself Some Cookies at the OSCARS and Gets Out

Morgan Freeman is at the ripe old age of 'I don't give a fuck.' I imagine like many seasoned actors he's been through so many of these events that it's much less exciting and more like "let's go for x, y, or z, and then bounce."

Haha…Good! Kris Jenner is Booed by Crowd Introducing Culture Club at iHeart Radio 80s...

Kris Jenner gets Booed by the crowd introducing Culture Club at the iHeart Radio 80's Party