Guy Catches Thief In His Home & Punishes Him With A Forehead Tattoo That Says “I’m A Thief & An Idiot”


Though little is known about the video which was posted to BestGore, the tattoo artist caught the boy allegedly trying to steal, before tattooing his forehead with a lengthy Portugese message reading: ‘Eu sou ladrão e vacilão’. Which means “”i am a thief and an idiot”


  1. The boy is accused of stealing a handicapped guy’s bicycle. so the guys got him and made the tattoo. they also shave his hair because he was using the fringe to cover the tattoo. the boy who got tattooed is a drug addict. after the incident he wandered for a few days on the streets until his friends found him. he is being taken care of by his family. the guy who made the tattoo and the one filming the phone are currently in jail charged with torture. the outcome of the story is yet to come.