This is What Can Happen if You Rent Your House to Section 8 Scumbags (Beautiful Home Destroyed Before & After)


(NOTE: I know not all S8 are scum but you have to be careful no matter who you rent too but especially people that have nothing invested)


  1. Such a false statement, The people on Section 8 are not scumbags! There may be a few that get on it that don’t give a shit. when it is reported to Section 8 they lose there voucher and the availability to rent from housing Authority for ever! This can happen from any renter, even people not on Section 8 some people just don’t give a shit about someone else’s property.

    • Walmart Trash is Walmart Trash what ever label you want to put on them. Section 8 normally covers Trash scum bags that don’t belong to it. They have new cars cell phones Electronics. They don’t belong in a Section 8 home. they are a low life loser. This program should be for POOR people only. Not the ass holes that know how to work the system.