Texas Father Busted for Pimping Out His 16-Year-Old Daughter Because She Had Sex

A Texas father has been arrested and charged for pimping out his teen daughter at truck stops because he’d learned she’d had sex.

46-year-old Scott Robinson took his 16-year-old daughter to truck stops and forced her to approach men and prostitute herself for four months.

She told cops that she had “several” customers a night and that her kept 100% of the money she made.

He also had her make a listing on Backpage.com to bring in even more customers.

The ad described her as “clean kept and always shaved.”

He was caught when he set up a meeting in a hotel room with what turned out to be an undercover police officer back in 2015. Police found out about it all after an anonymous tip informed them of a 16-yer-old girl was being offered around by her father. An officer then found her Backpage listing and arranged the meeting.

The girl was to give the officer oral sex for $280.

Mr. Robinson was charged with aggravated compelling of prostitution and handed 30-year prison sentence this week for his deplorable behavior.

The girl’s stepmother and stepbrother are also being charged because they knew all about the crime, as well as that stepbrother driving her to meet with customers.


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