Police Lose Control of K-9 as it Ferociously Attacks Man in Handcuffs!


SAN DIEGO — A video has emerged of a San Diego police dog with its jaws clamped onto a handcuffed suspect’s arm.

The video was filmed by passerby Angel Nunez on Sunday. He posted it to Facebook and said something definitely seemed wrong with the picture.

It took more than 30 seconds for the dog to eventually release the man’s arm from its grip.

According to the San Diego Police Department, the officers responded to 911 calls about a man behaving erratically, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

The cops said witnesses reported the man was running in and out of traffic, jumping on cars and challenging passersby to duke it out with him.

When the cops arrived, the man allegedly tried to throw down with them. He was warned the dog would be released if he didn’t quit the tomfoolery.


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  2. No big deal… Dogs don’t see things the same way we see them. You see a surrendered man, the dogs sees the energy the man is harboring waiting for his opportunity to fight. Good for the dog! This asshole wasn’t bitten hard or long enough.