Married High School Teacher Caught with Male Student in a Sex Fetish Room

From the classroom to the courtroom; a New Haven teacher is accused of having sex with one of her students.

On Monday, Jennifer Frechette, a Wilbur Cross High School drama teacher, faced a judge.

According to an arrest warrant, two security officers at the school caught the two in a dressing room, and what they saw made them suspicious.

Back in January, school security officers found Frechette and a student in a darkened dressing room, behind a costume rack, the warrant said.

Police say the teen jumped up and left, but that Frechette appeared to be hiding.

“Also in the room on the floor were battery operated ‘tea light’ candles, a mat that was made to look like a bed with pillows, a quilt, and a ‘Beats’ headphone case that contained several unused condoms,” the warrant said.

As security waited for police to arrive, “He stated how Frechette was spontaneously uttering ‘nothing happened’, ‘what was I thinking’, ‘I’m going to lose my job’,” court documents said.

After first denying anything was going on, the teen allegedly told police, he and Frechette often texted each other about having sex and had planned to have sex that evening.

The warrant goes on to state the teen later said Frechette performed oral sex on him, on a couch in her classroom, back in December.


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