‘I’ll keep on doing that until I run out of Batteries” 3 Tennessee Deputies are Suspended After video Emerges of Them Repeatedly Tasing Restrained Man

A newly filed federal lawsuit has claimed Cheatham County Sheriff’s Deputies used excessive force on an 18-year-old in custody in 2016.

‘I’ll keep on doing that until I run out of batteries’: Three Tennessee deputies are suspended after horrifying footage emerges of them repeatedly using a Taser on a man, 18, while he was tied to a chair Jordan Elias Norris, now 19, has filed an excessive force lawsuit after his arrest for drugs and weapons offences last November The teen says he was repeatedly tasered while he was restrained by deputies at Cheatham County Jail Shocking footage appears to show one of the officers repeatedly using a taser on Norris while he was bound to a chair ‘I’ll keep on doing that until I run out of batteries,’ the officer is heard telling Norris in the jail surveillance footage Norris claims he suffered more than 40 pairs of taser burns while in custody Three Cheatham County are now on administrative leave and the sheriff has contacted the District Attorney to request an independent investigation

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