‘Ice Cream Killer’ is So Dangerous, She’s Headed to a Men’s Prison


An Austrian femme fatale known as the “Ice Cream Killer” will have plenty of new men to choose from at her new lockdown.

Estibaliz Carranza, 38, will be transferred to an all-male prison because she’s too dangerous to be locked up at a women’s facility, but authorities might be playing right into her hands.

The maniacal murderess has a history of luring men into her web and then killing and slicing up their bodies with a chainsaw.

In 2012, she was sentenced to life behind bars for the dismemberment murders of her ex-husband and her onetime lover on separate occasions. She shot them both in the head, carved up their bodies, stored their parts in a freezer and buried their remains under the concrete floor of her sweet shop. She then hung air fresheners to hide the smell of their rotting corpses.



  1. She looks hot.. OR looks like she might be from her face. I think what she needed was some good dick. Maybe in a male prison she’ll find one and that will sat her straight.

  2. She was clueless. poured herself a glass of wine, turned up the music loud, and proceeded to chop up first husbands body in her livingroom..with a CHAINSAW!!!…not realising the mess it would make….the fact she could do that…she is fukin nuts…lol