Horrifying Moment Mother BEATS Terrified Son, 2, Before Sending Footage to Ex as ‘Punishment’ for Leaving Her

A TERRIFIED toddler was filmed being beaten by his own mum – who then sent the
footage to her ex-husband to punish him for walking out on their marriage,
it has been claimed.

The horrifying video footage – which has gone viral – shows the little boy,
known only by his first name Sasha, cowering as the blows rain down.

Police are now investigating after an anonymous relative claimed to have
received a tape of mum Tatiana attacking her son at the family home in the
south-western Russian city of Rostov-On-Don.

Local media said that Tatiana was furious when the husband “abandoned them”
when he announced he was filing for divorce.

The bitter ex-wife then started beating the little boy to punish his father,
they report.

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