Girl Accuses Cops of Sexual Assault, Police Chief Releases Body Cam Footage.


Note: This incident has 90 minutes video footage but it’s not released yet. So This is it for now.

Burlington is a city in northwestern Vermont, on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, south of the Canadian border.

Burlington police have released an officer’s body camera video showing an altercation with an 18-year-old woman.

The video was released after Huysman made allegations of sexual assault and police brutality against the officers involved in the incident.

The incident took place about 2:30 a.m. June 22 in the parking lot of the Cumberland Farms on Pine Street.

Officers found three teen girls unresponsive in a running car in the parking lot. When confronted, Logan Huysman became argumentative and combative with officers.

Police said they found alcohol, marijuana and a bong in the car.

Chief Brandon del Pozo released two of nine body camera videos recorded of the incident.

He said the confrontation took place for more than an hour but only about 18 minutes of video was released.

The police department blurred the faces of the two other teen girls involved.

The video was released after Huysman made allegations of sexual assault and police brutality against the officers involved in the incident.

Police said Huysman did cartwheels, stood on a trash can and removed the bong from the officer’s custody while she was being questioned.

At one point, the officer calls Huysman’s father and informs him of the situation. The officer asked him to come pick his daughter up.

After Huysman becomes combative, the officer told her she was under arrest on a charge of disorderly conduct.

As he attempts to place her in custody, she kicked the officer, del Pozo said.

The officer told Huysman multiple times to stop resisting.

“I refuse. I refuse,” Huysman said. “You are not going to tell me I’m under arrest.”

Huysman yells for help and says she didn’t do anything wrong.

“I think that is going to be entered into the public record. It’s going to show that our officers not only did not use excessive force, but in the events that led up they were incredibly restrained as well,” he said last month.

Huysman’s father said his daughter made a stupid mistake and was in crisis, del Pozo said.

The video ends with Huysman in the back of a police cruiser with the officer telling her she was being charged with disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer.


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