Cops Take Down Suspect that Charged at Him out of Nowhere During Traffic Stop

The horrifying moment a police officer was attacked by a suspect with a semi-automatic rifle during a routine traffic stop has been captured on camera. Douglas County sheriff’s deputy Brad Proulx (left), who has been with the force for six years, stopped a white SUV on County Line Road and Santa Fe Drive near Denver on Friday night. Proulx had got out of his cruiser and walked up to the passenger side window before he turned to walk around the back and approach the driver’s door. However, the cop’s body camera footage shows the man inside the car, Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas (right), charging at him. Rivas-Maestas attempted to hit Proulx with his gun – which was unloaded, according to Littleton Police Department. Proulx fell to the ground and fired two shots, hitting the 25-year-old suspect in the arm once. The cop then got to his feet and held the suspect for about four minutes until further officers arrived and made the arrest.

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