Boy, 5, Saves his Parents Lives After Walking Two Blocks Alone Wearing No Shoes For Help When The Overdosed on Heroin

Two Middletown parents overdosed Thursday morning, leaving their 3-month-old baby strapped in a car seat inside a home, police said.

The incident was reported around 5:30 a.m. Thursday in the 1900 block of Hill Avenue.

Investigators said a 5-year-old boy is to thank for saving the lives of three.

They say he walked two blocks wearing no shoes to his step grandfather’s house, knocked on the door and told him that his parents were dead.

The boy’s step-grandfather, Kenneth Currey, said the 5-year-old was smart and had been taught what to do in an emergency.

“I’m very proud of the boy, very proud of him, but it’s just tragedy,” Currey told WLWT.

The step-grandfather called the police, who responded to the child’s home.

“When I walked up the steps and seen him laying on the bathroom floor and her in the hallway, I immediately called 911 because I knew what was up,” Currey said.

While talking with dispatchers, Currey tried to calm the 5-year-old boy and his 3-month-old baby sister, who was on the floor, crying in the car seat.


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