Armed Robber Has A Shootout With Cops From an Evacuated Bus In Maryland!

Shocking footage has captured the broad-daylight shootout between an armed robber and a squad of Baltimore County cops that ended with the criminal shot dead.

The recording shows the man – who has not yet been identified – unloading a pair of twin handguns on police, who return fire as civilians cower behind vehicles.

Baltimore Police killed a robbery suspect and an officer was seriously wounded in a midafternoon shootout Wednesday on busy Dundalk Avenue, police said.

A bystander was also shot in the incident near the Logan Village Shopping Center shortly before 3 p.m., police said.

Police said the man robbed two people in the shopping center parking lot, then hopped onto a No. 10 MTA bus.

But he wouldn’t make it far: Officers stopped the bus a block away, police said, near the intersection of Dundalk Avenue and Belclare Road. As people shopped for groceries and had their nails done, and nearby schools prepared to dismiss children for the day, the man opened fire, police said.

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