Abused 5 Year-Old Weighing Just 25lbs Found in Florida Home … Stepfather Says “He’s Not My Responsibility”

A Florida stepfather has been arrested in connection with a child-abuse case in which a severely neglected 5-year-old victim was discovered weighing just under 25 pounds.

Brian Hall, 29, who is married to the child’s mother, Naomi Hall, is accused of doing nothing to help the abused child. The boy’s mother was arrested in the case last week but posted bond and was released.

According to WFTV, Department of Children and Families investigators went to the Halls’ Daytona Beach home on June 28, where they discovered the 5-year-old on the living room floor. The young boy was extremely thin, seemed to be dehydrated and was trying to eat cereal scraps from the carpet.

The news station notes that a report detailed that the child’s hands and feet were orange and that he had peeling skin and blisters.
Naomi Hall reportedly admitted to investigators that she did not give the child, who has special needs, his prescribed medications and acknowledged that he went without food for three to four days at a time. Hall told investigators that she made no effort to feed the small child.

The 5-year-old was not able to speak or stand, and weighed in at just 24.9 pounds, so underweight that he did not even register on the growth chart.

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