A Heavily Armed Muslim Man Sits Outside Of A Christian Conference On Facebook Live! “Be F*cking Terrified”



  1. If you read his T-shirt it says: ” ”I am a Muslim, I open carry and conceal carry and I am only dangerous if you are stupid.”

    He’s making the point that just because he’s Muslim doesn’t mean you have to fear him doing anything. Man this website gets more retarded every day.

  2. Since when did surenews become such a stupid fakeshit site? can you read? read his shirt. and shut the hell up. stupid ignorant mfs. so much shit you could show on your site but you decide to blame every shit taken on these muslims (and no, im not one of them) –
    i´ll help you – he makes a point. and you´re to stupid to get it.

  3. but when christians shoot out in canada 6 people dead and 50 injured, you´re not terrified…
    when the first victim of trump was an 8 year old little girl, its ok.. when u nuke and bomb 600.000 children under 5 year old in iraq its ok… F U