Brainwashed Czech Girl Scout: If I Get Raped by Migrants, I’ll Get Over It


Is this the new feminism — or the sad reality of what government is doing to its most innocent and vulnerable? You decide …

A young girl in the Czech Republic, a girl scout, who was confronted during a political rally by a neo-Nazi about the dangers of mass Muslim immigration to her country, said she was aware of the chance of getting raped by a refugee or migrant. She just said she’d get over it quickly.

This is a sad commentary on the state of the world’s thinking when it comes to refugees — the migrant first mentality that has become so widespread and accepted, it’s become inundated in the youth.


  1. If I were her I would say..”There were over 170,000 rapes in the USA in 2016.Of those 170,000 only 800 were due to immigrants-illegal or other…Tell me who I should really be afraid of???..”

  2. I am from Glasgow in the UK….they have just opened a new court house to deal with the sharp rise in immigrant sex offenders, not my words…their words…Silly little girl wont have long to wait.
    Muslims see woman totally differntly from us, and treat them very badly…rape to them is making love…end of story..

  3. If that’s HER attitude towards sex(rape), she must like sex & have a ton of it?

    Though violent rape can be very different than sex.