JetBlue Kicks Family Off Flight Because Their Birthday Cake Was Declared A “Security Risk!”



  1. I would have cut the cake and passed out the pieces to everyone but security that is if security did’t confiscate it for themselves or hand cuff it and throw it off the plane.

  2. According to JetBlue CEO
    “What happened here was a customer stored two items. One was a cake, another was a bag, in a part of the airplane reserved for safety equipment, and we train our crew that those lockers have to be kept only for safety equipment.

    “And the family concerned ignored repeated requests to move it. Our crew even moved it at one point for them, and they moved it back, and then they … made some sort of allegations against the crew, and it got to a point where the captain felt, balancing the interests of all the other customers on the airplane and the crew, the right thing to do was to ask that family to leave the airplane.

    “It was not about the birthday cake.”