Every Colorado Prison Inmate To Get A Computer Tablet By The End Of The Year!


Every inmate in a Colorado prison will have a computer tablet by the end of 2017, KDVR reported.

The 18,000 inmates will get to keep the tablets in their cells.

According to KDVR, the tablets are being paid for by a Virginia-based company called GTL. The company is spending $800,000 to outfit Colorado prisons with the tablets and video monitors. The company makes money by charging inmates and their families for phone calls, emails, video chats, music and game downloads.

One inmate told KDVR the tablets don’t come with internet access so prisoners don’t have access to Netflix or Google. But in addition to the services listed above, they can also order hygiene products, communicate with prison staff, and view their prison bank accounts.


  1. don’t feel too keen on a company making money off of prisoners where desperation and a monopoly are the driving factors.

  2. I was about to go off on this one! Prison inmates getting free tablets when so many poor students in school today can’t afford to rent one.

  3. i agree, where this money is being spent on prisoners in colorado, i’m sure there are kids in schools going without lunch or books. the kids should get the funds before prisoners! just my thought.