Comedian Aries Spears: ‘Women … Rape Men Financially’ Through Child Support Demands


Comedian Aries Spears told a New York City radio show that women “rape men financially” with their child support demands.

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“In the case of professional atheletes, it is blackmail made legall These women get to live very well and all they had to do was get pregnant. Male birth control can’t get here soon enough. These women have to be put out of business.”


  1. Show me a woman who spends her child support on her child and i will show you a planet with little green men life on it !!! the biggest share of child support goes on her clothes , her drinking and her drugs then they whinge they don’t get enough. I told my X i was no longer paying her and would instead spend the money on food and clothes for the kids. Ballistic was not even close as her nights out were cut and the CSA were straight on my case. I still supported my kids but that cunt never got another penny.