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Peruvian Man Shoots And Kills His Friend In Nightclub For Dancing too Close to His Girlfriend

dance_shot From having a girlfriend to having a never-ending supply of boyfriends for the rest of his life.
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Tool Booth Operator Gets Beaten Up for Asking an Indian Political Leader to Pay the Toll

toll_booth As if his job didn’t suck enough already.
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Mans Face Set on Fire When a Bartender Tries to Make a “Flamming Lamborghini” Shot Goes Horribly Wrong

fire The bartender was making a cocktail known as the “Flaming Lamborghini”, when she
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Spark From a Scooter Ignites a Fire That Quickly Grows Larger at a Gas Station in Oman

fire_station That was an amazing symphony of stupidity.
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CCTV Camera Captures a British Police Van Revering Into a Parked Car by Mistake

reverse_van I hope she charged herself for driving without due care and attention.
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Man Attempt at An Insurance Scam Goes Horribly Wrong

scam_fail You can’t flop in front of a driver who didn’t see you flop.
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Doctor Attacks a Man Who’s Filming a Collapsed Man Outside an Emergency Clinic

doctor_smal Kinda looked like the man filming was asking for it.
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The Last Known Video Taken Aboard the Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Flight

plane_video This looks like just any other plane before take off. So sad.
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Chinese Restaurant Worker Throws a Bucket of Sulfuric Acid at Other Kitchen Employees

acid_throw I guess they were on his bucket list.
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Shepard Smith Disgustedly Calls State Dept Spokeswoman ‘Highly Inappropriate’ today after Plane Crash

shep Maybe the administration hasn’t watched the news yet? You know they never know anything until
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Thug Smashes a Concrete Block Over the Head of a Man WIth His Back Turned to Him

concrete_smash Every single action by him was that of a coward, from the attack to the running away.
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The Horrific Moment a Firefighter Helicopter Crashes in a Residential Area in Korea

heli_crash Reports said the helicopter missed a school to the right by about a 100 feet, scary.
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Palestinians Given 57 Seconds before their House is Demolished by an Airstrike

strike they call it “knocking on the roof”
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Cops Speed Up the Escalators On Soccer Hooligans Causing Trouble in a Swedish Subway Station

hooligans_fall Well, that escalated quickly!
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CCTV Shows a Dramatic Van Explosion in a Busy Town Center in the UK

van_explodes “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”
Posted in Bizarre, World

The Amazing Story of a Dog That Lost Two Legs to a Train But Learned to Walk Again

dog_train What an incredibly strong dog to make such an amazing recovery and learn to walk again.
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