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Woman Literally Tripped by a Ghost

VID: Woman Shoved Over By Ghost On CCTV someone please que the x-files music
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The Very Tense and Dramatic Moment Police Tackle a Gunmen that Stormed a TV Station (COMPLETE VIDEO)

ttt Cameras rolled as armed police stormed the studio to arrest the suspect
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FEARLESS: 3 Tribesmen vs. 15 Feeding Lions … (Note: They Don’t Have Guns)

Untitled This is absolutely incredible
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The Horrifying Moment a Teen is Bite by a Shark While Spear Fishing Caught on his Go Pro Camera

444 Video footage shows the heart stopping moment a 17 year old boy was bitten on the hand by a
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Very Scary Scene as Co-Pilot Escapes Burning Helicopter after Terrible Crash

Untitled Sadly the pilot died from the crash but the co-pilot managed to somehow escape
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Why America Can’t Compete Anymore .. Watch this Bizarre but Amazing Math Technique Taught to Indian Children

Untitled While American kids are keeping up with Kardasians and twerking foreign students are spending
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Uhhhhh No Thanks … Bill Gates LITERALLY Drinks a Glass of Human Waste (This is Not a Joke)

Untitled Bill Gates recently got to check out the Omniprocessor, an ingenious machine designed and built
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Female Bull Fighter is Violently Gored TWICE by Bull Intent on Killing her

333 A female bullfighter was gored twice by the same animal while trying to kill the beast in Mexico
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Crazy Lady Claiming To Be A Cop Tries To Run 2 Girls Off The Road, then Terrorizes Them!

Untitled A woman tells the occupants of a vehicle traveling near Dutch Flat, CA that she’s a cop and
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City of Rochester (NY) and it’s Liberal Progressive Mayor Bulldozes “Tent City” a Homeless Sanctuary Village Destroying all of their Possessions

Untitled And Merry Christmas to you homeless folks
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Brutal Work Accident Shows You Why Safety Should Always be First

Untitled It almost looked like it could be fun for a minute but ends very badly
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The Hilarious Instant Karma Moment a Moronic Protester Lights Himself on Fire from His OWN Molotov Cocktail

Untitled lol….that’s all I have to say
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Motorcycle Rider Barely Escapes Alive … He gives New Meaning to the Term “Lucky to be Alive”

Untitled This video is just incredible…. the Last truck that misses him is Amazing
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Angry Gorilla Fast Ball Pitches a Rock at Tourists that are Annoying Him

Gorilla reaction to video being taken of him at Berlin Zoo Gorilla’s had enough in a berlin zoo
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Hit and “Run” ……. Literally

Untitled That would be pretty badass to see the cop just come from off camera doing the tuck-and-roll
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Shocking Video Shows Two US Servicemen Brutally Attacked in Turkey

Untitled A group of Turkish nationalist students attacked NATO soldiers in the touristic Eminönü
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