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Poor Dog Can’t Understand why his Brother Won’t Wake up :-(

dog Very sad video shows a Rottweiler barking and nosing at his brother trying to get him to wake up
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This Paratrooper is Having a REALLY Bad Day

Untitled The Mexican paratrooper became entangled while performing a training exercise.
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AWESOME: After Beloved CEO is ousted by his Cousin 25,000 Employees Walk out and Over 2 Million Customers Boycott Until The Family is Forced to Sell it Back to Him

ttt Now that’s what you call loyalty!!! Here’s Artie T’s 12 minute victory speech
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Weather Channel Founder Explains the History of the Global Warming Hoax

Untitled John Coleman, an award-winning meteorologist and weatherman with sixty years of experience and
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Police Officer Saves Boy From a Car Being Dragged Away by Flash Floods

car_save Now that’s a REAL hero! Quick on his feet.
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Shocking Video Shows Little Arab Girl Practicing Beheading Infants by Using her Dolls.

Untitled Video has emerged of a little girl beheading a doll, dressed in Muslim clothing, allegedly as
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Off-Duty Cop Kills Two in a Shooting Spree in a Bar in the Philippines

police_filipino He actually killed the two guys on accident that were trying to help him.
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The Heroic Rescue of People Stuck in a Jeep During a Flash Flood in Nepal

jeep_rescue That truly was some edge of your seat, heroic stuff.
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Russians Out Hunting for Rabbits Come Across and Rescue a Dog Tied Up and Left in a Bag

dog_baf Wow, who the hell does something like that. Good thing these men came along.
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Iraqi TV Host Breaks Down in Tears While Speaking About the Massacre of Christians by ISIS in Iraq

iraq_cry He is a brave and honorable man.
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Incredible Video Shows a Man and his Child Struck by a Van ….Onlookers Rush into Action Lifting the Van Off the Little Boy

Untitled People doing good deeds as opposed to just filming and watching is a sight for sore eyes
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British Rapper Identified as ISIL Militant who Beheaded James Foley

sur How surreal is this headline?
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Brazilian Police Force a Gangster at Gun point to Remove a Tattoo From His Leg Using Sandpaper

tattoo_remove Those cops where using extremely abrasive force.
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Horrible Airplane Accident that Killed Presidential Candidate of Brazil Eduardo Campos Caught on cctv

Untitled Brazilian officials said Friday said that the black box recovered from the plane that crashed and
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BREAKING: ISIS Beheads American Journalist, White House’s Statement

bee ISIS beheads photojournalist James Wright Foley in a massage to US to end its intervention in
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Incredible High Quality Security Footage From a Gas Station Robbery in South Africa

gas_Station_robbery Wow, they actually had some kind of explosive and successfully used it to blow the strong box.
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