Shocking Video Shows Police Officer KO’d by Protester’s Sucker Punch from Behind

An officer in the Brussels police, Pierre Vandersmissen, was hospitalized on Tuesday after a protester punched him in the head with a stone when an anti-austerity protest became violent.

Employee Backs Down After Being Confronted for Taunting Elderly Man with Severe Learning Difficulties!

An elderly man with severe learning difficulties was cruelly taunted by a takeaway employee - sparking a violent backlash from the community. After being confronted about the situation, the employee backs down and makes...

Female Reporter Attacked On Live TV By French Punk

A female journalist was hit around the head by a masked protester as she reported on a demonstration in Paris. Anna Baranova fell victim to an unprovoked attack by a masked demonstrator during anti-labor...

Crying Thief Chooses Unconventional Discipline to Jail Time

Yea I think i'd take this form of punishment rather than be locked in a cage too

Pizza Delivery Boy Shoots Undercover Police Officer Thinking He Was Being Robbed We're trying to find more information about this incident

Thug Steals Purse from Car with Woman in it by Smashing Window with a... That's a unique smash and grab

Bus Driver Fed up with Protesters Blockade Just Goes For it

Bus strikes blockade made by PT militants in Brazil (protest against the impeachment)

18-Year-Old Girl Arrested for DWI Has Become a Viral Sensation After Trying to Bribe...

An 18-year-old Mexican student, Lorena Daniela Aguirre, has become an internet sensation after a video of her being arrested for DWI went viral.

Border Patrol Officer Shuts Down an Angry Driver at a Security Checkpoint

Good for the border patrol guard. He asked perfectly reasonable questions and when the people in the van were obviously not cooperating he turned them away. That's his job and he did it without being aggressive and with a smile on his face. I like this man. edit: Not to mention this is the border into the west bank. Lot's of tension there.

The Moment Former Wrestling Champ Takes on Seven Officers During DUI Arrest

A former Ukrainian wrestler and Olympic champion had to be taken down by seven police officers after he resisted arrest for drunk driving. According to Metro, Vyacheslav Oliynyk was out celebrating his 50th birthday when...

Another Socialist Country Failing … Venezuelan Forced to Ration Food and Electricity

Share with a Bernie Sanders brain washed socialist Recession-hit Venezuela will turn off the electricity supply in its 10 most populous states for four hours a day for 40 days to deal with a...

Dog Dies from Exhaustion After Rescuing Seven People After an Earthquake

A four-year-old white Labrador named Dayko, hailed as a hero for rescuing seven people from the horrific aftermath of an earthquake in Ecuador, died from exhaustion shortly afterward. Dayko was a rescue dog for the...

Maid Gets Caught On Camera Pouring Her Own Urine Into Her Boss’s Orange Juice

Never trust anyone ... Why you should outfit your home with cameras

Fearless Woman Walks Through Explosions Like a Superhero… Is that Kaiser Sose?

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has shared a video on his Facebook page of a woman walking through explosions across a military testing ground while wearing protective clothing.

VIDEO: Police Gun Down Suspect Despite Him Being in the SURRENDER Position (2 Angles)

The footage shows the police aim at the suspect's car as he attempts to get out. However, as he runs from his vehicle, the man is shot down by the officers. Although he puts...

Well, That’s One Way to Earn a Living

Stand in traffic holding up cars until they pay you to move

Man High on Heroin Nods Off While Driving a Moped

Thailand: Man drives moped down street while unconscious. Luckily, the other drivers on the road avoid him.

Several Students Jump Teacher After Being Accused of Cheating on a Test

And you thought inner city schools were bad...In these schools, though, they take so much pride in their school work, that if they're accused of cheating, they go nuts.

Incredible Moment a Woman Jumps Out of a Burning Apartment… and SURVIVES After She...

A 47-year-old woman chose to jump from the third floor of a burning building. Miraculously, she survived, even though a sheet held in the street below by horrified neighbors ripped on impact. The unbelievable...

Saudi Soccer Player Has American Haircut…No Good, So Cut it NOW!

Wait what? I can't even tell what they were trying to cut off.

You Won’t Believe this Muslim’s Mans Response When He is Caught Raping a Girl.

The Swedish man was caught and gives a bone chilling response as to why its not rape and it's okay under Allah

Scary Moment an Oblivious Bike Rider Drives Right into the Path of a Car

Everyone survived the scary moment, but if there's ever a video that embodies the importance of paying attention, this is it.

Shocking Moment an Oil Tanker Overturns and Explodes

Alexandria: 10 Injured 2 in critical condition A massive fire broke out on Alexandria’s El Kabbari Street on Sunday after a truck loaded with 30 tons of fuel turned over. The director of the Civil Protection...

Muslim Woman is Brutally Run Over by Smiling Protester Who Then Stops to Take...

Shocking footage has emerged of a Muslim woman being mowed down by a car in a hit-and-run during an anti-Islam rally in the Brussels district of Molenbeek.

Mother Outraged After Her Young Son is Beaten by Migrants Takes to the Internet

A German mother takes to the internet to go discuss her outrage at the current situation and her son being a victim.

Shocking Moment a Man Pours Fuel Over Judge Threatening to Light Her on Fire...

Judge Tatiane Moreira Lima covered in fuel and being pinned to the ground for more than 20 minutes at a court in the west of São Paulo in Brazil by Alfredo José dos Santos...

SHOCKING Moment the EgyptAir Hijacker Strolls Through Security Checks With No Problem

Questions are being asked as to how the EgyptAir hijacker was able to stroll unhindered through airport security at Alexandria, despite being rigged with a fake suicide vest and explosives.