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At First Glance People Thought this Was just Some Statue of a Homeless Man … But When they Found Out Who it Was Some Were Brought to Tears

ens_031214_childHomelessJesus Pretty thought provoking
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OUCH! Material Girl Takes a Brutal Spill at a British Awards Show Live

Untitled Madonna gave her fans a scare when she fell off a platform hard on the ground but unlike a virgin
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A Female Meteorologist is Washed Away Trying to Get that Perfect Shot

Untitled Mother Nature you funny!
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AWESOME: Special Forces Simulate Rolling Take Down of Tour Bus with Hostages. In and out in under 50 seconds.

Untitled This was a training video in Malaysia and shows their amazing and impressive response time
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The Shocking Moment a Couple are Swallowed up by a Sink Hole

Untitled It’s Bush’s fault
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Watch the Incredibly Scary Moment a Solider is Shot in the Head but Saved by his Helmet During Gun Battle

Untitled Soldiers from 2-327th “No Slack” engage in a heavy firefight during Operation Strong
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DESPICABLE: Racist Train Passengers Won’t Let a Black Man on the Train as They Shout Vile Insults

Untitled This happened in progressive, liberal France just days after a video posted by a Jewish man
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This is Dedication: Female Marathon Runner Finishes the Race Crawling on her Knees…

cr Maybe a little inspiration for all of us.
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You think the TSA is Bad? Watch How they Do it in Russia

russ All in a days work
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So Cool…. Tokyo’s New Bike Storage System is Beyond New Age

Untitled no need for bike locks anymore this new underground storage system is all you need
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Caught on Tape: Wyoming Snowmobiler Buried By Avalanche Rescued By Friends

Untitled The very scary moment friends watch their buddy swallowed by an Avalanche
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The Absoluty Horrifying Moment a Scared Passenger Films an Airplanes Wing on Fire

gggg Jet Engine Caught on Fire mid flight
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BIGFOOT?? Camera Captures Ape-Like Creature in Yellowstone National Park and there are FOUR of Them

ggg In a video that was meant to capture some Bison roaming the land it captured what is thought to
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Watch the Absolutely Incredible Moment a Man and Child are Sucked through a Sewer and Spit up on the Other Side

Untitled Two very different reactions from almost drowning.
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Shocking Footage Captures Moment TransAsia Airways Plane Clips Bridge, Crashes Into River

45 The aircraft, carrying 53 passengers, clipped a bridge before hurtling into Taipei’s Keelung
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The Surreal Moment a Pilot Explains to Passengers he Literally Locked himself out of the Cockpit .. and That the Co-Pilot is Making an Emergency Landing

eeee This is the moment a Delta Air Lines pilot told passengers the first officer would be making an
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