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First Person in Australia to Purchase an iPhone 6 Immediately Drops it While Being Interviewed

Untitled After queuing excitedly for days, this must be your worst nightmare.
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The Stunning Moment Two cars and a Motorcycle Try Sharing the Same Intersection at the Same Time

Untitled Can’t really tell who’s at fault from the video but the good news is noone was hurt
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Iranian Youths Sentenced to Six Months in Prison and 91 LASHES for Dancing to Pharrell’s hit song ‘Happy’ in Viral Video

1410427373584_wps_33_A_group_of_Iranian_dancer A group of six Iranian youths who filmed a video dancing around to Pharrell’s song
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Incredible and Very Scary Video Shows man Ejected from his Truck During Drifting Attempt Gone Wrong

ef I’ll stick to driving like a grandma
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U.S Military Follow a Clueless Terrorist Right to an ISIS Facility then BOOM!!

boom Rest in Pieces
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The Moment a Girl Gamer is Nearly Blinded Live on Stream……But when you See Why

Untitled She wasn’t having it….and by she I mean the….
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Absolutely Incredible Footage of a Volcano Eruption …. Watch and Listen to the “Shockwave” when it Hits the Boat

Untitled The eruption of Mount Tavurvur volcano on August 29th, 2014
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Russian President Vladimir Putin Burst into Tears While Visiting Mongolia

Untitled Have to wonder what was going on in that head of his
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Watch the Horrifying Moment a Fighter jet from the Libyan Airforce crashes into a Tobruk apartment block – Exploding on Impact

1409720054030_wps_7_Libyan_airforce_crashes_i The War plane went down in a fiery crash on Tuesday The aircraft was flying over the residential
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DEFIANCE: Iranian Woman is Cheered on as She Breaks Strict Muslim Law and Removes her Hijab in this Video thats Gone Extremely Viral

yyy A new viral video believed to have been shot in Iran shows a woman dancing joyously atop a car
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Poor Dog Can’t Understand why his Brother Won’t Wake up :-(

dog Very sad video shows a Rottweiler barking and nosing at his brother trying to get him to wake up
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This Paratrooper is Having a REALLY Bad Day

Untitled The Mexican paratrooper became entangled while performing a training exercise.
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AWESOME: After Beloved CEO is ousted by his Cousin 25,000 Employees Walk out and Over 2 Million Customers Boycott Until The Family is Forced to Sell it Back to Him

ttt Now that’s what you call loyalty!!! Here’s Artie T’s 12 minute victory speech
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Weather Channel Founder Explains the History of the Global Warming Hoax

Untitled John Coleman, an award-winning meteorologist and weatherman with sixty years of experience and
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Police Officer Saves Boy From a Car Being Dragged Away by Flash Floods

car_save Now that’s a REAL hero! Quick on his feet.
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Shocking Video Shows Little Arab Girl Practicing Beheading Infants by Using her Dolls.

Untitled Video has emerged of a little girl beheading a doll, dressed in Muslim clothing, allegedly as
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