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Brutal Work Accident Shows You Why Safety Should Always be First

Untitled It almost looked like it could be fun for a minute but ends very badly
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The Hilarious Instant Karma Moment a Moronic Protester Lights Himself on Fire from His OWN Molotov Cocktail

Untitled lol….that’s all I have to say
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Motorcycle Rider Barely Escapes Alive … He gives New Meaning to the Term “Lucky to be Alive”

Untitled This video is just incredible…. the Last truck that misses him is Amazing
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Angry Gorilla Fast Ball Pitches a Rock at Tourists that are Annoying Him

Gorilla reaction to video being taken of him at Berlin Zoo Gorilla’s had enough in a berlin zoo
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Hit and “Run” ……. Literally

Untitled That would be pretty badass to see the cop just come from off camera doing the tuck-and-roll
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Shocking Video Shows Two US Servicemen Brutally Attacked in Turkey

Untitled A group of Turkish nationalist students attacked NATO soldiers in the touristic Eminönü
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Amazing Video of Young Syrian Boy “Playing Dead” to Rescue a Girl under Heavy Sniper Fire

res This boy is a HERO
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A Woman was Hit and Killed by a Subway Train right in Front of This Guy……What He Did After has the Internet Fuming

Screen-Shot-2014-11-08-at-9.35.46-AM-620x347 “Ninety-nine percent of all of the other people were concerned about what happened, running to
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Bizarre Sign Language guy at a NY Press Conference on Ebola Steals the Show from the Mayor

1414286765984_wps_28_image002_png Mysterious Interpreter (name unknown) appeared at event alongside New York Mayor Bill de Blasio
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Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers the Man Who shot the Terrorist in Yesterdays Parliment Shooting Receives Amazing Standing 3 minute Ovation

Untitled Vickers arguably saved several lives when he shot and killed the crazed gunman that entered the
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Another Man Jumps the White House Fence and Can be Seen Kicking, Punching and Body Slamming a Secret Service K9

1414023921247_wps_15_White_HOUSe_fence_jumper Counter for the number of days since someone jumped the White House fence has been reset to 0
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Must see! Rep. Steve Scalise Grills CDC Director Frieden on Ebola

fruie I tell ya this guy Friedan CANNOT answer a question straight out
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Shocking Video shows the Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver in Ebola Stricken Liberia

Untitled Some ambulance workers in Monrovia have been infected with Ebola, while others have been attacked
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US Nurse with Ebola Nina Pham Brings Hazmat-Suited Doctor to Tears as she Speaks From Hospital

rrr Before Nina Pham departed Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas for the National Institute of
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What’s Wrong with this Picture?! Plain Clothed Man in Video of CDC Loading Second Ebola Patient onto Plane makes NO Sense At All

eb His job probably wasn’t a health care one, so they didn’t give him a suit, and he
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WHY YOU WEAR YOUR HELMETS: U.S. Marine Survives Taliban Sniper Shot!

Untitled The shot occurs right at the :45 mark. A Taliban sniper managed to get a non-fatal headshot on a
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