Footage From The Largest Amphibious Assault Exercise That Has Ever Taken Place

Ssang Yong 14 was the culmination of a multitude of training events and exercises between theRead more ›

Ukranian Citizens Attempt to Stop a Military Convoy of Armored Vehicles and Soldiers Entering Kramatorsk

Tension is increasing across eastern Ukraine where pro-Russian protesters have seized publicRead more ›

The Shocking Moment an Out of Control Car Slams Into Turkish Kids Playing on a Sidewalk

This shocking CCTV footage shows the moment when an out of control car slams into three childrenRead more ›

9 month old baby in Pakistan has Been Cleared of Attempted Murder charges … It only took the Judge ONE WEEK to Decide

A 9-month-old Pakistani boy bawled as he was fingerprinted and booked in Lahore on an attemptedRead more ›

Man Rams His Truck Through Students Blocking a Road During a Protest in Mexico – Shocking!

A crazed man rammed his pick-up truck through a group of protesting student and teachers. Read more ›

Terrible Gas Tank Explosion Rocks a City Street in Thailand – Thought to Be an Act of Terrorism

This shocking CCTV video shows an explosion which occurred in Yala, Thailand. Read more ›

Russian Motorcyclist Driving a Honda Gold Wing Gets Into a Fatal Accident

Lane splitting on an 800 pound bike is never a good idea, and this is why. Read more ›

Protester Slips While Throwing a Molotov Cocktail, Setting Himself on Fire

The fire bomb was meant for riot officers taking shelter next to a bus, so he got a bit of hisRead more ›

If You Needed a Reason to Never Rappel Off a Bridge, Then Watch This Shocking Video

This shocking video shows the moment a Brazilian man falls to the ground after the ‘figureRead more ›

Australian Rugby League Player Falling on his Neck, Breaking Two Vertebrae – told today he’ll be Quadriplegic.

Oh god that video is awful. His face is just heart breaking Read more ›

Police Choose to Give a Rather Unique Instant Justice to kid that Graffiti’d their Police Station

I guess for him it’s better than being arrested? And for them it’s Apparently a goodRead more ›

Woman in Venezuela is Beaten by Police when Caught Filming them Abducting Students

On Thursday, an amateur video surfaced online which appears to show Venezuelan police taking

Vladimir Putin’s Very Interesting Interview with RT he Discusses the Similarities and Differences between Russia and the US

“Along with that lets not forget developing the American continent started with a large

SAUDI SUPERHERO: Real Life Rambo chases Truck Down on Foot…and You Won’t Believe What he Does to Stop It

Someone get this guy a movie deal.Read more ›

Who Said Womens Basketball Wasn’t Serious Business? Well, This one Punch Court Knockout Says it Sure is

Apparently the US girl wasn’t too keen on how the Finish girl was playing the game so sheRead more ›

Courageous News Anchor that Works for RT Speaks out Against Russia

At the very end of the 3/3/2014 episode of Russia Today’s Breaking the Set, Abby MartinRead more ›
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