Woman ‘Framed Her Husband’s Ex and Had Her Jailed for Months by Claiming She Arranged for Her to Be Raped by Strangers via Craigslist – and Then Lied About Being Pregnant AND Having Cancer’

A California woman has been determined to have framed her husband’s ex-fiancee, making her out to be a dangerous stalker. She did such a good job that the ex was put in jail for almost three months.

31-year-old Angela Maria Diaz (above, right) sent threatening emails to herself at one point, pretended to be pregnant at another time, filed false police reports, faked an entire crime scene, and posed as the victim of a so-called “rape fantasy” ad on Craigslist.

The actual victim turned out to be 30-year-old Michelle Suzanne Hadley (above, left), who cops had focused on as the suspect of what was believed to be a situation potentially leading to Ms. Diaz’s rape or death.

But then it was revealed that Diaz had set Hadley up all along. Hadley was released in October and completely exonerated.

Diaz now faces several felonies, including kidnapping, false imprisonment, and filing false police reports.

Ms. Hadley had started dating a Deputy US Marshal, identified only as 39-year-old ‘John Doe’ in August of 2013.

They bought a condominium together, got engaged, then broke up in August of 2015.

In the months that followed their breakup, Hadley wrote Mr. Doe some emails, some of which included religious topics, ending when the two stop corresponding in the fall of 2015.

In January of 2016, this Doe guy then met Diaz on a dating website, and they married each other within two months.

After moving in together, she lied in May of 2016, telling him that she was pregnant, then hatched her scheme against Ms. Hadley.

On June 1st, Diaz, along with her newlywed husband, went to the Anaheim Police Department and reported that Hadley had sent her numerous threatening emails.

It turns out that she’d sent the emails to herself using VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, and third-party proxy servers to disguise her location.

She then gave authorities copies of those fake emails seeming to be from Hadley’s actual email address.

The emails, which numbered in the hundreds, included threats to have her raped and killed, as well as threats to the life or well-being of her (fake) unborn child.

They also included graphic images of aborted fetuses, decapitated bodies, and dead women.

She also fooled investigators by using the same religious language that Hadley had used in her correspondence with John Doe shortly after they broke up.

Ms. Diaz was then granted a temporary restraining order against Ms. Hadley after making multiple false reports of ongoing threats.

It all escalated when Diaz claims she was the victim of a “rape fantasy” Craigslist ad that Hadley had posted.

She claimed to police that Hadley had pretended to be her and responded to ads on Craigslist revealing that she wanted to act out her “rape fantasies”.

But in reality, Diaz had posted the ad herself. She then told men who replied that she wanted to have forced sex, even if she screamed or resisted. Then she sent them photos of herself, along with details of her daily routine.

On June 24, 2016, Diaz called 911, saying a man tried to rape her in her garage; another lie.

A warrant was issued for Hadley’s arrest, and she was charged with stalking, criminal threats, attempted rape, assault with intent to commit rape during a residential burglary, violating a protective order, and a “crime-bail-crime” enhancement.

She was held from July 14th until October 7th on $1 million bail.

The moment of clarity for investigators was after they’d spent months trying to “unwind” the third party proxy servers.

When they did that, they started getting IP addresses pointing to Diaz’s condo, as well as her father’s apartment. One even came back to her cell phone.

More investigation revealed Diaz’s history of fraud, which included altering a paycheck from her job to add $2,000 to it, telling her ex-boyfriend that she had cervical cancer, pretending to be an attorney, forging doctor’s notes, and pretending to be two of her husband’s ex-girlfriends through email, and a fake pregnancy.

Diaz is now behind bars in Arizona and will likely be extradited to California within a week for arraignment.

Unsurprisingly, she and John Doe are in the throes of a divorce.


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