Utah Mother is Arrested After Her 12-Year-Old Son is Found Locked in a Bathroom and Weighing Only 30 Pounds!

A so-called mother in Utah is now behind bars after her 12-year-old son was found by his father locked in a bathroom. The boy only weighed 30 pounds.

It all started on January 8th when the young boy’s father took him to a hospital after finding him locked in an upstairs bathroom at the mother’s home.

He was so malnourished that he couldn’t even stand up.

Law enforcement then got a warrant to search the home of 36-year-old Brandy K. Jaynes, the boy’s mother.

The bathroom door had been double-bolted from the outside. The living conditions in that bathroom were described by detectives as “deplorable.”

They found feces all across the room, one blanket, empty cans of beans, and a camera for monitoring the inside of the bathroom.

The light switches had been duct-taped to ensue they stayed off.

Perhaps the worst part? He’d been locked in that bathroom for at least a year!

Ms. Jaynes told authorities that the boy was locked in the bathroom because he wanted to sleep in there. She claims she locked him in for his “safety” when she would leave the home.

She’s been charged with aggravated felony child abuse.

The woman’s two other children were removed from the home. They were siblings of the abused boy. They required no medical attention and told investigators that the last time they’d spoken to their brother was through the door roughly six months ago.

The victim is expected to be in the hospital for at least three weeks.


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