Donald Trump on election: Call it as it is!


In an interview with Fox news correspondent Giff Jenkins, capitalist extraordinaire and Mitt Romney supporter Donald Trump explains why the future of our country is hanging in the balance with this election.  

GRIFF JENKINS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: What's the takeaway Romney needs to leave here to the 30 million-plus maybe taking a first look at Romney?

DONALD TRUMP: I think we have to be not be so politically correct. We're a country in tremendous trouble. We have to say it like it is. We don't have to be nice to President Obama. We don't have to say he's a wonderful person, because he's probably not a wonderful person. And, frankly, they cannot be politically correct. They have to say it like it is. This country is in trouble. Our president has done a poor job. We have to put this country back to work.

We have to stop other countries from destroying us, whether it's China, OPEC nations, or any other — virtually any other country we deal with. You look at the country of Colombia, relatively small trading partner. They use the word "partner." It's not a partner. We have a $4 billion deficit with Colombia. That's a small one. China's going to be probably close to $400 billion in deficits. We can't do it. We can't afford it. Then we go, how do we pay for the deficits? We borrow money from China.

So Mitt Romney gets it. He's a great businessman. He'll change things. He's also got heart. He's a wonderful person. His wife is a fantastic person. I think it's going to be an amazing combination.

JENKINS: You're talking about a shifting of the strategy, the Romney campaign. You mentioned he needs to tell it like it is. Is he being too soft? Does he need to have more Donald Trump approach to things?

TRUMP: He's a good person, a tough person when he has to be. I think he'll show that toughness. I think he has to show the toughness. He's a very smart guy. I just say that you have to say it like it is. The old expression from the great Howard Cosell, tell it like it is. The country is doing terribly. We're in deep, deep trouble. Four more years of Obama, we're not going to make it. And I'm not sure you can come back if it continues. Obamacare is a disaster. It's going to destroy — it's going to add to — we'll be up to $17 trillion in deficits very soon, $17 trillion. You never even heard — the word "trillion." It wasn't in the vocabulary. Now it's commonplace.

So at $17 trillion, employment at 15 percent, 16 percent, 21 percent, any way you want to cut it. You look at inner city unemployment, and that is a number that's probably 40 percent to 50 percent. The country cannot continue to go on like this. So I think Mitt is going to get the message across. When he gets it across, people are going to just love the message.

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