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Did Liberal Commentator Marc Lamont Hill Start Crying During a Debate with Alan Dershowitz

ZHill1 Hill and the panel became jumbled as one side talked over another, but when given his chance to
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Guy in a Denver Bar Asks Obama if he “Want’s a hit of Pot”

ask-641x375 President Barack Obama was asked by an unknown individual if he wanted a “hit of pot” Tuesday
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Joan Rivers: “Obama Gay…. Michelle a Tranny”?

joan Wow shes 81!? Plastic surgery cant save you Joan
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Trey Gowdy Goes Off on IRS Commish for Claiming No Criminal Actions at IRS (Finally Someone Does)

trey This is the firt time ive seen this COCKY Smirking SOB IRS Commissioner squirm. Nice job Trey
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Congressman Paul Ryan Tears Into IRS Commissioner For “Losing” Lois Lerner Emails from ‘Hard Drive Crash’

ryan IRS is operating at a level of incompetency that is simply unbelievable
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This is the Powerful Anti-Redskins Commercial That Was Shown During the NBA Finals

redskins It really does make its point marvelously.
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Awkward?? See how the Crowd Reacts when Putin and Obama are Shown on the Big Screen at D-Day Ceremony

put I guess the crowd didn’t know if they should laugh or cry.
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[ FULL VIDEO] Major Security Breach as Secret Service Doesn’t See Man Filming President Obama Working out in a Hotel Gym in Poland

55 U.S. security experts are trying to find out how a Polish tabloid managed to get private pictures
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Obama Dummy is found Hanging from a Bridge in Missouri..Bomb Squad Called In

obama Everything gets so damn blown out of proportion now.
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President Obama Goes For a Surprise Walk Outside The White House, Saying Hi to Tourists

obama_walk What would you say to the President if you ran into him walking down the street?
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Dr. Ben Carson Wow’s Even Liberals on the View

Untitled Appearing on “The View” Tuesday, Dr. Ben Carson explained why he believes the current welfare
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Arab TV uses a clip from a 13 year old Simpson’s episode to prove that the entire civil war in Syria is part of a US conspiracy.

Untitled Hey at least it was an episode from before The Simpson’s sucked
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10-Year-Old Girl Stuns Michelle Obama With What She Handed to the First Lady

o Here is my unemployed Dads resume, please find him a job
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US Senator Speaking on “Commuter Safety” Violates a Key Safety Rule at a Train Station….You Can Probably Guess the Next Thing that Happens

Untitled Good thing for him this is just a hilarious fail instead of a church ceremony
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Hillary Clinton Dodges a Shoe Thrown at Her by a Woman During a Speech in Las Vegas

hillary_shoe A woman throws a shoe at former First Lady Hillary Clinton as she was giving a speech in Las
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The Most Powerful Law Enforcement Official in the US tells Texas Congressman “You don’t Want to Go There Buddy!”

holder I think the Rep DO wanna go there!
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