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Teenage ‘Postergirl’ Jihadist who ran away to Syria to Join Islamists just Weeks ago is Believed to have Been Killed Already

CEN_TeenGirlsJihad_09.jpg 16-year-old Samra Kesinovic and 15-year-old Sabina Selimovic, of Vienna, Austria, look like
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Crazy Offensive Ad with a 4-Year-Old Doing Something So Outrageous CBS Had to Ban It

ad Im speechless
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RAW VIDEO: Secret Service Take Down White House Fence Jumper on 9/11

Untitled Secret Service officers have apprehended a man who jumped over the White House’s North Fence
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Teens Caught On Video In Vicious Mob Assault On White Student Found ‘Not Guilty’ Despite this Video

pppp In April, a five black Delaware teens were caught on video viciously assaulting a white Dover
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Listen to the Last Thing Ted Cruz Says to a Room Full of Muslims that Sent them in a Frenzy, and got him Literally Booed off Stage

Untitled Ted Cruz was booed off stage after he praised Israel and condemned religious bigotry during his
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Imagine President Obama Turned AWAY from a Golf Course? Well it Happened in NY Recently …3 Times!!

ob He doesn’t have the star power he once had
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U.S Military Follow a Clueless Terrorist Right to an ISIS Facility then BOOM!!

boom Rest in Pieces
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Russian President Vladimir Putin Burst into Tears While Visiting Mongolia

Untitled Have to wonder what was going on in that head of his
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They’re Coming!!!! NY Officials Demand to See Records of Gun Sales from Gun Shop in New York State … Arrest Owner

SAM_0331-620x465 The owner of a New York gun shop says he was given 24 hours to comply with a “request” from
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Morgan Freeman Drops a Gem on Shocked CNN Host When he Answers a Question about Race with one Simple Word

Untitled Never has a one word answer been so epic….
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AMERICA 2014: Philadelphia Police Taking Peoples Homes & Assets Under A Questionable Law!

Untitled Some homeowners in Philadelphia are losing their homes and it has nothing to do with their
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Watch how Military Veterans Left Obama Visibly Upset when they Give Him Virtually No Applause

Untitled Typically used to thunderous applause from his cool-aid drinking, sheep-like supporters Obama was
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Weather Channel Founder Explains the History of the Global Warming Hoax

Untitled John Coleman, an award-winning meteorologist and weatherman with sixty years of experience and
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Michelle Obama Security Detail Shuts Down Journalists in Busy Road of Martha’s Vineyard –So She Can Go for Walk…

o Wow shut down the whole street just for a walk?
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Horrible Airplane Accident that Killed Presidential Candidate of Brazil Eduardo Campos Caught on cctv

Untitled Brazilian officials said Friday said that the black box recovered from the plane that crashed and
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BREAKING: ISIS Beheads American Journalist, White House’s Statement

bee ISIS beheads photojournalist James Wright Foley in a massage to US to end its intervention in
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