Violent Shootout in Iowa Captured On a Police Cruiser’s Dash Camera

Police dash cam footage catches the action police officer Brendan Zeimet engages in a gun battleRead more ›

Border Patrol Agent Causes Accident Then Blames Civilian Driver …. However, Because of this Video The Agents Lies are Going Viral

As you can plainly see, I was driving along at a normal pace minding my own business when out ofRead more ›

LAPD Mistakenly Shoot & Kill Tosh.0 Producer Who Was Fleeing For His Safety From Knife-Wielding Attacker!

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies mistakenly shot to death a hostage who was fleeingRead more ›

REAL AMERICANS Defend Their Ranch Against Federal Agents – This Is Amazing Footage!

In the state of Nevada, Cliven Bundy and his family are currently caught in a fight over landRead more ›

This Folks is Why you Don’t Text and Drive

Sergeant Brad Rummell of the Midwest City Police has a close call when his cruiser is rear-endedRead more ›

Norwegian Police Arrive to Arrest a Drunk Causing Trouble, What Follows is Hilarious

This hilarious video shows two friendly Norwegian cops come to talk to a drunk man who had beenRead more ›

Woman with Scissors Thinks it’s a Good Idea to go up and Stab an Officer From Behind……Not a Good Idea Lady

A Fort Gibson police officer Brent Maddocks was stabbed with scissors during a traffic stop nearRead more ›

Jefferson Parish Deputy Enters a Man’s House Without a Warrant and Arrests Him Without Giving a Reason

Donrell Breaux, 26, was arrested March 30 by a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s OfficeRead more ›

You Won’t Believe This Border Patrol Checkpoint Refusal Video. Seriously!

And you shouldn’t… When you watch you’ll see why.Read more ›

Teen Girl Fights an Officer in a Baltimore Public Library

The quiet confines of a public library in Baltimore erupted into chaos during a confrontationRead more ›

Shocking Video Surfaces Of Riot Police Slamming An Unsuspecting University Of Arizona Student

The girl was literally just walking and the officer attacks her out of nowhere…totallyRead more ›

Police Use Tear Gas on Rioting Students after University of Arizona’s Narrow Loss in the NCAA Tournament

Police said Saturday night that they shot pepper spray at several hundred fans who took to theRead more ›

NYPD Facing another Claim of Police Brutality when they Bloodied an Eldery 83 Year old Man for Jay Walking

The New York Police Department is facing more claims of police brutality, this time afterRead more ›

Find out why a Firefighter Helping a Woman During a Medical Call Found Himself in Handcuffs.

A fireman in New Roads, La., was rendering aid to a woman during a medical call on Monday when aRead more ›

Amateur Video Captures Police Shooting a Man for Exiting his Home after Being Ordered to Exit His Home

Video of an officer-involved shooting in northwest Spokane on March 26, 2014, shows a man leavingRead more ›

Terminator Police Officer out of Nowhere Caught on Camera on Live TV…

BEAST MODERead more ›
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