NC Deputy Snatches Two Phones and Claims that this Former Marine “Got Aggressive” However, She Forgot to Confiscate the Third Phone Showing the Whole Story

A North Carolina deputy confiscated two separate cell phones recording her in the midst ofRead more ›

Find out Why this Father is Furious When TSA Agents Gave his Children ages 2 & 6 FULL BODY PAT DOWNS

The agents patted the children down after they allegedly saw the kids touch their father who wasRead more ›

Texas Police Officer Caught on Camera Tripping Female High School Students Running onto the Field after a Soccer Game Championship

(RAW VIDEO & NEWS REPORT) One day after a cell phone video hit YouTube prompting complaints,Read more ›

Green Bay Police Officer Smacks a Guy Into a Car Then Punches Him in the Face

Nothing like following up a power trip with a power punch. Read more ›

Find out Why Onlookers and Neighbors Cheered When half of a House was Ripped off by Swat Team, and One Man Was Arrested.

Sheriff’s deputies tore the front part of a Stockton home apart while trying to capture a manRead more ›

Pitbull Calmly Playing With Kids After Officer Shoots Himself Trying To Kill it

A California deputy accidentally shot himself while trying to kill a dog that he said wasRead more ›

BRUTALITY: Police Officer Brutally Knocks a Little Girl Out For Getting in His Way

I’ve heard of not interfering with and arrest but that was a little harshRead more ›

RAW: Violent Police Confrontation Shows Officer Sitting on a Woman Beating her and Tasing her

The video shows a Chester City police officer sitting on a woman’s chest, striking her atRead more ›

Violent Shootout in Iowa Captured On a Police Cruiser’s Dash Camera

Police dash cam footage catches the action police officer Brendan Zeimet engages in a gun battleRead more ›

Border Patrol Agent Causes Accident Then Blames Civilian Driver …. However, Because of this Video The Agents Lies are Going Viral

As you can plainly see, I was driving along at a normal pace minding my own business when out ofRead more ›

LAPD Mistakenly Shoot & Kill Tosh.0 Producer Who Was Fleeing For His Safety From Knife-Wielding Attacker!

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies mistakenly shot to death a hostage who was fleeingRead more ›

REAL AMERICANS Defend Their Ranch Against Federal Agents – This Is Amazing Footage!

In the state of Nevada, Cliven Bundy and his family are currently caught in a fight over landRead more ›

This Folks is Why you Don’t Text and Drive

Sergeant Brad Rummell of the Midwest City Police has a close call when his cruiser is rear-endedRead more ›

Norwegian Police Arrive to Arrest a Drunk Causing Trouble, What Follows is Hilarious

This hilarious video shows two friendly Norwegian cops come to talk to a drunk man who had beenRead more ›

Woman with Scissors Thinks it’s a Good Idea to go up and Stab an Officer From Behind……Not a Good Idea Lady

A Fort Gibson police officer Brent Maddocks was stabbed with scissors during a traffic stop nearRead more ›

Jefferson Parish Deputy Enters a Man’s House Without a Warrant and Arrests Him Without Giving a Reason

Donrell Breaux, 26, was arrested March 30 by a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s OfficeRead more ›
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