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Congressman Reveals that at Least 10 ISIS Fighters Have Been Caught Crossing the Border into the U.S.

gr How is Obama’s absenteeism on ANY border control looking now?
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Obama uses Coffee Cup to Salute Marines..What a Disgrace

ob ‘ Shameful’ and ‘Embarrassing’
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Imagine President Obama Turned AWAY from a Golf Course? Well it Happened in NY Recently …3 Times!!

ob He doesn’t have the star power he once had
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Watch how Military Veterans Left Obama Visibly Upset when they Give Him Virtually No Applause

Untitled Typically used to thunderous applause from his cool-aid drinking, sheep-like supporters Obama was
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Michelle Obama Security Detail Shuts Down Journalists in Busy Road of Martha’s Vineyard –So She Can Go for Walk…

o Wow shut down the whole street just for a walk?
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Guy in a Denver Bar Asks Obama if he “Want’s a hit of Pot”

ask-641x375 President Barack Obama was asked by an unknown individual if he wanted a “hit of pot” Tuesday
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Joan Rivers: “Obama Gay…. Michelle a Tranny”?

joan Wow shes 81!? Plastic surgery cant save you Joan
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Awkward?? See how the Crowd Reacts when Putin and Obama are Shown on the Big Screen at D-Day Ceremony

put I guess the crowd didn’t know if they should laugh or cry.
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[ FULL VIDEO] Major Security Breach as Secret Service Doesn’t See Man Filming President Obama Working out in a Hotel Gym in Poland

55 U.S. security experts are trying to find out how a Polish tabloid managed to get private pictures
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Obama Dummy is found Hanging from a Bridge in Missouri..Bomb Squad Called In

obama Everything gets so damn blown out of proportion now.
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10-Year-Old Girl Stuns Michelle Obama With What She Handed to the First Lady

o Here is my unemployed Dads resume, please find him a job
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One of Obama’s Biggest Fans Feels Quite Differently Now..She Shows you How Differently in this Video she Uploaded to the Net

ob Not only did former Obama supporter Carey Wedler turn against the president, but she’s
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Congressman goes OFF on Obama, asks How can the President Rewrite the Constitution?

gowdy Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., sponsor of the ENFORCE the Law Act, delivered a fiery speech and read a
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Move Over Bill O’Reilly, Comedian Zach Galifianakis Hits Obama with Hardest and Oddest Interview of the Year

obama_2 “Community organizer” Barack Obama was a guest on comedian Zach Galifianakis’ outrageous
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Bill O’Reilly calls out Obama’s Top Adviser Valerie Jarrett, asks her to Tell Jay-Z and Kanye West to KNOCK IT OFF,Challenges the First Lady as Well

billo Does anyone appreciate the point he is trying to make though? Even if it is a little off and not
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Obama heckled on ‘nuclear war with Russia’ at DNC event today…of course makes a Joke out of it and the Crowd falls into it

obama President Obama was interrupted by a heckler at a DNC winter meeting speech. The heckler asked
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