Angry Frog Gets Awesome Revenge on Kid Tricking him with and Ant App on his Phone

This was the best :23 seconds of my week so farRead more ›

Female Grenade Training gone Terribly Wrong

She throws like a woman Read more ›

Baseball Manager Has the Most Epic Meltdown You’ll Ever See – Warning, Very Strong Language.

He threw 22 bats and a bucket of balls onto the field…as well as some very colorfulRead more ›

Woman Tries to Make Friends With a Squirrel. Learns Real Life Isn’t a Disney Movie.

This girl just wanted to be friends with a squirrel, the outcome was less than satisfactory.Read more ›

Just a Guy Dressed in a Beatlejuice Costume who had Broken into and Slept in a Strangers House is Woken Up and Kicked Out

Any true drunk couldn’t be too mad about it… Read more ›

Moron Mixing Homemade Bomb on his Kitchen Stove gets What he Deserves

Thats what you get for trying to make a bomb using kitchen appliances Read more ›

Serial Car Vandal Wanted by British Police Turns Out to Be a Dog

That dog really dislikes cars. Read more ›

Bunnies Start Humping On a News Desk During a Live Easter Newscast

Breaking News: Rabbits really “do it like rabbits.” Read more ›

Cocky Kickboxer Gets KO’d after Kissing his Opponent at a Press Conference in Some Epic Fail Fashion

Not instant justice but Karma came for himRead more ›

It’s Not Porn…

Various actors book their first major role in Los Angeles…but not all is what it seems.Read more ›

Something Surprising Happens When a Man is Cutting Up a Tree In His Yard

This would be a great Viagra commercial. Read more ›

“Concerned” Woman calls 911 on the Sun..

We have the the sun in custody -CopsRead more ›

US Senator Speaking on “Commuter Safety” Violates a Key Safety Rule at a Train Station….You Can Probably Guess the Next Thing that Happens

Good thing for him this is just a hilarious fail instead of a church ceremony Read more ›

The Launch of a Portuguese Navy Drone Goes Hilariously Wrong

Maybe they have developed the technology and made it an underwater drone. Read more ›

Skydiver Pranks His Friend by Stealing His Shoe Mid-Jump and Throwing it Away

When the next news story pops up about someone getting knocked out by an unidentified flyingRead more ›

Drunk Guy Shows Off the Craziest and NASTIEST Party Trick Ever. WTF!

Well…that was umm….different.Read more ›
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