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MSNBC Host Falls Victim to a Prank Live on the Air and Has No Clue.

Untitled MSNBC Fail: Man Pretending to have been on Delta Flight Says Unfortunate Profanities On Air
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Little Dog Has Strange Reaction to His Owner Throwing a Frisbee ….. So We Added Some Music

DOG hahahaha….
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It’s Just 2 Girls Attempting to Pump Gas….How Hard Can it Be?

gas I love how the older one finally remembered your own lapse in memory “hey, remember the
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Untitled Some great ones
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HILARIOUS: The Talking Husky Puppy

Untitled if you need a laugh today just watch this video
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You think Your a Scatterbrain? Watch this Woman at the Gas Station and you’ll Feel a Lot Better

sb It’s a wonder she remembers to get dressed in the morning
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OUCH: Man’s Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong .. But It Might Not Be What You’re Thinking

Untitled lolol
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HUNG OVER: Star from the Popular “Hangover” Movies Embarrasses Himself Live on TV When He Won’t Stop Flirting with Reporter

yyy New York Knicks game made a little more entertaining by Justin Bartha
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Dad makes the Ultimate Video of his Daughter who May Have a Bright Future!

dd Wow, she really nailed the ending!
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Good Copin Ain’t Easy ….. Watch What Almost Kills this Officer

gfdfgf Cop exchanges words with driver of stranded car to make sure he’s okay
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Hands Down the Cutest Video You’ll See All Year … Little Girl Recites the Judo Student Creed

Untitled Hands Down the Cutest Video You’ll See All Year … Little Girl Recites the Judo
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Blonde Girl Jihadists

face LMFAO
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Man Caught Seeing 50 Shades Of Grey…

bust God, so many better ways to play it off.
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The Overly Excited Weather Guy is EXTREMELY Happy About “Thundersnow”

Untitled Anyone that gets happy about seeing any form of snow needs to be committed
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You think the TSA is Bad? Watch How they Do it in Russia

russ All in a days work
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Awesome 80-Year-Old Keeps Judge and Fellow Inmates Laughing During Court Appearance

Untitled A fast-talking 80-year-old suspect had a Florida court room in stitches after she delivered a
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