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Masterful Fish Owns Ice Fishermen in Hilarious Fashion

Untitled On this lake Fish catch rods
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FLASHBACK: A 3 year-old Dr. DRE Was Still Smoother than Most Adults

Untitled I love the girlfriend question
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One Husky is Being Punished for Misbehaving The Other Husky is Pleading Her Case for an Early Release

ghgg From the owners Youtube: Rush is pleading the case for Harlequinn to be let out of jail early.
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Teacher Calls Student The N Word and is Proud of It.

teac Thug Life Alert … The Teacher Addition!
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Weatherman Does the best with What he Has

Untitled boy it sure does get hot in AZ
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The Always Entertaining Marshawn Lynch Notorious Media Hater is There for One Reason Only

Untitled Tell us again Marshawn why you’re there
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MET HIS MATCH: Pit Bull Gets Outsmarted By Tiny Ladybug That Keeps Teasing Him

dddd Alex Schwartz filmed his pet Pit Bull coming face to face with a ladybird for the first time
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Al Sharpton Loses to the Teleprompter Again in this Hilarious Video

Untitled Get the marbles out of your mouth Al
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Bill Nye Debunks Patriots and Bill Belichick’s Claims “What he Said Didn’t Make any Sense”

Untitled Bill Nye Debunks Patriots and Bill Belichick’s Claims “What he Said Didn’t Make
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Watch the Instant Karma Moment a Moronic Flip-Flop Wearing Thief Shoots Himself in the Foot and Goes into a One Legged Fire Dance

shoot lolololol
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Adorable and Hilarious Video Shows the Moment Twins Discover The Hilarity of Peekaboo

tttt Here’s a cute funny video for a Sunday…just made my day
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Adorable Dog Jasmine Won’t Let this Guy Work Out

Untitled hahah so cute
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Sex Ed Teacher in Mississippi Prohibited from Demonstrating Proper Condom use, Demonstrates Proper Sock Use Instead

so The video’s creator, Sanford Johnson, is the Deputy Director of Advocacy at Mississippi
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NFL 2015 Hilarious Bad Lip Reading…..

nf I feel like the Stafford one where he’s stroking his beard could very well be what he
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“The United States of Space” Sounds Like President Obama Took a Page out of President Chepelle’s SOTU

Untitled I needed that laugh this morning
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Don’t Know S**t, Bout None of Dat S**T .. Men Arrested on Murders makes a Hilarious Plea to Media (Wait for Guy 3)

Untitled Its there story and they’re sticking to it
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