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INSTANT Justice…Thief gets Stopped Dead in his Tracks by the Last Obstacle he was Looking Out For

hh That ought to cool your ass off
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Brilliant Man Confesses to Arson on Live TV Interview

fire Not only does the guy just walk up and confess, there’s a news crew behind him as he does
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Police Officer Miraculous Heals this One Legged Homeless Beggar..

Untitled Either that’s Jesus in a police officer uniform or that guy is just a not so smart scam
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Killer Guard Dog Chases Down a Man Trespassing on Private Property

dog I love how he climbs over the second fence too, just to be sure.
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Russian Policeman checks the Papers of a Gay….

gay Their reactions at the end is priceless made my day lol
Posted in Humor

Girl Makes Dolphins Laugh by Doing Gymnastics

Untitled For once the Dolphins got a show….
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Pay attention to the Guy in the Middle…

hh Maybe he was the mastermind behind the entire event?
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Parrot becomes obsessed with Matthew McConaughey after watching his Golden Globes ‘Alright, Alright’ speech and now mimics it PERFECTLY

trtt This is hilarious
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A Squirrel meets a GoPro…Errr, Actually Kidnaps a GoPro

sq Hate to tell you guys this, but the squirrel owns the copyright to this video. He’s asking
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Creepy Pedestrian lets Driver Know that He is OVER the Crosswalk Line

cr This is low level justice however I found it to be very satisfying.
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I Present..The Obligatory 10 Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC….

tr It’s a rule of the internet that there must be a Star Wars version of everything.
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Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Calls Gov. Mike Huckabee “F***abee” on Live TV

Untitled A little Freudian slip….What’s on your mind Megyn?
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I Dont Know Whether to Laugh or Feel Bad for this Guy trying to Have a Workout at the Gym

gym Whatever happened to just lifting heavy things
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Two Guys Have to go to the bathroom REALLY Bad, Pull Over Here and Decide to go On this Fence, … Oh, Zap It’s Electric

Untitled Oucchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Being a guy that hurt just to watch
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This is Why You Don’t Microwave Glowsticks ….

Untitled To quote Homer: “See? Because of me, now they have a warning”.
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Adorable Little Kid Fist Bumps Entire Boston Bruins Team

Untitled Watch as a young little fan fist bumps the Boston Bruins players after their pregame warm up.
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