“Concerned” Woman calls 911 on the Sun..

We have the the sun in custody -CopsRead more ›

US Senator Speaking on “Commuter Safety” Violates a Key Safety Rule at a Train Station….You Can Probably Guess the Next Thing that Happens

Good thing for him this is just a hilarious fail instead of a church ceremony Read more ›

The Launch of a Portuguese Navy Drone Goes Hilariously Wrong

Maybe they have developed the technology and made it an underwater drone. Read more ›

Skydiver Pranks His Friend by Stealing His Shoe Mid-Jump and Throwing it Away

When the next news story pops up about someone getting knocked out by an unidentified flyingRead more ›

Drunk Guy Shows Off the Craziest and NASTIEST Party Trick Ever. WTF!

Well…that was umm….different.Read more ›

Shirtless Idiot Takes a Selfie With a Loaded Gun…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Too bad his dad wasn’t shootin’ blanks. Read more ›

Staff Sergeant Medic Does a Funny Rap to Explain to a Little Girl About Her Cast

I love how he summarizes it all at the end: “Don’t get it wet…that’sRead more ›

Gangsta in Training….Little Kid is Letting Everyone Know that “He’s Grown”

I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to laugh or cryRead more ›

If You’re a Father, and You have a Daughter…… You’re Going to Want to Hear this Poem

Jesse Parent – To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter!Read more ›

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Does Something Hilarious to Entertain Passengers

Everyone loves a bit of airplane humor, it’s like office humor but with an added level ofRead more ›

This Guy is The Worst Contestant to Ever Play Wheel of Fortune. He’s Painfully Bad.

This guy is painfully and cringe-inducingly bad at Wheel Of Fortune. Read more ›

Girl Returns Phone to Her Mom Live on Air

Her mother hardly even flinches, very professional. You can tell she was trying to suppress aRead more ›

Car Dealership Deals with Union Protests in Unbelievably Awesome, Hilarious Fashion. WINNING!

The more you try to shame us, the more that we get famous! The Carpenters Local 201 ProtestRead more ›

JFK Air Traffic Controller Has Trouble Communicating With the Pilots of Air China 981

This hilarious communication error between Air China 981 and a JFK controller will make youRead more ›

Stage Falls On a Man’s Head During a School Safety Demonstration

What makes this even funnier is how the other guy was wearing a helmet. Read more ›

78-Year-Old Grandma Rides a Roller Coaster For The First Time, Reminds Us To Always Stay Fearless

This Dutch grandma prove that there’s no age limit on conquering your fears. What anRead more ›
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