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Alaskan News Reporter Quits on Live TV after Medical Cannabis Segment.

Untitled I feel bad for the second reporter, she has no idea how to handle it.
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Rapper Kanye West Calls out a Pair of Fans for not Standing up at the Show. One had a Prosthetic Limb, and the other was in a Wheelchair. [09/12/2014]

Untitled Kanye West the type of dude to call the wrong number, and argue that you picked up the wrong
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Golfers Left Stunned as they Watch a Baby Bear Perform a Pole Dance with a Golf Course Flag Pole

1410526078529_wps_14_Baby_Bear_playing_on_the_ This bear has all the moves. A baby bear was seen playing with a flag stick at a Canadian golf
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MMA Fighter Mayhem Miller Flips out on EA Sports MMA Programmers for Making his Character Weak in the Game .. But How this Ends is Epic

Untitled On a total side note, that conference room ball crawl table is AWESOME!!!
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Wait until You See What Interrupts these Newscasters During Live Broadcast that Has them all Going Batty

Untitled Anchors Bo Williams and Tearsa Smith and meteorologist Julya Johnson did their best to stay calm
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Watching these Two Women Trying to Park is the Most Online Entertainment I’ve Had in Weeks

Untitled I mean WTH his that second lady trying to even do?
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There’s a Very Good Reason This Spider Dog Prank Went UBER-Viral… The Whole Office Was just Laughing Uncontrollably

Untitled A must watch
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This Dog has Really Missed Football

dg LMAO…. Wish I could get this excited about something
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The Perfect Crime in Under 60 Seconds

Untitled Don’t worry i’m scratching my head too?!?!?!
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Find out Why “The Moment you Realize You’re a Cat” has Gone Super Viral

cat This had me literally laughing uncontrollably
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There’s Some Very Bizarre Road Rage Incidents …. And then There’s this one (Wait for it)

Untitled From Russia where bizarre stuff happens nearly every minute
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What the Duck? Mormon Missionaries Helping Baby Ducklings out of a Storm Drain

duck The way those ducklings run is so comical
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Snapchat Story Really Takes a Turn for the Worse…Wait Til You See How!

snapchat_story One day, these kids will lead our world…shudders.
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Little Boy Goes Off On His Mom For Getting Pregnant

boy Exasperating caught mom off guard. She didn’t know what she was getting into
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When Test Driving the New Scooter Goes…Well Not So Well!

scooter_test That was too much scooter for one man to handle.
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Watch how Military Veterans Left Obama Visibly Upset when they Give Him Virtually No Applause

Untitled Typically used to thunderous applause from his cool-aid drinking, sheep-like supporters Obama was
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