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The Hilariously Embarrasing Moment a Professional Boxer is Knocked out by an Elderly Man Wearing a Wool Sweater

kjhh He’ll never live this one down
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Woman Gets Stuck In Chimney While Trying To Break Into The House Of A Man She Met On A Online Dating Site!

fire A woman is accused of attempting to break into a California home of a man she met via online
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Weatherman 101: Never Do the Weather with a Dog! LOL

Untitled Ripple, a dog from Edmonton Humane Society, steals the show from weatherman during the weather
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Some 12 Year Old Kids Sell Lemonade Others Do Tattoo’s

tatt I’m glad I didn’t get tattoos at age 12. I’d be covered in Beavis and
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Cat does Whats Necessary to End this Song from an Aspiring Ukulele Amateur

acat Impressive vocal range she has. Preschool music teacher to pro wrestler in the same breath
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Hmmmm..When you See Why this Guy Got Pulled Over, You Might Not Understand How the Cop had so Much Patience

po Watching till the end made this video so epic.
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I Shouldn’t Laugh but …. Dwarf Takes his 5ft 7in Fiancée for a Romantic Meal… and is Handed Coloring Book and Crayons by Waitress

1412939745418_wps_24_James_Lusted_26_A_3_ft_7_ I did laugh … But, I do feel bad for the poor guy!
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Marlboro Man: Ukrainian Separatist Casually Smokes a Cigertte While Giving an Interview with Shrapnel Flying Around His Head as His Friend Run

Untitled A separatist fighter in eastern Ukraine gives a nonchalant interview as Ukrainian government
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Guy Has No Clue How the Price is Right Works … Or Perhaps He’s Adjusting for 2099 Inflation

Untitled I mean….. What in the hell?
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Chicago News Anchors Secret Commercial Handshake is a Must See

tt WGN-TV Anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange`s commercial break handshake
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A Man Annoying his Girlfriend with Lord of the Rings Quotes. Enjoy

tt I think the voices are more impressive.
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Absolute Sports Genius Just Cracked the Code to Winning in the NFL

Untitled I never thought it could be so simple?
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He Gets Out of his Car to Road Rage on the Car in Front of Him .. But When the Window Rolls Down he gets a HUGE Suprise

Untitled Road Rage Prevention at it’s Finest
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300lb Nebraska Lineman Knocked Over by Invisible Opponent

Untitled Now that’s a hard player to defend against
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Armed Robbery, Bungling Robbers and a Fantastic Twist … Wait for It!!!!

Untitled The gun-wielding bad guys should have chosen a different profession… like track and field!
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Decided to Get a GoPro cause of all the Cool Videos People Make. Quickly Realized My Life is Lame.

gp Am I the only one?
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