Sure News Fri, 04 Sep 2015 13:15:42 +0000 en-US hourly 1 This Crossing Guard Refuses to Do One Very Important Element of Her Job .. Now its on National News Fri, 04 Sep 2015 12:02:09 +0000
Wonder if she has a union protecting her job?

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Find Out How an Annoying Drunk Man at a Bus Stop Literally Knocks Himself Out While Trying to Attack a Woman Fri, 04 Sep 2015 11:55:29 +0000
I love how she bashes him with her purse when he’s on the ground…lol

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Angry Teacher has a Pretty Effective Way of Waking up a Sleeping Student Fri, 04 Sep 2015 11:42:26 +0000

Thank God this guy wasn’t one of my teachers

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Female TSA Agent Rigs Body Scanner to Help Her Male TSA Colleague Feel Up Other Males! Fri, 04 Sep 2015 10:03:13 +0000 I’ll just let the video do the talking. I simply don’t have the words!



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Atlas V Rocket Leaves Spectacular Trail Fri, 04 Sep 2015 10:03:02 +0000 Atlas V rocket carrying a U.S. Navy satellite into orbit Wednesday morning from the Space Coast. With five boosters, the Atlas V rocket is ULA’s most powerful rocket.

The launch created a cloud plume about a minute after liftoff, but ULA said nothing went wrong with the launch. The rocket is now in space.

ULA officials said the smoke trail caught the sunlight at just the right angle to create to cloud in the pre-dawn sky.

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Construction Crew Runs into Trouble Underground as a Steam Pipe Explodes at the Wrong Time Thu, 03 Sep 2015 21:31:36 +0000 As a crew member attempts to escape the underground vault, the pipe explodes discharging boiling hot steam.

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Man Out Looking for Trouble Finds it…and Gets More Than He Bargained For Thu, 03 Sep 2015 21:17:07 +0000 I guess he messed with the wrong females?

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Disabled Burglary Victim Robbed 5 Times in 6 Years – Shoots Robber But Now HE Could Now Face Charges! Thu, 03 Sep 2015 16:27:46 +0000 disabled-robbed

A retired lobster fisherman from Maine has been robbed an astounding five times in six years! He finally got a gun…and then only hours later, he was robbed again. Only this time, he had a gun. But now he may face charges.

67-year-old Harvey Lembo had become fed up with being taken advantage of. You see, Harvey is in a wheelchair. He’s apparently known around his parts as a seemingly easy target, for both money and prescription pills.

After the multiple times of having his place broken into and things taken – most recently, $1,000 and some of his prescription pills – a friend suggested he get a gun…so he did; a revolver. Just hours later, as he tried to go to sleep, he heard someone trying to get into the house in Rockland. He grabbed his gun from under his pillow, got into his motorized wheelchair, then found the perpetrator in his kitchen going through his pills.

“I screamed at him to stop. And I told him to go sit on the coffee table or I’d blow his brains out. I still had the gun in my hand. I’m trying to dial 911 with the gun in my hand,” he told WGME.

As he got a hold of the 911 operator, the guy tried to bolt and Mr. Lembo fired. The pill-pilfering burglar was struck in the shoulder.

Police soon arrived and simply followed the blood to find 45-year-old Christopher Wildhaber bleeding from his wound. He was arrested and charged with burglary.


It should be noted that the police did express sympathy for Harvey, but the District Attorney’s Office will now have to decide whether or not his use of force was justified.

Mr. Lembo says, “If he’d have sat there, nothing would have happened. But he wanted to leave. And I’ve had enough of it. I’ve had enough!”


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Teen (19) Father of Two Accidentally Shoots and Kills Himself Trying to Take a Selfie with a Gun to His Head Thu, 03 Sep 2015 13:38:23 +0000 HOUSTON – A man posing with a gun and taking selfies was killed when the gun went off and struck him in southwest Houston, police said.

Family members said the victim is 19-year-old Deleon Alonso Smith.

Investigators said Smith was taking selfies with a gun at an apartment in the 9800 block of Forum Park Drive and Bissonnet around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday when the gun accidentally went off, shooting the 19-year-old in the throat and killing him.

It’s the worst feeling in my life,” said the victim’s uncle Eric Douglas.

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Two Lubbock Police Officers Placed On Leave After New Video Surfaces Thu, 03 Sep 2015 13:30:19 +0000

Lubbock, TX – New video of the Juan Carlos Escarcega arrest caused the Lubbock Police Department to place two officers on paid administrative leave Tuesday, pending an investigation, according to Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens.

The video, obtained by KCBD’s Investigates Team, appears to show officers punching Escarcega repeatedly after he was restrained. KCBD was given the video as part of its original open records request placed August 9th. It was only discovered late last week because it was tagged as part of an earlier call. When LPD discovered the video, it informed KCBD and made it available today.


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