TEXAS: 25 Year Old Man is KO’d and Left with a Skull Fracture on the Sidewalk

CORPUS CHRISTI – Police are looking for a man who was caught on tape Saturday night purposely starting a fight [with another man] downtown, and knocked him out.

The victim's dad spoke to us about his condition.Don Schwirtilch says, "I said be careful Erik. Like I always tell him every night that he goes out. He said, you got it dad." Those were the last words Don said to his 25 year old son Erik, before he went out last Friday night. Little did Don know just what meaning those words would have.

Erik was on his way to meet friends at Mulligans for a drink, but he would never make it there. A building at the corner of Chaparral and Starr Street caught on tape Erik talking on the phone when a man purposely bumped into him. The two started talking. In the video you can see the other man try hold the suspect back, but he managed to punch Erik in the face.

Erik was knocked out before he even hit the ground. He fractured his skull once he hit the sidewalk. The two men then walked away, leaving Erik unconscious until a man from a nearby tattoo parlor found him and helped him.

Don says, "What's so sad to me is that there is somebody out there who is so angry that they would do something like this. That's what boggles my mind." Erik, a little league coach and former football player now has a long recovery to walking without help and being able to talk again.

Don says, "The nurse asked him his name, and he said his name finallyand they were all cheering because he could finally say his name." Don is hoping that whoever did this to his son is caught, but he learned a valuable lesson, cherish every moment, "Be sure you hug your kid every day. He was moving to fast that night to grab a hug.

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