Teen With Cerebral Palsy Gets a Surprise Visit From Her Boyfriend. She Just Can’t Stop Smiling.

That was great to watch. This is pure and true love for sure. Read more ›

Matthew Mcconaughey gives the most inspirational acceptance speech..Thanks God above all Else at last nights Oscar Awards

Actor Matthew McConaughey surprised Oscar viewers with an impassioned acceptance speech for hisRead more ›

Well this is Weird..Reporter confuses Samuel L Jackson with Laurence Fishburne during Live Interview..

That was hard to watch, I got embarrassed FOR the reporter…started getting hot and turningRead more ›

You saw how Burt Jenner went OFF on the see how a Pro Handles It..Matt Damon arrives at LAX

The first people he was signing autographs for, seemed to be getting a lot of stuff signed. LikeRead more ›

Burt Jenner goes Ballistic on Paparazzi like Nothing Ive ever Seen

The Paparazzi got paparazzi’d like you cant help but enjoy.Read more ›

Sign of the Times “Beliebers” in Tears As Bieber Leaves Court House

Sign of the Times “Beliebers” in Tears As Bieber Leaves Court HouseRead more ›

This actually happened on MSNBC Yesterday… interrupting Congresswoman for report on Justin Bieber

I would have just left the interview.Read more ›

Richard Sherman was mic’d up vs. the 49ers. Listen to what he really said to Michael Crabtree

That’s exactly what he claimed he said when he told the media he was mic’d up. AtRead more ›

Richard Sherman (the guy who just freaked out after the Seahawks-49er’s game) getting Punched in the Face.

What you gonna do? Punch you in the face. Can’t say he wasn’t warned.Read more ›

Road Rage at it’s finest…

Just when you think the SUV on the left is done… watch what he does next for the ultimateRead more ›

A&E Welcomes Phil Robertson Back to ‘Duck Dynasty’

Less than two weeks after his anti-gay remarks prompted an “indefinite hiatus” forRead more ›

SAFTEY FIRST: Man Accidentally Shoots Himself on a Public Bus When he Adjusts his Gun

Surveillance video shows a man wearing a green jacket and white ear buds adjusting a gun in hisRead more ›

People in Russia Trying to Cross the Street During a Winter Storm

And you think you have it bad living where you do! Maybe this is why folks in Russia are so toughRead more ›

Very Interesting and Unusual Borders between Countries

I thought this was pretty cool, some very interesting borders between countries…SundayRead more ›

AWESOME: Firefighter Wearing a GoPro Device Saves a Kitten from a Burning Building

I absolutly love seeing videos like this……after seeing so much horror, death andRead more ›

VERY COOL: Armless Female Body Builder Barbie Thomas WOW’s the Crowd and Wins Competition

The Phoenix mom of two, who lost both arms in an accident as a toddler, has always had aRead more ›
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