Motorcyclist Does an Amazing Triple Dismount off of a Speeding Car at Intersection

Motorcyclist does Triple Flip in the Air at Intersection in Front of Police Officer

Suge Knight Collapses in Courtroom after Bail is Set at $25 million

Suge Knight Collapses in Courtroom after Bail is Set at $25 million

OUCH! Material Girl Takes a Brutal Spill at a British Awards Show Live

Madonna gave her fans a scare when she fell off a platform hard on the ground but unlike a virgin to the entertainment scene she recovered and started over

Rap Mogul Suge Knight Wanted For Brutal Hit and Run Murder of his “Friend” in Compton

Witnesses told TMZ that Knight attempted to flee the scene because he was in fear for his safety when he put the vehicle in reverse and hit an individual.

Britney Spears Little Sister Jamie Lynn Spears Caught on Video Attacking Group with a Knife after They Started a Brawl in a Restaurant

The 23-year-old sister of pop star Britney Spears, reportedly helped her companion to safety behind the counter, grabbed a massive bread knife and began wielding it in a successful effort to stop the fight.

Exclusive Full Video: The Terrifying Moment 5 People are Shot During a Chris Brown Concert as he Watches in Horror from the Stage

At least five people were shot at a California club night hosted by R&B singer Chris Brown.

Brown was singing his hit song Loyal at Fiesta in San Jose when a fight started and five people opened fire, police say.

Ridiculous Beyonce Fan Catches the Holy Ghost….

You can see the moment when he literally can’t even.

This Amazing House was Bought by a Man who Invented a Video game “Minecraft” Btw he outbid Jay Z and Beyonce.

Well he did make like 2 billion dollars recently, so 70 million to him is like 100 bucks for us plebs.

Just In Case you Needed More Proof that Kanye West is a Complete A**hole..Watch this Video

Anyone who says “You ain’t bin doin the education” ain’t bin doin the education.

“Big Shot” Eminem ‘HAPPY MOTHERF*CKING VETERAN’S DAY’…during HBO Concert to Benefit the Troops

More shocking is the fact that parents in 2014 are stupid enough to take their kids to an Eminem concert

Despite All the Bad News, the Peoples Rejection and Apparently the Golf Course Being Closed Obama Made time to Sing “On the Road Again” with Willie Nelson

maybe he should resign and start up a singing career I’m sure that would make nearly 300 million folks really happy