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Serena Williams Smashes Out a Window with her Serve…But Wow.. Butt..

sw I mean im sorry but how can I NOT comment on that!?
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Weird Al’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. HINT: He Calls out 3 People who Might Break the Chain

wa Would love to see Obama nominate Putin
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Bill Gates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Everything You Would Expect from the Worlds Richest Man

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One of the Best Robin Williams Tributes I’ve seen. Short and Poignant, but Utterly Devastating. RIP.

rw That. Was. Perfect.
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Robin Williams Improvised this Line about his Wife Farting for Good Will Hunting, Caught Everyone Off Guard Making the Cameraman Shake with Laughter (1:00 Mark)

rw “time’s up.”
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Crazy German Professor Shuts Down an Attempt by Students to Disrupt his Lecture

class I never want to get yelled at by a German person. There’s just something unsettling about
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Vietnamese Anchorman Removes His Phone From a Live News Segment With the Least Amount of Subtlety

phone_remove “Play it cool, man…just play it cool. NAILED IT!”
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Little Girl is Completely Devastated to Learn That Her Little Brother Will Grow Up

girl_baby Ah yes, the ridiculous struggles of a 5 year-old.
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Blonde Girl From Northern Ireland Fails at the Most Simplest of Math Problems. Hilarious!

irish_girl Love how the sister thinks it’s funny and the mother is absolutely enraged.
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Awesome Doctor Keeps a Baby Laughing With Joy While Getting Shots

baby_luagh Now I want to get my vaccinations too.
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Couple Almost Hit by a Lightening While Taking a Selfie…Because Even God Hates Selfies.

selfie_boom We all know Zeus does not like selfies and he hates unnecessary eye protection even more.
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This Bus Boy Moves at the Speed of Sound. You Have to See This to Believe it, LOL!

bus_boy Who doesn’t remember their first time bussing tables on meth…
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Wait What…These Forklift Operators Just Loaded a Box Into a Truck in the Craziest Way

box_load Well they are VERY innovative gotta give that to them.
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Dog Walks Into the Shot of a Live Weather Report and Does Something Unexpected

dog_poop That will leave quite the stain on her weather reporting career.
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Man Without a Care in the World Sings a Rihanna Song On a Crowded Subway Train

subway_sing This guy takes “sing like nobody is listening” to heart.
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Germany’s Road in this World Cup….

ger I expected the monster to punch brazil 7 times.
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