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Just In Case you Needed More Proof that Kanye West is a Complete A**hole..Watch this Video

k Anyone who says “You ain’t bin doin the education” ain’t bin doin the
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“Big Shot” Eminem ‘HAPPY MOTHERF*CKING VETERAN’S DAY’…during HBO Concert to Benefit the Troops

em More shocking is the fact that parents in 2014 are stupid enough to take their kids to an Eminem
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Rihanna Only Cares about One Attribute of President Obama…that He is Black

ri Isnt that a bit ignorant?
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Despite All the Bad News, the Peoples Rejection and Apparently the Golf Course Being Closed Obama Made time to Sing “On the Road Again” with Willie Nelson

Untitled maybe he should resign and start up a singing career I’m sure that would make nearly 300
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Very Bizarre Comic-Con Scene Shows Chewbacca Breaking up a Real Fight between Cat Woman and Mr. Incredible as Freddy Kruger Watches

Untitled Superhero slugfest .. lets not forget that’s really a guy beating a woman for real
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Town in California Being Mysteriously Plagued by Creepy Clowns Each Night

Untitled “That’s just kinda freaky……actually, very freaky”
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Legendary Deceased Rap Star “Big Pun’s” mother Just Arrested for Bank Robbery in Miami

dq1uxyaorznv7gszblal A woman accused of robbing a Wells Fargo bank in Miami, Florida is said to be the mother of late
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August Alsina Collapses On Stage In New York City During Live Performance!

66 August Alsina is in the middle of his Testimony Live tour, made a stop at Irving Plaza in New
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Contestant on Family Feud Tanks the Fast Money Section for Her Family

tank If it’s any consolation, I’m deeply in marriage.
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Mike Tyson goes Off on Canadian Reporter on Live TV…

ty Bringing up the convicted rapist line out of thin air
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Serena Williams Smashes Out a Window with her Serve…But Wow.. Butt..

sw I mean im sorry but how can I NOT comment on that!?
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Weird Al’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. HINT: He Calls out 3 People who Might Break the Chain

wa Would love to see Obama nominate Putin
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Bill Gates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Everything You Would Expect from the Worlds Richest Man

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One of the Best Robin Williams Tributes I’ve seen. Short and Poignant, but Utterly Devastating. RIP.

rw That. Was. Perfect.
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Robin Williams Improvised this Line about his Wife Farting for Good Will Hunting, Caught Everyone Off Guard Making the Cameraman Shake with Laughter (1:00 Mark)

rw “time’s up.”
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Crazy German Professor Shuts Down an Attempt by Students to Disrupt his Lecture

class I never want to get yelled at by a German person. There’s just something unsettling about
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