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Awesome Doctor Keeps a Baby Laughing With Joy While Getting Shots

baby_luagh Now I want to get my vaccinations too.
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Couple Almost Hit by a Lightening While Taking a Selfie…Because Even God Hates Selfies.

selfie_boom We all know Zeus does not like selfies and he hates unnecessary eye protection even more.
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This Bus Boy Moves at the Speed of Sound. You Have to See This to Believe it, LOL!

bus_boy Who doesn’t remember their first time bussing tables on meth…
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Wait What…These Forklift Operators Just Loaded a Box Into a Truck in the Craziest Way

box_load Well they are VERY innovative gotta give that to them.
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Dog Walks Into the Shot of a Live Weather Report and Does Something Unexpected

dog_poop That will leave quite the stain on her weather reporting career.
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Man Without a Care in the World Sings a Rihanna Song On a Crowded Subway Train

subway_sing This guy takes “sing like nobody is listening” to heart.
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Germany’s Road in this World Cup….

ger I expected the monster to punch brazil 7 times.
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Guys Film a Crazy Man Who Thinks He’s the Second Cousin of Jesus Christ

jesus_cousin ladies and gentlemen, this man is insane…ly hospitable and has a great voice.
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WWII Vet Forms the Most Unlikely Friendship With a Preschooler

friends_old That has to be the most adorable friendship ever!
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Golden Retriever is too Scared to Pass the Family Cat Sitting On the Stairs

stairs_down That other dog totally just saved the day, hero.
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Buffalo in South Africa “Satisfies” an Itch. Wait Till You See Where the Itch Was!

buffalo_scratch I’m so glad I have hands.
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Joan Rivers: “Obama Gay…. Michelle a Tranny”?

joan Wow shes 81!? Plastic surgery cant save you Joan
Posted in Controversial, Entertainment, News, Obama

The Judges Definitely Did Not See That Coming, And Nor Will You!

penis_song The best part is how the judges and host are in total “WTF?!” mode.
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Man Builds a Squirrel Obstacle Course in His Back Yard. Wait Till You Hear His Hilarious Commentary!

squirrel_garden Because squirrels need muscular thighs too.
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Woman Dances Her Way Into the Operating Room Before Her Double Mastectomy

dance_party Optimism and overall joy is a beautiful thing.
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When Throwing Someone a Beer, Don’t Do it Like This!

beer_throw The moment I heard “YIPSKIDDLEYDOOOO” I knew this would be a good video.
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