17 Year Old Palestinian Shot and Killed by Female Israeli Police Officer at Boder

Israel Defense Forces on Monday released security camera footage documenting a Border Policer officer shooting a Palestinian in the West Bank city of Hebron last week. 

Muhamad Ziad Awad Salima, 17, was shot and killed near the Tomb of the Patriarchs on Wednesday. 

An initial investigation indicated that the Palestinian youth had attacked an officer stationed at a guard post, knocked him to the ground, and pulled out a pistol. Another Border Police officer on the scene shot the assailant, killing him. Only then was it discovered that the Palestinian's gun was a fake. 

The footage, filmed by a nearby security camera, was initially distributed only to Arab media. 

As the incident occurred at night, and the footage was filmed from a distance, it is not possible to see whether or not the deceased was holding a toy gun. Nevertheless, it is clear in the footage that Salima had attacked the Border Police officer before being shot. 

The video is 43 seconds long and has been edited. Salima is seen approaching the officer and speaking with him, then walking around near the guard post before attacking the police officer with his fists. It should be noted that Salimawas an outstanding wrestler, who represented Palestine in various international competitions. The policewoman who saw the incident is then seen walking out of the guard post and shooting Salima. 

From the outset, the female Border Police officer testified that she had seen Salima attack the policeman and remove from his pocket a gun, which she thought was real. The video shows her version of the incident was true. 

The IDF has been considering the manner in which soldiers should respond to demonstrations and conflicts with Palestinian police and civilians, after two incidents were filmed showing IDF soldiers being endangered by Palestinian demonstrators.

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