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Two Large Men Drag 18 Year old Woman from Elevator Beating her Before they Rob her in NYC

Untitled A young woman returning to her Midwood apartment was violently attacked and robbed last Sunday,
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Woman Reveals why She Crawled Through a Stranger’s Dog Door and was Caught Naked in the Bathtub

Untitled Back in April 2013, police in Weatherford, Texas arrested 25-year-old Sara Elizabeth Soto at 1:45
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Unarmed Man Shot and Paralyzed over Unpaid Parking Tickets in Pennsylvania

Untitled A man was shot Thursday morning in Lehigh County when a Pennsylvania State Constable tried to
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Privileged Saudi Teen Beats Garbage Collector until the Poor Man Cries .. All Just “For Fun”

Untitled Poor guy just trying to do his job getting harassed by this punk kid
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Take Down of Super Hero..Times Square Spider-Man charged with Punching Police…

sp Micky and Minnie are just laughing in the background
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Man Fights Off Four Thugs Trying to Rob Him at Night in the Bronx

fights_thugs The victim was not seriously hurt in the attack.
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Car Plowing through Zombie Walk Pedestrians at Comic Con..2 Videos Including Full Video

zz These people are blocking me, guess I’ll just DRIVE THROUGH THEM.
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Moment a NY Police Officer Stomps the Head of a Restrained Man as onlookers Scream in Horror

Untitled Officer Joel Edouard handed in his gun and badge as part of his modified desk duty assignment,
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Ohio Police show up at Business Demanding Paycheck for Cop’s Fired Girlfriend, Arrest Employees for Refusing to Immediately Comply.

Untitled Lisa Cooper, general manager of Put-in-Bay Resort, and two others who say they were unfairly
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Idiot Thief Forgets What Door He Smashed to Get Into the Store He Was Robbing

idiot_thief Not even sure what the hell he managed to steal in 5 seconds…apart from his dignity.
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Man ordered by Louisiana police to Move Car Despite Telling them he’s Drunk, Shot Dead after Hitting Parked Cars. City to pay $495k, Cop Cleared of Wrongdoing.

Untitled ATON ROUGE – Members of Metro Council will have to give the final approval to pay $495,000
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California Police Officer Arrests Man for Video Recording “Private Car” from Public Sidewalk

Untitled The Covina police officer named K. Counts then handcuffed the man when he refused to provide
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Full Raw Video of Armed Carjackers Filmed On Crime Spree From Helicopter

raw Grand Theft Auto in Real Life
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Peruvian Man Shoots And Kills His Friend In Nightclub For Dancing too Close to His Girlfriend

dance_shot From having a girlfriend to having a never-ending supply of boyfriends for the rest of his life.
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Tool Booth Operator Gets Beaten Up for Asking an Indian Political Leader to Pay the Toll

toll_booth As if his job didn’t suck enough already.
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Bored Police Officer Gives Ticket to man Who Rode his Bicycle Through a Crosswalk .. Later the Police Department Apologized for the Wrongful Ticket

Untitled Hurting for money that bad or just a cop being a jerk?
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