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Drunk Woman and Her Freind cause Chaos in 7-11, get Beaten Down by Store Clerks (Strong Language)

cra I love how she’s crawling around the floor like a baby at one point.
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Gunman Opens Fire at a City Council Meeting … However, One Council Men Was Prepared

coun New Hope City Council member John Elder, who also works as public information officer of the
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Perfectly Legal Open Carry Protester Harassed by Indiana Police in Chaotic Manner at Gunpoint

Untitled All I can say is f’n fedora. classic.
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Horrific Moment a Minnesota Police Officer is Shot Dead During a Very Routine Daytime Traffic Stop

Untitled MENDOTA HEIGHTS, Minn. — It started as a routine traffic stop and ended with frantic efforts to
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Father Finds Video of Psychopathic Mother Attacking her Kids Because they Interrupt her Singing

Untitled From the Fathers YT: “I found this video on my son’s I pad that was obviously
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UNTHINKABLE HORROR: Man Speaks Out After His Wife Tried To Cut His Penis Off With Scissors!

Untitled When men speak of their “worst nightmare” this has to be at the top of the list
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Man Convicted of Killing 2 White Teenagers has a Chance to Apologize to the Parents Instead brings up Racist Hands Up Dont Shoot Speech

pic “Black Lives Matter”
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Watch the Instant Karma Moment a Moronic Flip-Flop Wearing Thief Shoots Himself in the Foot and Goes into a One Legged Fire Dance

shoot lolololol
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The Shocking Moment a Body Camera Captures an Officer Fatally Shooting an Armed Suspect

Screen-Shot-2015-01-24-at-3.45.37-AM-620x411 Oklahoma authorities released a body cam video of the moment a Muskogee police officer made a
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SHOCKING: Armed Robber Forces Woman Into Her Own Car Trunk At Gunpoint Then Drives Off!

Untitled The suspect approached the woman, pulled a gun on her and demanded her give him cash. But after
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FAIL: Absolute Moron Thought he Was Going to be a Hero But all he Got Was Under Arrest

Untitled Moron is lucky he didn’t get shot.
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Great Video of a Woman Calling Back IRS Scammers and Giving them a “Taste of their Own Medicine”

Untitled Video from start to finish of my experience with the IRS scam that’s been happening
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Don’t Know S**t, Bout None of Dat S**T .. Men Arrested on Murders makes a Hilarious Plea to Media (Wait for Guy 3)

Untitled Its there story and they’re sticking to it
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Beggar Doesn’t Get any Change from This Car … What He Did Next Has the Police Hunting For Him

dddd A man, who looks and acts like a beggar, comes up to the passenger-side window and cups his
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Bumbling Robber Shoots Himself Ending a 4 Person Crime Spree in SC

Untitled I couldn’t’ help but let out a big LOLOLOLOLOL
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When you See What this Thug Does to this Elderly Man … You’ll Want Swift Justice

eld Brutal just brutal
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