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Michael Brown’s Stepfather Tells Crowd, ‘Burn This Bitch Down!’

step I have a feeling a very touchy South Park episode is coming up.
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For Those of you who Haven’t Seen it, here’s the Surveillance Footage of Michael Brown Robbing a Convenient Store of a $50 Dollar Box of Cigarillos, Minutes before he was Fatally Shot.

Untitled A suburban St. Louis police chief on Friday identified the officer whose fatal shooting of an
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INSTANT Justice…Thief gets Stopped Dead in his Tracks by the Last Obstacle he was Looking Out For

hh That ought to cool your ass off
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Rudy Giuliani Slams Race-Baiter Michael Dyson Over Black Crime Hypocrisy

Untitled At the very end you can see how frustrated the Mayor gets with the absolute nonsensical rhetoric
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Brilliant Man Confesses to Arson on Live TV Interview

fire Not only does the guy just walk up and confess, there’s a news crew behind him as he does
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NYPD Officer Cracks Man In The Head With A Nightstick For Not Paying Bus Fare!


NYPD Officer Cracks Man In The Head With A Nightstick For Not Paying Bus Fare! was last modified: November 23rd, 2014 by Sure News

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Granny Golden Gloves: 75 Year old Former Police Officer and on Tough Grandma Beats Down Robbers Who Attacked her Son and Grandson

4r45 The grandmother said she two men attack her 22-year-old grandson in an attempt to get his money.
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Stockton Gym Teacher Charged after Trying to Force a 14yo Girl into a Swimming Pool

Untitled A gym teacher was caught on camera dragging a 14-year-old student towards the pool after she
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Very Large Cop Waylays High School Girl, Chaos Ensues

ggg In the short video it appears as if the girls were approaching the deputy. Read more at
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“If That Ends up on Youtube I’ll Know Where to Send the Investigators” Texas Cop Threatens Driver for Filming Him

Untitled This just happened in Roma, Texas. The driver was pulled over for following too close. The
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Officer Unloads a Clip into the Windshield after Driver Tries Ramming his Car

Untitled AUSTIN — Dash cam video has been released capturing the shooting of a burglary suspect as he
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The Absolutely Incredible Moment a Police Dog Saves an Officers Life all Caught on Camera

Untitled The K9 is deployed from his police car when the passenger of the suspects vehicle attempts to
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Killer Guard Dog Chases Down a Man Trespassing on Private Property

dog I love how he climbs over the second fence too, just to be sure.
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Disturbing Video Shows Older Brother Teaching his Little Brother Violent Ways of the Street

Untitled maybe teaching English and Math would be a little better for this poor kids future
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Self-Described “Dirty” Deputy Yanks Woman Out of Car for Recording him Illegally Searching her Car

Untitled Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy pulled a woman over for a minor traffic violation, yanking her out
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Complete Idiots Smoke Weed in a Walmart as Employees Really Don’t Do Anything to Stop Them

wal All the employees are like screw it I don’t even get paid enough to deal with this. Have a
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