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Kind Hearted Criminal Saves Homeless Man From an ATM Explosion While Robbing a Store

Untitled The men were robbing a convenient store and had explosives to blow up the ATM .. as they were
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When You See How This Female Store Owner Reacts to a Thief Robbing her Store You’re Going to Start Clapping

store Wrong day to try to rob this lady
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Officers Punch and Tase a Suspect Who’s Visibly not Resisting – Rochester NY

Untitled We don’t have any information on what happened the moments leading up to this but
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Teen Cries out during Sentencing – but the Judge knows Something the Teen told His Mom during a Jailhouse Visit..

cry Dumb kid should have known better
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INSTANT JUSTICE: Police Instantly Nab Pick Pocket Stealing from Sleeping Woman

pic NYPD allege Juvian Rodriguez stole a cell phone from the jacket pocket of a woman sleeping on a
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NM Officer Arrests Passenger for Failing to Provide ID, Then Brutally Slams him to the Ground

Untitled In August 2014, Officer Brent Aguilar of the Clovis Police Department (Clovis, NM) stopped a
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Fed Up Protesters Literally Throw a Politician in a Trash Can and Pelt him with Garbage Including a Tire

Untitled The Ukrainian deputy Vitaly Zhuravsky was thrown by demonstrators to a dumpster, accusing him of
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SHOCK VIDEO: Father Finds His 11-Month-Old Son Abused by the Babies Mother & Left Outside with the Trash!

ts A woman is facing charges after police say they were called to a Wilkinsburg home overnight where
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Man Riding his Bike Down the Street Wearing a GoPro Almost Films his Own Murder When a Thief Tries Robbing him at Gunpoint

rob “I was on a bike tour in broad daylight when a thief attempted to steal my camera gear at
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Black Firefighter Says White Cop ‘Racist’ But Police Body Cam Proves Him Wrong

keith-jones-770x419 Oakland police Officer Anthony Martinelli detained Oakland firefighter Keith Jones and his 9- and
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Shocking Video Shows Three Teens Viciously Kick Elderly Man Pumping Gas In The Head Until He’s Unconscious

yyy SAN ANTONIO — He was doing something we all do in our lives: Pumping gas. All was fine at
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Shocking Police Brutality Caught on Video: Baltimore Police officer REPEATEDLY Punches Suspect

punch A video showing an altercation between a Baltimore Police officer and a man who ultimately ended
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Watch Convicted Murderer’s Unbelievably Defiant Message to Judge: ‘I Pretty Much Dare You…’

hhh A Florida man was convicted of murder in May, and during a recent court appearance, he actually
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6-Month-Old Dies Because Of Home’s Horrifically ‘Filthy Condition,’ Family Wants Public To ‘Donate New Home’

Untitled The mother of a boy who was found dead in his home has been arrested after investigators said the
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Video: Footage of Sovereign Citizen’s ‘Full-Frontal Assault’ on Courthouse Released

Untitled Wearing a gas mask and an armored vest, the 48-year-old laid down homemade spike strips on the
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Repo Gone Wrong: Two Repo Men are Attacked By A Family Mob trying to Take Back Car

repo Don’t even care that they’re being recorded….
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