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Car Cuts Off Cyclist and Goes into Full Road Rage A**hole

ra I’ve never wanted to sucker punch somebody through the computer screen so badly in my life.
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Inmate Steven Sandison Tells in Detail How he Killed His Child Molester Cellmate

dddd “can I tell you how I did it?”
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Watch the Moment a Cop Grabs a Mans Phone and Smashes it For Filming Him

dfd Don’t these cops know that this stuff goes right to the cloud?
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The Despicable Act These Two Do to a Elderly Woman in a Wheelchair is Infuriating

Untitled Police are investigating
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ROLE MODEL? Mother and Her Little Daughter Jump a Lady in a Mall …. TOGETHER!

Untitled Wow….that poor little girl will likely have no future
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Cop Fired for Sadistically Cutting Woman’s Hair off…. Gets Her Job Back, Taxpayers Have to Pay Backpay

Untitled Her own boss called this video of Officer Bernadette Najor “disturbing” and “offensive.”
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Watch the Shocking Moment a Man on a Bus Shakes a Womans Hand and Then Knocks Her Out with a Brutal Punch

Untitled Watch the Shocking Moment a Man on a Bus Shakes a Womans Hand and Then Knocks Her Out with a
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Angry Woman Parks in a Handicapped Spot at an Elementary School and Here’s How She Responded to a Man Who’s Son is in a Wheelchair

Untitled Joshua Coleman took a video of a woman parked in a disabled spot without the appropriate placard
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Baltimore City Cop Overreacts and Punches 19 year Old Male in the Face. Cell phone Clip.

Untitled Baltimore police are investigating the actions of one of their officers after video shows the
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Watch the Verdict in ‘American Sniper’ Murder Trial – GUILTY

Untitled GUILTY!
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Video Shows Fort Lauderdale Cop Slapping Elderly Homeless Man Who Wanted to Use Restroom: “You’re Not Going to Pee!”

Untitled The officer’s name is Victor Ramirez and the man he assaulted is Bruce Laclair. Officer
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Philadelphia Man Trashes Little Caesars and Attacks Employees Over “Bad Service”

Untitled Guess he didn’t like their “Pizza Pizza”
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Daughter of Choke Hold Victim Eric Garner Lashes out at Al $harpton for Being “All About the Money” in Shocking Undercover Video

fff Erica Snipes, 24, told undercover investigators with James O’Keefe’s right-wing group
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Not Nice! Man Catches Woman Stealing Flowers From His Brothers Grave

bust “Because I know its wrong”. Well then don’t do it?
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Police Use Taser on Old Man with His Arms in the Air

Untitled Video uploaded to facebook Feb 22nd 2015
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Parking Lot Altercation Quickly Escalates To Attempted Murder!

Untitled I’m sure after he’s arrested he’ll be regretting this
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