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Don’t Try Robbing a Store When The Coors Light Delivery Guy is Stocking Shelves!

beer The suspect’s name is not being released because of his young age. Police say he will be
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Miami Officer Under Review after he “Loses it” When Man he Ticketed says “God Bless You”

Screen-Shot-2014-10-30-at-2.24.30-AM-620x412 Footage posted online depicted officer Kenneth MacLeod threaten Albert Valdes with arrest for
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Dirty Shady Husband of Democratic Senator Busted on Camera Stealing Dozens of Yard Signs (Arrested & Charged)

Untitled Middletown Police have issued an arrest warrant for the husband of state Sen. Bethany Hall-Long,
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Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, Harassing Kid coming out of the Store, but the Kid Stands his Ground and Refuses to Give his Name

Untitled Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, harassing person coming out of the store. At the beginning
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Shocking Video Shows Police Line up in Execution Formation and Shoot an Unarmed man 45 Times

jhjh The video shows that eight police officers ringing the man in a parking lot with one dog growling
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Philly Police Officer Suspended after Verbally Attacking a Kid as he Just Keeps Trying to Walk Away From Him

Untitled “next time you look at me ima beat the sh*t out you”
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Jets Fan Upset About the Blowout KO’s Bills Fan with One Brutal Punch

Untitled Guy not too happy about the blow out, 6 turnovers and probably an annoying drunk Bills fan
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Dramatic Video Shows Man Refusing to Lie Down For Police, Despite Guns Pointed at Him

ppp It’s so sad that the officers even know that they are in the wrong and their job entails
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Very Disturbing Video Shows Why a Hawaii Police officer was Put Unpaid Leave and May be Facing Assault Charges

Untitled Surveillance video caught Kalihi CRU officer Vincent Morre punching, kicking and throwing a chair
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Disgusting Racist, Homophobic Redneck getting Tackled and Publicly Humiliated in the Dallas Airport

gross Anyone else watched till the end of the video? seems like a lovely family.
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Prankster Gets a Taste of his Own Medicine When He’s Knocked out by a Viscous Sucker Punch After Slapping a Guy with a Pizza

1413987595625_Image_galleryImage_Drunk_man_Gets_Knocked_Ou Some of you may not agree but I think he deserved what he got…..what he did was not less of
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An Ax-Wielding ex-Navy (Suspected Terrorist) Slashes Queens Cop in the Head and Another in the Arm in Random Street Attack Before Being Shot Dead

gg A man attacked a group of patrol officers in a busy commercial district in Queens on Thursday
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NYPD Detective Kicks another Officer in the Head by Accident During an Arrest but Gets Stripped of his Gun and Badge

kicking-cop-300x213 After realizing he kicked a fellow officer, the unidentified cop kindly rubs his
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Another Man Jumps the White House Fence and Can be Seen Kicking, Punching and Body Slamming a Secret Service K9

1414023921247_wps_15_White_HOUSe_fence_jumper Counter for the number of days since someone jumped the White House fence has been reset to 0
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When You See What this Boxer Does after the Bell to the Referee You’ll Understand Why he Was Banned for Life and Arrested

ttt Incredibly, the Croatian boxing director defended his fighter’s conduct.
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HYPOCRISY: An Anti-Gun Senator Was Arrested Last night Carrying a Semi-Automatic Weapon with Extra Bullets and Oh Yea She Was Drunk at a Ferguson Protest

35121359001_3850103779001_arrested-620x348 Missouri state Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a Democrat who has sponsored several “anti-gun” bills
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