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Officer Accidentally Shoots Man During Home Invasion Investigation

Untitled The man was sleeping in the apartment below
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LOST IT: Man Fights Two California Police Officer and Knocks One Out Cold

Untitled I know cops everywhere are being cautious about overt force being used but its probably a good
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10 NYPD Officers Don’t Know What to do with a 12yr old Kid so They Resort to Force as Horrified Witnesss Demand They Stop.

gggg “This happened today on my way to the post office. The kids were 12. They had supposedly pushed
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In Cahoots: How a Man Fakes a Heart Attack so his Accomplice can Steal a Motorized Barbie from Walmart All Caught on Video

ttt Two Florida men were dying to own a Barbie car so desperately that one of them faked a heart
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Members of a Family Make Citizens Arrest of a Trio That Robbed Their Home Days Earlier .. All Caught on Video

uuu The victims of a home break-in near Warrior caught the alleged intruders on Sunday afternoon and
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Texas Cop Tasers 76-year-old Driver Over Expired Inspection .. Officer Placed on “Adminstrative Leave”

Untitled A Texas police officer was placed on administrative leave on Friday after he reportedly used a
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Here We Go….Chicago Teens Slap, Taunt Senior Citizen – Then Claim Racism to Get Out of Assault Charges

ra The youths claimed the older man was to blame because he was saying some racial slurs.
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Buffalo Cop Under Investigation after a News Crew Captures Him Beating a Man with his Nightstick

Untitled Buffalo Police are investigating the officer, who used his night stick, to hit the man on the
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BREAKING DAD! Former Attorney and His Two Sons Plead Guilty To Running a Drug Lab out of their Suburban Home

1 A former attorney who represented Salt Lake City and its police department for more than a decade
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Man Gets His Head Stomped To The Ground By Police Officer For Asking The Officer To Stop Blocking Traffic With His Patrol Car!

Untitled He was also beating the man with his flashlight while on the ground
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Caught on Video: Female Pawn Shop Owner Shoots Armed Robber

yyy Two suspects are in custody after Springdale Police said they robbed C & S Gun and Pawn shop
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NYPD Police Officer is Sucker Punched by Protester but It’s What He Did After That Has People Debating

Untitled What are your thoughts?
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Drug Raid in Rural Georgia ends in a Homeowner Dead, No Drugs Found, and No Police Punished.

o-DAVID-HOOKS-facebook David Hooks was shot in the back and head as he was lying face down on the floor during a drug
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Baltimore Police Assault and Tase Daughter of an Officer- Attempt to Delete Evidence

Untitled Baltimore police are under fire once again after a video surfaced of 36 year old Kianga Mwamba
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What this Houston Police Officer Does to an Open Carry Protester has Him Under “Internal Investigation”

Untitled “You are going to jail for failure to ID because you can’t tell me who you are, you can’t
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Awesome Feisty Grandmother Refuses to Back Down to Car Thief “No Punks Taking my Car”

23F4E09700000578-2869441-image-a-58_1418264357985 An Indianapolis grandmother is recovering from serious facial injures after she says she refused
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