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Off Duty Chicago Police Officer Murders Man with a Gun Shot For Urinating on his Car (FULL VIDEO)

Untitled Chicago – The brutal murder of an unarmed Chicago man outside a west side CHA housing project
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Shoplifter Fights a Store Employee While Holding a Baby…Passers-By Then Punch the Employee

store_fight Trying to use her kids as a Get Out Of Jail Free card, shame.
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Intense Video Shows the Moment an Atlanta Police Officer Shoots a Knife Wielding Man

Untitled A knife wielding suspect was shot by an Atlanta Police Officer today after the suspect stabbed a
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Man is Arrested and Tasered for Sitting in a Public Space While Waiting to Pick up his Children in a St. Paul Academy

Untitled A video showing the arrest of a black St. Paul man for allegedly sitting in a public space and
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Addicted Bus Driver Takes a Hit from a Drug Pipe, Loses Control of the Bus and Plows into a House

bus CCTV vision shows a Sydney bus driver allegedly take drugs behind the wheel, then lose control of
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Officer’s Bodycam Shows Him Tackling a Heroin Addict Trying to Escape

bodycam Body cameras on every officer would be great. As proven here.
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What this CEO of a 6 Billion Dollar Company is Caught on Camera Doing to a Puppy Might Make Your Blood Boil

Untitled A multimillionaire CEO has been caught on newly-released surveillance video repeatedly kicking a
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Cops Shoot and Kill an Innocent Woman. Now They are Charging Someone Else for Her Murder.

gg When officers arrived and confronted the man, first they fired tasers, then they began shooting.
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Florida Man Records Himself Being Attacked by Police for Not Rolling his Window Down all the Way

ttt Florida Man Records Himself Getting Attacked by Cop for not Rolling Down Window all the way A
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TX Cops Holds Mother and Four Kids at Gunpoint Because They Thought Her RED Nissan Was a TAN Toyota with 4 Black Men Inside

Untitled SCREEN SHOT: Six-year-old Ryan exits a car with his hands over his head, after police pull over
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Busted! Hit and Run Handicap Parking Lady gets Put in her Place

lady Personally I think it was pretty cool of her to admit to her faults.
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Off-Duty Cop Kills Two in a Shooting Spree in a Bar in the Philippines

police_filipino He actually killed the two guys on accident that were trying to help him.
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Women are Caught on Camera Beating a 65-Year Old Man over a Gas Pump Dispute…. Then One Attacks his 7-Year Old Grandson

gas A 65-year-old man was confronted by a group of women and beaten up in front of his 7-year-old
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Wyoming Police officer Leaves K-9 in Hot Squad Car with No Water or AC for 6hrs … Dog Died!

645px-WI_Police_Dog A police officer in Mills, Wyoming was recently accused of leaving his K-9 dog in a police car
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Lawyer in a Murder Trial Fears that his Clients Horns, and 666 Tattoo May Sway Jurors Against him……GEE YA THINK!!!!

ttt SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP-AP) — The lawyer for a man charged with murder for his alleged role in
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Drunk Brazilian Woman Receives an Elbow Hit After Taunting Men Outside a Bar

elbow_face If she lives she won’t mouth off another drunk douche-bag again.
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