Tough Guy Beating a Lady Gets a Dose of his own Medicine when two other Woman Beat him with Bricks … Knocking Him Out!

I like the look the two women with rocks give each other before the head bashingRead more ›

All This Because they Couldn’t Get Sun Dried Tomatoes…Drunken Girls Completely Trash a Store

What a disgrace.Read more ›

Awesome Passengers Flock to Elderly Couples Defense When This Punk Thug Attacks Them on a Bus

Glad to see some people actual helped out instead of just watching wishing someone else would doRead more ›

Find out Why Onlookers and Neighbors Cheered When half of a House was Ripped off by Swat Team, and One Man Was Arrested.

Sheriff’s deputies tore the front part of a Stockton home apart while trying to capture a manRead more ›

A Special Place in Hell: Man Confesses to Killing Infant Son so he Could Continue Playing Video Games

A 24-year-old man confessed to killing his crying infant Thursday morning so he could continueRead more ›

BRUTALITY: Police Officer Brutally Knocks a Little Girl Out For Getting in His Way

I’ve heard of not interfering with and arrest but that was a little harshRead more ›

Crook Learned today that Sometimes Karma is Instant When a Customer Chokes Him Out at the Pharmacy

The suspect walked into the store with a bandanna over his face and threatened the clerk at theRead more ›

Mother High on Drugs Kidnaps Daughter and Takes Police on a High Speed Chase….You Won’t Beleive Where the Little Girl Was Sitting

Indiana woman Aubrey Coy is facing several felonies after she allegedly abducted her 5-year-oldRead more ›

Florida Teacher Gets Fired For Ordering Six Students to Beat Up a 7th Grader Who Sassed Her

You know school is going bad when the teachers start bullying you. Read more ›

RAW: Violent Police Confrontation Shows Officer Sitting on a Woman Beating her and Tasing her

The video shows a Chester City police officer sitting on a woman’s chest, striking her atRead more ›

Violent Shootout in Iowa Captured On a Police Cruiser’s Dash Camera

Police dash cam footage catches the action police officer Brendan Zeimet engages in a gun battleRead more ›

Woman Caught on CCTV Stealing a German Sheppard From a Family Home

This woman is the lowest of the low. You won’t believe her brazen actions. Read more ›

Gruesome Discovery at This Woman’s Former Home Will Make you Sick to your Stomach

A woman identified by local media as Megan Huntsman, 39, was arrested early on Sunday and bookedRead more ›

San Francisco 49rs Linebacker Arrested at LAX Airport For Saying Something You Just Don’t Say at an Airport

Airport police Sgt. Karla Ortiz said the 24-year-old player was randomly selected for a secondaryRead more ›

9 month old baby in Pakistan has Been Cleared of Attempted Murder charges … It only took the Judge ONE WEEK to Decide

A 9-month-old Pakistani boy bawled as he was fingerprinted and booked in Lahore on an attemptedRead more ›

Cowardly Thug Assaults Woman At Tattoo Shop in Canada over $15

Vancouver, BC – A Vancouver man is facing assault charges after allegedly attacking a womanRead more ›
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