Italian Actress Who Offered to Give Oral Sex to Everyone Who Voted “No” to a Referendum Starts a Tour to Make Good on Her Promise


An Italian actress who offered to perform oral sex on everyone who voted “No” in the country’s referendum has just posted the tour dates and cities where she’ll make good on her promise.

27-year-old Paola Saulino, who lives and works in Los Angeles, told her legion of Italian fans on Instagram, “I am a woman of my word.”


She added, “Those who say NO to the referendum will be waiting in delight for my ‘Pompa Tour’ in January for what I promised to those who voted no.”

“Pompa” translates to “pump” in Italian…and is also slang for the sex act.

Those who indeed voted “No,” will be sent a booking form that will have to be completed and sent back to her.


Most of the comments were happy men or those disappointed because their city wasn’t among the tour dates. On the other hand, many were Italians horrified by the proposition.

One such user wrote, “You’re just throwing mud on those who defend the constitution. That is a serious thing. Not like you, hussy.”


Ms. Saulino is no stranger to posting nude pictures on social media, and has made clear she’s quite fond of giving oral sex..

Her offer brings to mind Madonna’s infamous offer to perform oral sex on anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton. Not a single report has emerged that the 58-year-old singer has followed through on her promise.

As for the referendum and what it even was…do you actually care?



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