Female Detroit Cop having Sex with her Boss for a Promotion kept the Condom as Proof

I had a lot of questions for the lieutenant, so we sat down Friday.  Here are her own words:

"Did you allegedly sleep with him or did sleep with him?" I asked Patterson.

"I slept with Ralph," she answered.

"How do we know?" I questioned.

"October 14, 2009, yeah, I kept that condom," she said.

"For what reason?" I asked.

"So he, you know, wouldn't think that I'm just a stalker and I'm just a lying (expletive), like, oh no, I don't think so," she responded.

"Ralph Godbee was assistant chief, traded sex for promotions, yes or no?" I asked.

"Yes.  I was the commanding officer of Sex Crimes and after we became involved, he moved me to his staff and I worked right alongside with him in his office," she said.

"That was the deal you made?" I questioned.

"Yes," she answered.

"Our relationship began in August and by October the things that he had promised had not come to pass, so he noticed my behavior toward him had changed where I had backed up.  That's even referenced in a text message, and that's when afterwards there were other texts saying I spoke to this person, I spoke to that person, I'm going to get you down here and then once I got down there, well, we're going to celebrate," she added.  "As he referenced, I'd like to see your career advance, so I went along with the program."

"Are you a tramp?" I asked.

"People can call me whatever.  It's fine, you know.  If my behavior two years ago earned me that title then, then okay.  That was in 2009.  It's a new day.  I have a new life, and the department needs a new chief."

As we all know, Bing elevated Godbee to chief.  Anyhow, here we are again.  Detroit humiliated.  The mayor now with his own possible scandal.  And why did Patterson step forward?  Because she said Officer Angelica Robinson doesn't deserve the public abuse.

"I'm coming out with this because I don't want, firstly, for Angelica to fall on a sword like she's making this up.  This didn't have to happen had someone taken these text messages serious.  Maybe they thought he would've learned from this incident and gave him the benefit of a doubt moving forward.  So much for that."

Patterson is still on the police force and is the commanding officer of the Domestic Violence Unit.  There were no lawsuits.  She lost nothing.  They simply moved her laterally.


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