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“Didn’t think I was doing anything wrong:” Mom arrested for allowing 7-year-old Son to go to Park Alone

rr My favorite part is where the police officer tells her that the public park is unsafe. I wish it
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The “Fire Challenge” Goes Horribly Wrong for a Guy…Can’t Say That I’m Surprised!

fire_fail Judging by this gentleman’s hair, this is far from the worst decision he’s ever made.
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Corrections Officer Guarding an Empty Prison Threaten to Arrest a News Reporter

prison_news That is a violation of freedom of press, 1st amendment.
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The Frying Pan or the Fire? Two Girls Trespassing on Train Tracks Realize they’re About to Be Hit….They Can Jump off the Bridge or Run

Untitled Two women trespassing on railroad tracks in southern Indiana narrowly missed a fatal encounter
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Tennessee Man Stands On His Porch and Films a Terrifying Twister Just 20 Feet Away From Him

tornado_house Yeah…time to get inside the house now fella.
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Privileged Saudi Teen Beats Garbage Collector until the Poor Man Cries .. All Just “For Fun”

Untitled Poor guy just trying to do his job getting harassed by this punk kid
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Woman Claims her Home is Haunted, Watch what Happens to this Photographer during the Live News Report

gg Sound like an Exorcism is in order.
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Take Down of Super Hero..Times Square Spider-Man charged with Punching Police…

sp Micky and Minnie are just laughing in the background
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NEVER Hesitate on the High Dive…This Woman is Very Very Lucky it Didn’t End Worse

dive A guy ran up behind her on her right. THAT is what “messed her up.”
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Bath Salts? Very Bizarre Scene Shows a Man High on Something Attack a Vehicle and then Get Arrested

Untitled Wow just wow
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Car Plowing through Zombie Walk Pedestrians at Comic Con..2 Videos Including Full Video

zz These people are blocking me, guess I’ll just DRIVE THROUGH THEM.
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This is What it Looks Like when you Duct Tape a GoPro to your Car Tire

rpm I think I just traveled through time
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EPIC RIVALRY: Two Wheelchair Bound Men Decide to Squash Their Feud and Smoke a Peace Pipe….However, Pride & Testoterone Intervenes

Untitled Not something you see everyday
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Cambodian Man Shows How to Disarm an Anti-Personnel Mine…Using a Live Mine for Demonstration

mine_man The man is a saint for doing what he does, but a God damn maniac.
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As if you Needed a Reason… But Here’s a Really Good One not to Mess Around with a Baby Bear (Watch Until End)

bne As a result, three builders and dog were literally torn to pieces, and two other men were
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This Big Man Did a Few too Many Drugs at an Outdoor Music Festival. He’s Tripping Bad.

trippy_guy He’s just grazing. Couldn’t lay off the grass.
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