Drunk Guy Shows Off the Craziest and NASTIEST Party Trick Ever. WTF!

Well…that was umm….different.Read more ›

Falling Tree Barely Misses People and a Police Car in New Zealand

If a tree on the edge of the woods fell on a police car, and nobody was around… Read more ›

Manny Pacquiao Won Last Night’s Prize Fight due to the Fact that his Mom was there Casting Spells on his Opponent

Pacquiao won through the sheer power of his mother’s mystic curses.Read more ›

2 Men Make Fun of a Girl that has Obviously Taken WAY too Much Seroquel…

I feel bad for this girl Read more ›

Ever Seen a Real Tiger Cub Playing with a Dog? Watch This Amazing Family that also has a Lion as a Pet

That chihuahua is on borrowed time.Read more ›

You Won’t Believe What Kids are Smoking Now to Get High – BED BUGS!

Who tries this stuff for the first time? What, some guy was all out of weed and said,Read more ›

Electronic Cigarette Explodes Into a Ball of Fire While Charging, Nearly Burning a Girl’s Face

This CCTV footage shows the moment a ball of fire narrowly missed a barmaid’s head when anRead more ›

Girl’s Reaction to Hail Destroying Her Car in Texas Storm might be Almost Unbelievable

This is what happens when you release sheltered children into the wild.Read more ›

Pheasant Gets Hit by a Pickup Truck – The End Will Surprise You!

You might be pheasantly surprised at the outcome!Read more ›

Woman Gives Birth On Her Driveway. Crazy Part is, She Had No Idea She Was Pregnant!

This woman from Connecticut called her husband complaining of stomach pains and found herselfRead more ›

You Won’t Believe What This Woman Did to Her Two Sons Because the “Crazy Voices” in Her Head Told Her to

Laurel Schlemmer, a 40-year-old Pennsylvania woman claims she heard ‘crazy voices’Read more ›

Egyptian Man Ends a Live News Interview in the Best Way Ever. What a Boss!

What makes this hilarious video even better is when you understand what he said! Read more ›

Woman is Caught on Camera Feeding an Alligator…What Happens Next Probably Won’t Shock You

This crazy video shows a Florida woman’s bizarre attempts to train and feed a wildRead more ›

This Reporter Only Asked the Guy for His Name, You Won’t Believe the Random Verbal Tirade That Followed

When this young female reporter for Fashion Studio 7 in Toronto, Canada asked a stranger on theRead more ›

We’ve All Seen some Stupid Tattoos, but this One Might Take the Reward for All Time Worst Ever

In a few years he’s going to cover it up with something classier, like an Olive GardenRead more ›

Man is Struck by Falling Icicle While Chatting with His Buddies and Knocked Unconscious

The man survived and denied medical attention … This guy was very luckyRead more ›
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