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Delirious NY Man Set on Fire While Preparing his Hookah Runs in the Street Looking For Help

fire The man suffered serious burns and is in critical condition at Cornell Hospital’s burn
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Woman Gets Stuck In Chimney While Trying To Break Into The House Of A Man She Met On A Online Dating Site!

fire A woman is accused of attempting to break into a California home of a man she met via online
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What a Person Suffering from Severe Narcolepsy Looks Like…Spoiler Alert, It Sucks

na This could prevent someone from having a driving license, or working in a large assortment of
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Judge Clears Out Courtroom after Inmate Claims he has Ebola

eb Thats one way to postpone your court date!!
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US Nurse with Ebola Nina Pham Brings Hazmat-Suited Doctor to Tears as she Speaks From Hospital

rrr Before Nina Pham departed Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas for the National Institute of
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What’s Wrong with this Picture?! Plain Clothed Man in Video of CDC Loading Second Ebola Patient onto Plane makes NO Sense At All

eb His job probably wasn’t a health care one, so they didn’t give him a suit, and he
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Colorado Governor Threatens To Grant Clemency To Mass Murderer If Not Re-Elected

nathan-dunlap If the GOP wins the governor’s race in November, Gov. John Hickenlooper suggests he could
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Video: Model Shows How Ebola Will Spread

Untitled “It Only Takes One Infected Individual Making It Through An Airport Checkpoint”
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Some 12 Year Old Kids Sell Lemonade Others Do Tattoo’s

tatt I’m glad I didn’t get tattoos at age 12. I’d be covered in Beavis and
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The Very Bizarre Moment 20 Haitians Climb out of ONE Single Car after Being Caught Illegally Trying to Cross Borders

Untitled Not a clown car at the circus just another day at a border crossing
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Thief Thought it would be a Good Idea to Hide Himself in a Box to Rob a Store When Everyone Left…….. Died of Asphyxiation

box John Chuquizuta (21), died after being found dying in a cardboard box . The victim’s
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What Happens when an Angry Sea Lion gets Caught in Fisherman’s Fishing Nets? Not Good

lion BEHOLD…the mighty Sea Lion
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Stand up Comedian is Speechless when NYPD Officers Arrest an Audience Member and then Heckle Him. “Shut the F*** up”

444 “Police officers arrested an audience member during my set then yelled at me.”
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Town in California Being Mysteriously Plagued by Creepy Clowns Each Night

Untitled “That’s just kinda freaky……actually, very freaky”
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I Shouldn’t Laugh but …. Dwarf Takes his 5ft 7in Fiancée for a Romantic Meal… and is Handed Coloring Book and Crayons by Waitress

1412939745418_wps_24_James_Lusted_26_A_3_ft_7_ I did laugh … But, I do feel bad for the poor guy!
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Man Sneezes on a Plane and Jokingly Says “Sorry, I came from Africa”. This is the aftermath.

Untitled Ebola Scare on US Airways Flight 850 from Philadelphia to Punta Cana – October 8th 2014
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