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Almost Unbelievable Video shows a Giant Snake with Food in its Stomach being Harassed by Morons in a Boat ( Brazil )

zz This video is amazing
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Very Interesting Video Shows Jim Morrision Correctly Predicting the Future of Music

Untitled Did he really just predict rap, folk country & techno music……WOW!!!!
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6-Month-Old Dies Because Of Home’s Horrifically ‘Filthy Condition,’ Family Wants Public To ‘Donate New Home’

Untitled The mother of a boy who was found dead in his home has been arrested after investigators said the
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What in the……………. Bizarre Deep Sea Creature Caught on Video

Untitled This beautiful colonial organism drifted past Hercules’ cameras, and we followed it for as
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News Anchor Makes Startling On-Air Announcement: He Only Has 4-6 Months To Live

can The born-again Christian said he believes he is in God’s hands
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Something Tells Me this is a BAD Idea….Fat Truck on a Little Bridge

truckk Im no physics expert but I could have told you how this would end
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Dirt Bike Rider is Chased by a Truck That’s Literally Trying to Run Him Over

Untitled We ride down a trail that is across the street from this guys house no where near his property.
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Thief Shows off New Gadget That Makes Stealing Cars So Easy its Almost Unbelievable

Untitled Started in Thailand apparently its running rampant in Bangkok Thief Shows off New Gadget That
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Shocking Story of Two Italian Nuns Decapitated and a Third also Murdered after all Three Elderly Women were Raped at African Convent

-- RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATO Attack: The attacker appears to have broken into the Roman Catholic convent during the night on
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PARTY POOPER: Unruly Fan Grabs Beach Ball from Children in Arizona Stadium and Crushes it (and then gives himself a round of applause!)

1409910715145_wps_9_dmvidpics_2014_09_04bball This is why I can’t go to Live football games….I hate guys like this
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Never Skip Neck Day .. Watch How this Guy Puts his Motorcycle on the Bus so He can Catch a Ride

Untitled I mean why not just ride the bike, but okay..
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Meet the Man with THIRTY FOUR children by 17 women (and it would have been more if he hadn’t taken precautions)

1409955453333_wps_2_image003_jpg Life coach Iyanla Vanzant called out a man with 34 children – asking if he used birth
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The Perfect Crime in Under 60 Seconds

Untitled Don’t worry i’m scratching my head too?!?!?!
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The Horrifying Moment a Science Experiment Went Wrong and Sent Flames Hurling into Students at a Reno Museum

iii Officials at a Reno museum say a minor explosion at the facility Wednesday afternoon was caused
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Idiotic Twisted Sister Front Man Calls On the Handicap Section to Stand the Fu*k Up!

ts Cringe moment, what al oser
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Rally Drivers Barely Escape From a Crazy Fire in Their Car

rally_fire That’s what happen when you don’t listen to your co-drive.
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