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Idiotic Twisted Sister Front Man Calls On the Handicap Section to Stand the Fu*k Up!

ts Cringe moment, what al oser
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Rally Drivers Barely Escape From a Crazy Fire in Their Car

rally_fire That’s what happen when you don’t listen to your co-drive.
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Pissed Off Driver Verbally Attacks a Biker Trying to Assist Him

mad_driver He realized he was in the wrong, but he’d already committed to hard to being a douche to go
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Guy Furious About Being Dumped Has An Intense Moment and Gives a Crazy Speech

dumped_angry He really burned bridges with his tirade on that one.
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This Paratrooper is Having a REALLY Bad Day

Untitled The Mexican paratrooper became entangled while performing a training exercise.
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SWAT Bursts Into the Room of a Gamer Playing Counter Strike and Streaming it on YouTube

swat_gamer This happens from time to time to streamers, and its called Swatting.
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Addicted Bus Driver Takes a Hit from a Drug Pipe, Loses Control of the Bus and Plows into a House

bus CCTV vision shows a Sydney bus driver allegedly take drugs behind the wheel, then lose control of
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Lithuanian Teens Block a Road for Their Own Amusement. Their Bravery Swiftly Disappears When Bystanders Turn On Them!

traffic_fools I like how the one guy in the suit just came out of nowhere to teach them a lesson.
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2 Year Old British Girl Does the Ice Bucket Challenge…Then Curses Like a Sailor

ice_girl In 12 years time she can do it with her own daughter.
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Revenge from the Grave? Chinese Chef Dies From Snake Bite 20 Minutes After Severing the Snake’s Head

dd What a way to go I mean quite shocking
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Brazilian Police Force a Gangster at Gun point to Remove a Tattoo From His Leg Using Sandpaper

tattoo_remove Those cops where using extremely abrasive force.
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The Terrifying Moment a Daughter Filmed her Mother Being Struck by Lighting While Standing outside During .. You Guessed it a Lightning Storm

tgt CC Weske accidentally captured her mother being hit by lighting while recording on her cell phone
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How Many Obstacles can Make you STOP on a Dime on your Favorite Bike Trail?

bikde Ohhhh STOP!
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It Was Just Another Normal Exorcism, When All of a Sudden…This Happened

africa_priest “Not now mahn, I’m in the middle of an exorcism, I’ll call you back.”
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Women Caught on CCTV Camera Actually Stealing the Turf Off Someone’s Lawn

turf_thieves Lawn enforcement should surely look into this.
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Hacker Managed to Get Control of the Security Camera and Speakers in a Classroom, and Decides to Have Fun

class_camera They weren’t supposed to be having Sex Ed. that day…they are now.
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