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It Was Just Another Normal Exorcism, When All of a Sudden…This Happened

africa_priest “Not now mahn, I’m in the middle of an exorcism, I’ll call you back.”
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Women Caught on CCTV Camera Actually Stealing the Turf Off Someone’s Lawn

turf_thieves Lawn enforcement should surely look into this.
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Hacker Managed to Get Control of the Security Camera and Speakers in a Classroom, and Decides to Have Fun

class_camera They weren’t supposed to be having Sex Ed. that day…they are now.
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Huge Grouper Fish Turns the Tables On a 4-foot Shark and Eats it in One Bite

groper_fish There’s always a bigger fish…
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INCREDIBLE Accident between Motorcycle and Car on the Highway

acc That was so absurd I can’t process it.
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Building Security Guards in Toronto Tell a Certified Busker That He is Not Allowed on Public Property

guards_busker They have nothing better to do?
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This Gives a Whole New Meaning to Being Stuck in Traffic Because of Some Ass

bike_ass This is like rubbernecking 101.
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WATCH: Massive NYC Subway Rat Attacks Cameraman

rat RATS!!!
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Woman Scratches a Car Hood at an Auto Show to Force Her Husband to Buy it

car_scratch This wouldn’t force him to do anything besides file for divorce.
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Creepy Stalker had 11 Tattoo’s of the Girl’s Name..Shot Her Father, Finally gets Locked Up

creep This guy ain’t right in the head. He needs to be sent to a psych ward for a long long time.
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Crazy Abusive GF gets Recorded while in the Act (Strong Language)

cg It’s scary how serious some people take liking photos, this is why im NOT on Facebook
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Weird Al’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. HINT: He Calls out 3 People who Might Break the Chain

wa Would love to see Obama nominate Putin
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A Cop Ended Up Arresting This Man Because of What Was Sticking Out Of His Truck…What an Idiot!

safe_car He should stick to his day job…or you know, get a job.
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Crazy Racist Lady Goes Berserk During Traffic Incident “I’m Going to G-D Kill your Kids and Your Mother”

Untitled This Alaskan woman goes off on another driver in an insane racist tirade. Amazingly insane!
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Shocking Video Shows Man Light Himself on Fire at a Gas Station

fire22 No information yet on if it was an accident or a Suicide Attempt
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Umm…I Don’t Think That is the Correct Audience to Be Twerking for

twerking_fail I think these twerking strippers are doing the wrong kind of patty cake for this audience.
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