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Really America? Some Want Obama to Repeal the Bill of Rights, The Most Important Document in American History

bor Another disturbing insight into the unthinking malaise of many Americans.
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“SYBIL” Lunatic Lady Attacks a Husband and Wife in Front of Kids and Security While Going Berserk

ddd Another video where you wish some angry cops would show up
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She Missed the Boat…And She wants Everyone to Know What That Means..

ii She sounds like a tea kettle.
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Annoying Pest of a Girl DOESN’T Make Reservations at a Restaurant, Gets Mad that People Go Before her Then Says the Manager is Sexually Harassing Her

bitch Dear Bob, the manager … The internet has your back
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How Bad are American Snacks?? See how Asian Girls React while Tasting Them

jj Those two who kept saying they would eat this stuff with booze were hilarious.
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The Horrifying Moment a Teen is Bite by a Shark While Spear Fishing Caught on his Go Pro Camera

444 Video footage shows the heart stopping moment a 17 year old boy was bitten on the hand by a
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Friendly Felon Leaves Convenient Store with Thumbs up after Recognizing Clerk…. Then Robs Place Next Door

fr “I was going to rob you but I know you”
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Horror at the Car Wash…. Out of Control Car Gets a Free Wash

Untitled Fortunately no one was seriously injured when a customer stepped on the gas instead of the brake
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Cops Hunt Man who Urinated in Laundromat Washing Machine…

ee Vermont cops have identified the Washing Machine Urinator.
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Nobody Can Explain the Eerie Figure that Appeared on Camera of an Idaho School

Untitled Recent bizarre surveillance footage from a local high school shows some unexplained activity
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Who Says Women Can’t Drive? Well, It only Took this Lady 4 Minutes and a Couple Minor Accidents to Get out of this Spot

Untitled Who Says Women Can’t Drive? Well, It only Took this Lady 4 Minutes and a Couple Minor
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AMAZING Video Shows Dog Teleport out of Nowhere During Street Race

Untitled There really aren’t too many “MUST SEE” videos but this is definitely one of
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4th Grade Students in an Upstate NY School Plotted to Kill Thier Teacher with Poison because she was “Mean”

Untitled ELBA, N.Y. — Concerned parents and a school board member foiled a group of school
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Little Girl Has Complete Control Over 6 Hungry Pitbulls!

pit Still it is best to remember that you will always need to be extra cautious with pitbulls and
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This is How they Fish for Piranha in Brazil..its Actually Quite Easy

ff I would be terrified of slipping in and becoming a Piranha snack.
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The Incredibly, Weird, Amazing, Fascinating, Bizarre, I can’t Stop Watching Video of a Child Protecting his Baby Monkey from a Hyena

Untitled The child, monkey, and hyena are all fine and no one was hurt
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