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Hit and “Run” ……. Literally

Untitled That would be pretty badass to see the cop just come from off camera doing the tuck-and-roll
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Transgender Fashion Show in Gay Wing of LA Jail…Bizarre Yes, Creepy Yes, but It Keeps a Lot of Inmates Safe

mates Here inmates are able to be themselves and remain safe from the sexual and physical abuse
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A Nightmare…Man woken Up from Sleep by Pitbull Tearing his Face Off (turn volume up)

pit I will never own an animal that can kILL YOU if it so chooses. Soory folks
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10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained #7 &#10 are Creepy as Hell

Untitled Prepare to have your mind blown
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A Squirrel meets a GoPro…Errr, Actually Kidnaps a GoPro

sq Hate to tell you guys this, but the squirrel owns the copyright to this video. He’s asking
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Now THIS is How you Steal an ATM…And Almost the Entire Building Actually

at Who’s gona notice a forklift driving down the road with an ATM right?
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What?? Allah “The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful” Praised on US House Floor

all How far have we “progressed”
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Well this is Different..3rd Arrest for 90-Year-Old Man Who Feeds Homeless..But He says He has No Fear of Going to Jail

jail When you’re ninety, not much will scare you.
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Creepy Pedestrian lets Driver Know that He is OVER the Crosswalk Line

cr This is low level justice however I found it to be very satisfying.
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When Twerking for the Camera goes Terribly Wrong…

tw I thought for a second there, she would turn around and is actually a man.
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Just Some People Performing an Exorcism at a Starbucks in Austin….Seriously

bb Very bizarre and yes this is real
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The Customer is Always Right, Except in this Domino’s Pizza Shop….

pizza Who walks into a restaurant to complain with a camera already rolling? Somebody looking to stir
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Drunk Men in a Bar Should NOT Play with Fire….. Right?

fire You would think that is common sense right?
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Suspicious Road Block on the NJ Turnpike has the Internet Spooked…(Dash cam Footage)

tu Yeah… that was going all “robbey-murdery” quite quickly.
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MUST SEE: Two Black Bears Have EPIC Street Fight in a Residential Neighborhood

ggg These black bears are only fighting because they’re being oppressed by rich white bears.
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Disgusting Racist, Homophobic Redneck getting Tackled and Publicly Humiliated in the Dallas Airport

gross Anyone else watched till the end of the video? seems like a lovely family.
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