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As if you Needed a Reason… But Here’s a Really Good One not to Mess Around with a Baby Bear (Watch Until End)

bne As a result, three builders and dog were literally torn to pieces, and two other men were
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This Big Man Did a Few too Many Drugs at an Outdoor Music Festival. He’s Tripping Bad.

trippy_guy He’s just grazing. Couldn’t lay off the grass.
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Road Raged Man Driving a Camry Nearly Causes an Accident On a Highway…Several Times!

road_raged Some people should not be driving. This is a fine example of one of those people.
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Runner Turning Around Runs Right Into the Path of a Cyclist On a Trail

cyclist_hits_runner And this is why you need a bell.
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Guy Messes Up His Hand BAD Trying to Enter a Revolving Door Moving Way Too Fast

door_idiot Was so close to being his head…Darwin nearly won that day.
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Driver Barely Manages to Escape His Car Before it Gets Hit by a Train

train_car Good thing that guy was so quick to react.
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Ever Wonder What Would Happen if you Took a Mascots Head off at a Bar … This Chicago man Finds Out

Untitled The Chicago Cubs are actually filing a lawsuit against the man in the Costume as part of a
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Wait What…These Forklift Operators Just Loaded a Box Into a Truck in the Craziest Way

box_load Well they are VERY innovative gotta give that to them.
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Weird Al Yankovich’s New Song Takes Strange Conspiracy Turn in the Second Verse

Untitled Well that took a rather bizarre turn
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The Incredible and Extremely Rare Video of a Great White Shark Literally Choking to Death on a Sea Lion

Untitled Western Australia fisheries officials were left puzzled by the case of the four-metre (13-ft)
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When the Rope Swing goes Terribly Wrong for a Young Female in Florida

swingg Oh boy, the girl OK thank god
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CCTV Shows a Dramatic Van Explosion in a Busy Town Center in the UK

van_explodes “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”
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Suicidal Man Dies After Running Into a Huge Bonfire at a Utah Burning Man Festival

fire_jumper That was nuts, imagine the horror of seeing that live.
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The Absolutely Incredible Moment a Filipino Toddler Wakes up at her Own Funeral

Untitled A three-year-old girl who had been declared clinically dead by doctors woke up at her funeral
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You Won’t Believe How an Ohio Woman Managed to Crash a Pool Party

jeep_pool She gives carpooling a whole new different meaning.
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Massive Hailstorm Spoils the Day for Russian Beach Goers

hail_storm It’s like the clouds brought out a Gatling gun and said ‘Screw this beach’.
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