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November 26th, 2014

Woman Slaps a Man in the Face over a Fast Food Dispute but What the man Does To her Has the Web Debating

Retaliation or uncalled for?

SCARED FOR HIS LIFE: Car Plows Through Protesters At Ferguson Rally In Minneapolis!

Shock video posted online Tuesday shows a driver plow through a crowd of Ferguson protesters

“RESPONSI-DAMN-BILITY” This Man Drops Pure Knowledge on the State of Black Affairs Today

“if you live in a messed up neighborhood…. let me give you piece of advice, STOP

Conservative Bloggers PHYSICALLY TOSSED OUT of Sharpton Presser (Video)

I love the look on Sharpton’s face….. As if to say no ones opinion other than mine

Fearless Woman Confronts Thief and Gets Badly Beaten … However, Thug Leaves Empty Handed

Don’t mess with this feisty lady

Michael Brown’s Stepfather Tells Crowd, ‘Burn This Bitch Down!’

I have a feeling a very touchy South Park episode is coming up.

Store Owner that was Robbed by Michael Brown was Savagely Looted Last Night .. This is The Result

Owner of Ferusin Mkt stands in wreckage of his stire

For Those of you who Haven’t Seen it, here’s the Surveillance Footage of Michael Brown Robbing a Convenient Store of a $50 Dollar Box of Cigarillos, Minutes before he was Fatally Shot.

A suburban St. Louis police chief on Friday identified the officer whose fatal shooting of an

Scary Woman Confronts Pro-Life Protester Outside of a Abortion Clinic… This is How it Went Down

Scary Woman Confronts Pro-Life Protester Outside of a Abortion Clinic… This is How it Went

Reporter Sara Sidner Hit in the Head with a Rock During a Live Report in Ferguson

CNN anchor hit on the head by a ROCK during live broadcast from Ferguson, while colleagues choke

CNN Reporters Tear Gassed During Live Ferguson Report

Tear gas canister drops right next to a news crew from CNN

INSTANT Justice…Thief gets Stopped Dead in his Tracks by the Last Obstacle he was Looking Out For

That ought to cool your ass off

Trying to Explain why this Video is So Cool is Hard to Do..So you’ll Have to Watch it to See for Yourself..Epic Ping Pong Game on the Subway

I could almost see the ball towards the end o.o

Incredible Video Shows Police Chief Break Down During Press Conference over Corruption

On Wednesday, the newly-appointed police chief publicly accused his predecessor, some members of

Instant Karma: Road Rager Must Have Forgotten to Get his Breaks Checked at his Last Inspection

The guys laugh at the end is perfect

Rudy Giuliani Slams Race-Baiter Michael Dyson Over Black Crime Hypocrisy

At the very end you can see how frustrated the Mayor gets with the absolute nonsensical rhetoric
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