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October 25th, 2014

Disgusting Racist, Homophobic Redneck getting Tackled and Publicly Humiliated in the Dallas Airport

Anyone else watched till the end of the video? seems like a lovely family.

Not so Bright NYPD officers Throw Away Ebola Protective Gear and Crime Scene Tape in a PUBLIC Trash Can

NYPD Dumps Ebola Protective Gear in Public Garbage Can After Leaving Ebola Danger Zone. A New

Very Bizarre Comic-Con Scene Shows Chewbacca Breaking up a Real Fight between Cat Woman and Mr. Incredible as Freddy Kruger Watches

Superhero slugfest .. lets not forget that’s really a guy beating a woman for real

Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers the Man Who shot the Terrorist in Yesterdays Parliment Shooting Receives Amazing Standing 3 minute Ovation

Vickers arguably saved several lives when he shot and killed the crazed gunman that entered the

Prankster Gets a Taste of his Own Medicine When He’s Knocked out by a Viscous Sucker Punch After Slapping a Guy with a Pizza

Some of you may not agree but I think he deserved what he got…..what he did was not less of

An Ax-Wielding ex-Navy (Suspected Terrorist) Slashes Queens Cop in the Head and Another in the Arm in Random Street Attack Before Being Shot Dead

A man attacked a group of patrol officers in a busy commercial district in Queens on Thursday

While Giving Her Last Tour on a HOHO Bus This Tour Guide Decides to go on a Very Racist Tirade

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — A video of a San Francisco tour guide spewing racial epithets is

NYPD Detective Kicks another Officer in the Head by Accident During an Arrest but Gets Stripped of his Gun and Badge

After realizing he kicked a fellow officer, the unidentified cop kindly rubs his

Mark Zuckerberg goes full Mandarin; Surprising the Audience While Speaking at Tsinghua University in Beijing

(Q&A in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing)

Another Man Jumps the White House Fence and Can be Seen Kicking, Punching and Body Slamming a Secret Service K9

Counter for the number of days since someone jumped the White House fence has been reset to 0

The Hilariously Embarrasing Moment a Professional Boxer is Knocked out by an Elderly Man Wearing a Wool Sweater

He’ll never live this one down

When You See What this Boxer Does after the Bell to the Referee You’ll Understand Why he Was Banned for Life and Arrested

Incredibly, the Croatian boxing director defended his fighter’s conduct.

Scary Video From Inside the Canadian Parliament the Moment Shots Rang out

Multiple Gun Shots Fired, 1 Gunman Killed inside the building, Other Gunmen At Large.

Cop on a Motorcycle Gives up on Chasing a Group of Crotch Rockets after one of them Literally Tells him to Leave

Now that’s actually one cool cop!!

Delirious NY Man Set on Fire While Preparing his Hookah Runs in the Street Looking For Help

The man suffered serious burns and is in critical condition at Cornell Hospital’s burn

HYPOCRISY: An Anti-Gun Senator Was Arrested Last night Carrying a Semi-Automatic Weapon with Extra Bullets and Oh Yea She Was Drunk at a Ferguson Protest

Missouri state Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a Democrat who has sponsored several “anti-gun” bills
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