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Fired Air France Employees Attack Executives

Air-France Executives Run For their Lives After Cutting Nearly 3000 Jobs

Difficult moments for some of the Air France leaders. They had to flee a ... More


The Definition of Overreaction…Brazilian Police Don’t Play Around

They did knock the poor guy's hat off his head. Video from the Brazilian city... More

Armed Vet Prevented Form Helping in Oregon Shooting

Armed Air Force Veteran Was Prevented from Stopping Oregon Gunman!

An Air Force veteran who had a licensed concealed carry gun was prevented by... More

Cop Points Gun at Pregnant Woman for Filming

Pregnant Woman & Her Fiancee Have an Automatic Gun Drawn on Them for Filming Another Man’s Arrest!

Several armed officers can be seen arresting a man who appeared to be fully ... More


Office Wins Lotto

Watch the Reaction When a Group of Workers Find Out They Won the Lotto During a ‘Boring’ Office Meeting

Now that's a great day to go to work!!! JUST IMAGINE you were the guy that ... More


Air Force Pilot Passed His 9G Centrifuge Test and Looked Great Doing It

That might be the greatest g-force coach that ever there was. ... More

Mother beats arrested son

Watch Mother Beat Her Arrested Son in the Police Station

From BRAZIL: Mother of the year award candidate right here Please like ... More