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November 23rd, 2014

One Man Outnumbered by a Group of 10 Delivers a Brutal Double Knockout to Shut Them All Up

And thats that

Father Throws Chair at Judge after She gave Driver that Killed his 2 year Old Daughter and her Grandparents ONLY 120 Hours of Community Service

That’s messed up, I got 100 hours of community service when I was 14 for burning a trash

Stockton Gym Teacher Charged after Trying to Force a 14yo Girl into a Swimming Pool

A gym teacher was caught on camera dragging a 14-year-old student towards the pool after she

Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Amazing Footage Shows Young Lion Talked and Attacked by Crocodile

Amazing video of a young male lion crossing the sabie river when a crocodile suddenly decides to

Very Large Cop Waylays High School Girl, Chaos Ensues

In the short video it appears as if the girls were approaching the deputy. Read more at

Corruption Uncovered: Police Department Raided by Sheriff’s Department Executed by DA’s Order

The police department was issued an “Evidentiary Search Warrant”

Alabama Police Officer Caught on Video Pepper-Spraying Compliant High School Student who Laughed when he said “I’m not a cop you can mess with.”

Cameron Rader, a 17-year-old senior at Prattville High School, was pepper-sprayed by a police

Hit and “Run” ……. Literally

That would be pretty badass to see the cop just come from off camera doing the tuck-and-roll

Police Officer Miraculous Heals this One Legged Homeless Beggar..

Either that’s Jesus in a police officer uniform or that guy is just a not so smart scam

Transgender Fashion Show in Gay Wing of LA Jail…Bizarre Yes, Creepy Yes, but It Keeps a Lot of Inmates Safe

Here inmates are able to be themselves and remain safe from the sexual and physical abuse

“If That Ends up on Youtube I’ll Know Where to Send the Investigators” Texas Cop Threatens Driver for Filming Him

This just happened in Roma, Texas. The driver was pulled over for following too close. The

Officer Unloads a Clip into the Windshield after Driver Tries Ramming his Car

AUSTIN — Dash cam video has been released capturing the shooting of a burglary suspect as he

DELUSIONAL: This Poor Girl Has Some Wild Relationship Advice “If Your Boyfriend Hits You, That N*gga Loves You”

“the fact that he put his hands on me means alot to me, that shows me he cares”

The Absolutely Incredible Moment a Police Dog Saves an Officers Life all Caught on Camera

The K9 is deployed from his police car when the passenger of the suspects vehicle attempts to

Good Friend … Toronto Maple Leaf Fans in Canada Help Finish the US National Anthem after Technical Issues

Very very cool….Thanks Canada for your friendship, for Jim Carrey and your Bacon

Killer Guard Dog Chases Down a Man Trespassing on Private Property

I love how he climbs over the second fence too, just to be sure.
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