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April 16th, 2014

Shirtless Idiot Takes a Selfie With a Loaded Gun…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Too bad his dad wasn’t shootin’ blanks. Read more ›

Train Conductor Kicks a Guy in the Head for Taking a Selfie Next to the Tracks

Chugga chugga chugga chugga…Shoe shoe! Read more ›

Florida Teacher Gets Fired For Ordering Six Students to Beat Up a 7th Grader Who Sassed Her

You know school is going bad when the teachers start bullying you. Read more ›

Ghost Car Caught On a Dashcam in Russia. Seriously, This Car Came From Thin Air.

Glitch in the matrix. Time travel confirmed. Read more ›

Staff Sergeant Medic Does a Funny Rap to Explain to a Little Girl About Her Cast

I love how he summarizes it all at the end: “Don’t get it wet…that’sRead more ›

Young Man With Down Syndrome Gets Accepted Into the College of His Dreams

What an awesome video. I wish I would have gotten more excited about school back in the day.Read more ›

Balls of Steel on this Guy, Amazing Downhill Biker takes On a Cliff

I liked his casual “whoa” followed by his casual 360°Read more ›

RAW: Violent Police Confrontation Shows Officer Sitting on a Woman Beating her and Tasing her

The video shows a Chester City police officer sitting on a woman’s chest, striking her atRead more ›

Gangsta in Training….Little Kid is Letting Everyone Know that “He’s Grown”

I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to laugh or cryRead more ›

Violent Shootout in Iowa Captured On a Police Cruiser’s Dash Camera

Police dash cam footage catches the action police officer Brendan Zeimet engages in a gun battleRead more ›

Man in a Superman Hoodie Catches a Baby Thrown From a Burning Apartment Building

This man just proved that there is a superhero in each and every one of us. Read more ›

Airman Gets an Incredible Surprise Reunion at an Airport. This Video is a Tearjerker!

What a magical reunion that was, little guy couldn’t contain his happiness. Read more ›

Father’s Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows 14 Years of His Daughter’s Life in 4 Minutes

This video is SIMPLY AMAZING. A Must watch! Read more ›

Woman Caught on CCTV Stealing a German Sheppard From a Family Home

This woman is the lowest of the low. You won’t believe her brazen actions. Read more ›

Cab Driver Rejects a Girl Stripping in His Taxi Making Sexual Advances Towards Him

If a man were to do this he would probably get a prison sentence. Read more ›

If You’re a Father, and You have a Daughter…… You’re Going to Want to Hear this Poem

Jesse Parent – To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter!Read more ›
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