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July 25th, 2014

As if you Needed a Reason… But Here’s a Really Good one not to Mess Around with a Baby Bear (Watch Until End)

As a result, three builders and dog were literally torn to pieces, and two other men were

California Police Officer Arrests Man for Video Recording “Private Car” from Public Sidewalk

The Covina police officer named K. Counts then handcuffed the man when he refused to provide

Full Raw Video of Armed Carjackers Filmed On Crime Spree From Helicopter

Grand Theft Auto in Real Life

Careless Driver Tailgating a Cyclist Gets Instant Justice When a Cop Notices Him

That police officer is fantastic. Full marks to him!

This Big Man Did a Few too Many Drugs at an Outdoor Music Festival. He’s Tripping Bad.

He’s just grazing. Couldn’t lay off the grass.

Peruvian Man Shoots And Kills His Friend In Nightclub For Dancing too Close to His Girlfriend

From having a girlfriend to having a never-ending supply of boyfriends for the rest of his life.

Woman Tries to Drive Off in Her Car While It’s Being Towed

Now I know why Escalades depreciate so quickly.

Tool Booth Operator Gets Beaten Up for Asking an Indian Political Leader to Pay the Toll

As if his job didn’t suck enough already.

Boy Heard Screaming for Help Rescued from Rip Current by Lifeguard

The RNLI featured in this video is one of Britain’s most incredible charities. Hats off to

MH17 Victims being Transported, Person by Person, from the Airport to a Forensic Institute. Amazing Display of Respect.

The deceased deserve all the recognition.

Watching a Bunch of Baby Goats Talking Back to This Guy Might Have you Laughing out Loud

This is hilarious

Greatest Prank Ever .. Girl Makes Orgasm Sounds While Guys Spot her at the Gym

I’m into fitness and this shit had me cracking up I hope you all enjoy it Greatest Prank

Mans Face Set on Fire When a Bartender Tries to Make a “Flamming Lamborghini” Shot Goes Horribly Wrong

The bartender was making a cocktail known as the “Flaming Lamborghini”, when she

This Bus Boy Moves at the Speed of Sound. You Have to See This to Believe it, LOL!

Who doesn’t remember their first time bussing tables on meth…

Spark From a Scooter Ignites a Fire That Quickly Grows Larger at a Gas Station in Oman

That was an amazing symphony of stupidity.

Train Crashes Into a Truck in Kentucky, Causing the Truck to Explode Into a Fireball

It’s incredible that the driver managed to survive this, crazy!
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