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September 19th, 2014

Kind Hearted Criminal Saves Homeless man From an ATM Explosion While Robbing a Store

The men were robbing a convenient store and had explosives to blow up the ATM .. as they were

First Person in Australia to Purchase an iPhone 6 Immediately Drops it While Being Interviewed

After queuing excitedly for days, this must be your worst nightmare.

When You See How This Female Store Owner Reacts to a Thief Robbing her Store You’re Going to Start Clapping

Wrong day to try to rob this lady

Officers Punch and Tase a Suspect Who’s Visibly not Resisting – Rochester NY

We don’t have any information on what happened the moments leading up to this but

Take a Minute out of your Day to Watch Husband and Wife Koala Bears Bitching at Each Other

She must not of liked what she saw on his Facebook page.

Teen Cries out during Sentencing – but the Judge knows Something the Teen told His Mom during a Jailhouse Visit..

Dumb kid should have known better

INSTANT JUSTICE: Police Instantly Nab Pick Pocket Stealing from Sleeping Woman

NYPD allege Juvian Rodriguez stole a cell phone from the jacket pocket of a woman sleeping on a

NYPD Suspends Cop who Brazenly Kicked Man During Melee Started by the Cops

The cop who kicked the suspect has been suspended, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said Wednesday.

Very Interesting Video Shows Jim Morrision Correctly Predicting the Future of Music

Did he really just predict rap, folk country & techno music……WOW!!!!

The Stunning Moment Two cars and a Motorcycle Try Sharing the Same Intersection at the Same Time

Can’t really tell who’s at fault from the video but the good news is noone was hurt

Iranian Youths Sentenced to Six Months in Prison and 91 LASHES for Dancing to Pharrell’s hit song ‘Happy’ in Viral Video

A group of six Iranian youths who filmed a video dancing around to Pharrell’s song

NM Officer Arrests Passenger for Failing to Provide ID, Then Brutally Slams him to the Ground

In August 2014, Officer Brent Aguilar of the Clovis Police Department (Clovis, NM) stopped a

Fed Up Protesters Literally Throw a Politician in a Trash Can and Pelt him with Garbage Including a Tire

The Ukrainian deputy Vitaly Zhuravsky was thrown by demonstrators to a dumpster, accusing him of

SHOCK VIDEO: Father Finds His 11-Month-Old Son Abused by the Babies Mother & Left Outside with the Trash!

A woman is facing charges after police say they were called to a Wilkinsburg home overnight where

Man Riding his Bike Down the Street Wearing a GoPro Almost Films his Own Murder When a Thief Tries Robbing him at Gunpoint

“I was on a bike tour in broad daylight when a thief attempted to steal my camera gear at

Black Firefighter Says White Cop ‘Racist’ But Police Body Cam Proves Him Wrong

Oakland police Officer Anthony Martinelli detained Oakland firefighter Keith Jones and his 9- and
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