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September 2nd, 2014

The Ghetto Don Juan: Man on Trial for Selling to a Female Officer Seems to Love his Pick up Lines “Girl, You’re Thicker than a Bowl of Oatmeal”

Rather funny

Shocking Footage Shows man with the Mental Age of 9 Being Stabbed to Death by a Group of Teens During Mugging

Shocking CCTV captured the moment a man with a mental age of nine was stabbed to death by a

Police in Michigan Barge in a Home without a Warrant Pepper Spray the Residents, Refuse to Leave and Arrest 3 for “Resisting”

The incident took place in Romeo Michigan

The Extremely Emotional Moment a Woman with Alzheimer’s Recognizes her Daughter .. There’s a reason this Video is Super Viral

A woman with Alzheimer’s Disease, recognizes her daughter for the first time in a long

Walmart Security Guard is Stabbed Trying to Stop a Shop Lifter

Not a particularly sought after job

Hmmm…A Coffee Stand named “Java Juggs” making TWICE as much as Other Coffee Outlets..I Wonder Why?

An accused madam allegedly made millions off her string of bikini-clad baristas

Man Claiming to be NYPD Officer goes on Racist Tirade Aboard a NYC Subway

“I began recording the scene on my phone. What follows is something for which not even I

INJUSTICE: Woman Assaults and Beats Man with a Metal Pipe in Front of his Daughter….. Police Arrest the Man and Refuse to Watch the Video

A local man is behind bars after his family says he was assaulted in front of his young daughter

You Can’t Train Loyalty, Pitbull Saves Little boy from Swarm of Deadly Bees by Dragging him by His Pantleg

A pit bull saved an eight-year-old boy from a deadly bee attack by dragging him to safety by his

Idiotic Twisted Sister Front Man Calls On the Handicap Section to Stand the Fu*k Up!

Cringe moment, what al oser

Animal Rights Group Shuts Down a Chipotle

No violence yet but there will be if you get in the way and keep me from getting my chicken

Off Duty Chicago Police Officer Murders Man with a Gun Shot For Urinating on his Car (FULL VIDEO)

Chicago – The brutal murder of an unarmed Chicago man outside a west side CHA housing project

What the Duck? Mormon Missionaries Helping Baby Ducklings out of a Storm Drain

The way those ducklings run is so comical

Cop Rear-ends a Motorcycle…. Then Blames the Rider

Happened in Las Vegas, cop rear ends the motorcycle and breaks out the scare tactics (threatens

Poor Dog Can’t Understand why his Brother Won’t Wake up :-(

Very sad video shows a Rottweiler barking and nosing at his brother trying to get him to wake up

Shoplifter Fights a Store Employee While Holding a Baby…Passers-By Then Punch the Employee

Trying to use her kids as a Get Out Of Jail Free card, shame.
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