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Cop Violently Snatches Phone from Woman, Stomps on it, and Kicks it Back at Her Before Leaving the Scene.

South Gate California. South Gate/Montebello police attack Cop Watcher ... More


The “New Thing in the Hood” Self Serving at McDonald’s …. Helping Yourself to French Fries

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Cocky and Arrogant as Ever Floyd Mayweather Jr. Argues That He’s Better Than Muhammad Ali!

"you gonna tell me its cool to lay on the ropes and take punches"... More


Supreme Court Rules 6-3 Cops CAN NOT Hold You to Wait for a Drug Sniffing Dog to Show up

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 on Tuesday that the Constitution forbids police ... More



Drone Runs out of Battery Over Beach, Owner makes the Ultimate Drone Save

The rescue's framed so well that from 0:55 onwards, it could be the opening ... More


Lovely Moment of Kindness on the 6 Train…

That was the most intimidating way I've seen anyone do something really ... More


Security Guard is Caught Playing Piano, Doesn’t Know he’s Being Recorded. See Why Its Been Watched by Millions

He's not your average guard - Masterful piano performance at the Georgian ... More