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August 1st, 2014

Female Tries Provoking Kid into a Fight .. When that Doesn’t Work She Attacks Him

This is terrible .

Rep. Trey Gowdy Grills a Law Professor Regarding the IRS Scandal .. Watch The Fireworks when The Man Can’t Answer the Most Simple of Questions

Rep. Gowdy Questions University of Baltimore School of Law professor on need for AG Holder to

NFL Player Repeats the Same Statement 11 Times in Bizarre Interview

He’s trolling, right?

Baby Deer Cries every Time it Tries to be Put Down on the Ground

A complicated explanation as to what’s going on re: fawn behavior. But this is really cute.

Vietnamese Anchorman Removes His Phone From a Live News Segment With the Least Amount of Subtlety

“Play it cool, man…just play it cool. NAILED IT!”

Sick Pervert Caught Red-Handed Taking an Upskirt Video On a Chinese Subway

He even had the audacity to watch the footage right then and there.

11 Year Old Brazilian Boy Gets Attacked by a Tiger at a Zoo, After Foolishly Petting the Animal

On to Sea World to pet the sharks!

Kind Woman Rescues a Wounded Dog Stuck on the Side of a Mexican Highway

It really takes balls of steel and a great heart to do that.

8 Year Old Girl Has Been Suspended 24 Times From Her School for Foul Body Odor

Well that stinks…

Girl Goes into a Seizure after Doing the “Passout Challenge” with her Friends While they Laugh

The newest fade among teens is called the passout challenge where you literally try to

Florida Mother Gets Arrested After She Let Her 7-ear-Old Son Walk to the Park Alone

It seems like a trend is emerging in the form of authorities going after parents.

Police and Security Choke and Tase a Man in a Wheelchair and Then Try to Attack and Confiscate the Person Phone that’s Filming

Apparently this happened at McLaren Macomb, a hospital in Macomb County, Michigan

Both Mother and Son Born without Arms, But that Doesn’t Stop them From Living Life to the Fullest

Truly amazing, Be happy with what you have in life

“Didn’t think I was doing anything wrong:” Mom arrested for allowing 7-year-old Son to go to Park Alone

My favorite part is where the police officer tells her that the public park is unsafe. I wish it

This Mans Cardio Routine Just Made My Day

I wish i cold make cardio this fun

Two Large Men Drag 18 Year old Woman from Elevator Beating her Before they Rob her in NYC

A young woman returning to her Midwood apartment was violently attacked and robbed last Sunday,
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