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April 25th, 2014

Father of the Year 2014….Russian Dad gives his Son a Cigarette while a Woman Laughs in the Background

A shocking video has emerged of a father allowing a young boy to smoke his cigaretteRead more ›

10-Year-Old Girl Stuns Michelle Obama With What She Handed to the First Lady

Here is my unemployed Dads resume, please find him a jobRead more ›

Angry Frog Gets Awesome Revenge on Kid Tricking him with an Ant App on his Phone

This was the best :23 seconds of my week so farRead more ›

Two Brazilian Carjackers Pay the Ultimate Price for Trying to Steal a Man’s Car

There goes that new car smell. Read more ›

Female Grenade Training gone Terribly Wrong

She throws like a woman Read more ›

Naked Man Driving a Tesla Goes Totally Crazy On the Pacific Coast Highway

Matthew McConaughey? Is that you buddy? Read more ›

Guy Angry Over Losing a Call of Duty Game Calls a Real Life SWAT Team On His Opponent

That takes being a sore loser to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL…WOW! Read more ›

This Man Just Visited Every Country in the World…Without Ever Stepping On a Plane!

What a lucky guy. This is something I would absolutely love to do. Read more ›

Kind Canadian Motorcyclists Stop to Help a Thirsty Baby Moose

Well that was the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen. Read more ›

Blind People Describe How They Experience Beauty. This is Very Profound.

I can see with 20/20 vision yet I still totally get what they mean by feeling beauty. Read more ›

Amazing Video shows Car Falling from the 5th Floor of a Parking Garage with People Inside..all Survive and Crawl Out

Amazing they survived Read more ›

Who Needs Humans? Brilliant Dog Plays Fetch with Himself

Watch out this dog may want to take over the world, he does kinda looks like Stewie Read more ›

Is there Something Haunting this Soccer Stadium? Watch the Video that has Bolivian Soccer Fans Spooked

This one is sure to get the supernatural crowd in an uproar Read more ›

Find out what Happened to Candy, a Lovable Two Year old Dog, when a Sheriff’s Deputy Showed Up..It has her Owner Seeking Justice

“Hey listen to me partner, I feel bad about shooting your dog, I had no choice IRead more ›

Good Guy Hockey Player Justin Tootoo makes a Young Fan’s Day and Puts a Smile on his Face with One Act of Kindness

Kids feel such extreme emotion. I miss that Read more ›

Possibly the Most Amazing Video I’ve Ever Seen, Watch What this Guy Does … Assassins Creed Level Infinity

uhhhhh….WHOA!!Read more ›
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