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September 30th, 2014

Woman at airport throws a Tantrum for being Denied Carry-On Item and is Refused Entry on Her Flight

As an American, I’m just happy to see videos of people acting like assholes who

4 Officers Suspended After Being Caught on Video Tipping Over Portable Toilet With Man Inside.

4 Memphis police officers were recently suspended after they tipped over a portable toilet that

Aquaman Wins Back Stroke at a Swim Meet .. I Mean Does this Even Count?

Swimmer Hill Taylor must have gills

The Teary Eyed Moment a Porsche 918 Spyder Turns into a Fire Ball at a Gas Station

Somebody get me a box of tissues

Awesome Police Officers in Wisconsin Rescue a Fawn that Was Trapped in a Soccer Net During a Rain Storm

Awesome Police Officers in Wisconsin Rescue a Fawn that Was Trapped in a Soccer Net During a Rain

Spectacular Videos shows Drones Making Bizarre Shapes in the Night Sky

Very unique

Just a GoPro sitting under a 75mph Train….

Now I understand why those wood beams are replaced all the time

An Alleged Carjacker Decided to Target a 52-Year Old Woman … What Happened Next Cops Are Calling ‘Utterly Shocking’

Don’t ever mess with Deb Smythe’s Audi !!!

Thug Brutally beats Arizona Bus Driver That’s Stuck in Flood Waters During Historic Rain Storm

Mesa, AZ – A Phoenix-area bus driver stuck in flood waters during Sept. 8′s historic

The Very Cute Moment Two Children Arrest a Police Officer

Protecting and serving done right

Employee Tackles Armed Robber – Gets Shot and Keeps Fighting

Surveillance video shows the moment San Marcos store clerk Patrick Reilly dives through a display

Prepare Yourself to Witness the Most Epic Wave Ride You’ve Ever Seen

Now, this is cool as hell

Phillies Fans do a Phenomenal Job of Mocking Opposing Pitcher Craig Kimbrel’s Ridiculous Pre-Windup Routine.

This is pretty damn funny

New First Hand Video of A Monster Truck Crashing into the Crowd in Haaksbergen, Netherlands, Today (2 Videos)

ONE MORE Video you can Hear Fan Screaming as Truck Crashes into Crowd News about the Incident

Shocking Video shows Islamic State Terrorist ‘warning’ of NYC Attack

A Canadian ISIS terrorist appeared in a Vice News video, and warned the West that an attack on

Dog Stays Outside because he Thinks the Terrace Door is Closed, Wait for It

Ran into the glass one too many times.
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