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October 31st, 2014

Amazing Farewell for an Unbelievable K9 (9 Images) .. Bring Tissues

DiOGi will be missed. We thank the community for banding together to send the K-9 unit off

Magician Cuts Himself in Half, Walks around the Park Terrifying People.

Watch the Lady Fall Face First while Running

Don’t Try Robbing a Store When The Coors Light Delivery Guy is Stocking Shelves!

The suspect’s name is not being released because of his young age. Police say he will be

Poor Guy: Nervous Chevy Spokesman presents Truck to World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner Last Night after Giants Win

This is exactly what I sounded like when I didn’t practice my powerpoint presentation for

Dramatic Video Shows a Porsche Cayenne Dragged on Road for Miles after Tailgating Truck

It is not known when the dragging ends or if the driver in the car is alive or dead because the

Tailgater gets the Stare of Death….

Yep, somehow the gloves made it perfectly clear that that shit was going to stop now

“FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST”: Man Hilariously Celebrates Making The Last Alimony Payment To His Ex-Wife!

That has to be an amazing feeling could you imagine having to pay money to someone you hate!

Miami Officer Under Review after he “Loses it” When Man he Ticketed says “God Bless You”

Footage posted online depicted officer Kenneth MacLeod threaten Albert Valdes with arrest for

‘SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP’ Chris Christie Delivers Very Chris Christie Takedown a Heckler

Kind of looks like the guy from 2011/2012 before he turned a hard left

MUST SEE: Two Black Bears Have EPIC Street Fight in a Residential Neighborhood

These black bears are only fighting because they’re being oppressed by rich white bears.

Dirty Shady Husband of Democratic Senator Busted on Camera Stealing Dozens of Yard Signs (Arrested & Charged)

Middletown Police have issued an arrest warrant for the husband of state Sen. Bethany Hall-Long,

How to Deal with a Problem Child…… Just Tell Him he Has Ebola

I love that the other little kid runs away when he says “ebola”

Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, Harassing Kid coming out of the Store, but the Kid Stands his Ground and Refuses to Give his Name

Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, harassing person coming out of the store. At the beginning

Shocking Video Shows Police Line up in Execution Formation and Shoot an Unarmed man 45 Times

The video shows that eight police officers ringing the man in a parking lot with one dog growling

FED UP: Black Men Have a Strong Message to Obama and the Democratic Party

“and they force us into a life of welfare” …. “Who are the real oppressors in

Amazing Footage of NASA Unmanned Rocket Exploding on Blast-Off…

Is that a 200 million dollar screw up? Yep Thank God it was unmanned.
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