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Man on a Motorcycle outruns Cop Trying to Pull Him Over

Ever heard it can't be done?... More

Fired From Dream Job

Girl Goes On Epic Facebook Rant After Being Fired from Her Dream Job After 30 Minutes – Over a Tattoo

27-year-old Claire Shepherd from Swansea, Wales, had landed her dream job as... More

burger king footage

Burger King Video Confirms Chicago Police Deleted Footage Of “Laquan McDonald” Shooting + Dash Cam Video Of Laquan Being Murdered by Police!

There was surveillance footage of the fatal encounter between Chicago police... More


A Bit Overboard?? Pastor Claims Those Killed at Bataclan Concert Deserved it for Worshiping Death at Death Metal Show

This guy is quite ignorant. This band is not even a death metal band. ... More



Leopard “Detonates” Zebra Carcass in Kruger National Park

Leopard's standing off to the side like, "Okay, I'll wait." ... More


Youtube Social Experiment Clown Exposed as a Fake

"Adrian Gee has conned over two million people with his 'honesty test'. We ... More