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August 21st, 2014

Falling Down..Police Officer Snaps and Pulls AR-15 on Crowd in Ferguson, Threatens to Kill Them

This guy snapped from all the pressure.

George W. Bush ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Someone challenge Putin, actually If anyone needs a cold shower it’s Bill Clinton

Rioters In Ferguson Shoot at Police With Live Ammo, Causing Journalists to Hide and Run for Their Lives

It’s officially like a war zone now.

Killer Whale Throws a Poor Sea Lion 20 Feet Into the Air

Sea lion: thanks for the help guys, really, thanks a lot!

Tour Guide in Dublin Takes Down a Bike Thief as He Runs Through a College Campus

Bike thief…yep, those tourists definitely got to see Dublin.

Huge Grouper Fish Turns the Tables On a 4-foot Shark and Eats it in One Bite

There’s always a bigger fish…

Horrible Airplane Accident that Killed Presidential Candidate of Brazil Eduardo Campos Caught on cctv

Brazilian officials said Friday said that the black box recovered from the plane that crashed and

Incredible Moment two Heroic Deputies Save Elderly Woman just Moments before her Car Became Fully Submerged in an Arizona Flash Flood

While en route to a water rescue in Wittman, a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department

Violent Video Emerges of a Man Savagely Beaten after He got out of his Car to Help a Woman he had Just hit

On August 9, Juan Gregoria-Chacon, 26, was driving his SUV when he struck 41-year-old Chandra

Police in Hot Pursuit of an Escaped Criminal .. However, When you Found out Who “It” is you May Laugh as Hard as the Person Filming

A cow taking a stroll up North Main Street in Kewanee has become the latest local event to go

BREAKING: ISIS Beheads American Journalist, White House’s Statement

ISIS beheads photojournalist James Wright Foley in a massage to US to end its intervention in

INCREDIBLE Accident between Motorcycle and Car on the Highway

That was so absurd I can’t process it.

Alaska Police Shoot Man Attacking them with a Baseball Bat

Video shows a confrontation Friday between a man and two cops in which he rushes them with a

Female Police Officer Keeps Endlessly Tazering Unresponsive Handcuffed Man

The man, incapacitated, unresponsive, and unable to get into the vehicle, is hit with a stun gun

Reporter Charlie LeDuff Meets a Black Man in Ferguson Trying to Talk Sense Into Looters

And all they do is threaten him with beatings.

Building Security Guards in Toronto Tell a Certified Busker That He is Not Allowed on Public Property

They have nothing better to do?
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