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September 24th, 2014

Obama uses Coffee Cup to Salute Marines..What a Disgrace

‘ Shameful’ and ‘Embarrassing’

AWESOME KARMA: When You Find out Why this Man is Crawling Around on the Ground After Breaking Both Legs Jumping out of a Building You Will Start Clapping

Police are asking for the public’s help identifying a suspect wanted for threatening and

Absolutely Incredible Video shows a Falcon Wearing an Actioncam Hunting and Taking out a Crow

Falcons pursue prey using visual motion cues: new perspectives from animal-borne cameras

Lion let out of its Cage does Exactly the Opposite of What You Would Expect…

As a Cat Lover all I can say is Awwww….

Police Officer Snaps on Driver For asking Questions During an Illegal Checkpoint…Cop Does Not Know He’s Being Recorded

He was defiantly trolling but I’d be very annoyed also if I was stopped in a mass roadblock and

BMW Drivers Really Are Jerks! Watch what this Driver does to 3 Pedestrians Crossing the Street

Oh man when he gets hit and the whip of his head to the ground.

US Airstrikes Under Way in Syria…

According to the Pentagon, the US is targeting ISIS with airstrikes and Tomahawk missiles.

Anything for Fame: Woman, 21, claims to have paid $20,000 to Surgically Add Third Breast in Desperate Bid to Become a Reality TV Star

Mr Glasberg said the case will likely be reported to the national board of plastic surgeons and

And This Is The Reason Why You Should NEVER Challenge An Old Veteran To A Push Up Contest

Don’t know whats worse to be shown up by a little girl like the video we posted last week

Incredible Dash Cam Footage shows a Car Full of People Narrowly Escape Death Head On with a Big Rig

How could he possibly think he could make that gap

Massive Brawl Erupts in the Stands at the San Francisco 49ers Game on Sunday

Rowdy fans plus alcohol is never a good mix

High School Football Player Gives One of the Most Epic Post Game Interview Ever.

Halfway through watching that video, I realized that I was doing push-ups.

Alaskan News Reporter Quits on Live TV after Medical Cannabis Segment.

I feel bad for the second reporter, she has no idea how to handle it.

Very Lucky Bicyclist sees His Life Flash in Front of His Eyes…

Looks like he sat for a minute and contemplated his life heh

All this for a Phone!? Look at All the Sheeple, I mean People in Line for the iPhone 6 at Apple Store in NYC (Keep Watching)

Ill just wait for my upgrade

Guy makes an Illegal U-Turn and Almost Causes a Wreck. Then… Instant Karma.

Ah, now if only I could see this happen in person!
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