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November 24th, 2014

Incredible Video Shows Police Chief Break Down During Press Conference over Corruption

On Wednesday, the newly-appointed police chief publicly accused his predecessor, some members of

Instant Karma: Road Rager Must Have Forgotten to Get his Breaks Checked at his Last Inspection

The guys laugh at the end is perfect

Rudy Giuliani Slams Race-Baiter Michael Dyson Over Black Crime Hypocrisy

At the very end you can see how frustrated the Mayor gets with the absolute nonsensical rhetoric

Motorcycle Rider Barely Escapes Alive … He gives New Meaning to the Term “Lucky to be Alive”

This video is just incredible…. the Last truck that misses him is Amazing

Brilliant Man Confesses to Arson on Live TV Interview

Not only does the guy just walk up and confess, there’s a news crew behind him as he does

Cop Brutally Attacks Woman — Gets 10hr Suspension for Swearing

What happened between Officer George Gothner and Natasha Lancour on the night of Jan. 5 in a bar

NYPD Officer Cracks Man In The Head With A Nightstick For Not Paying Bus Fare!

NYPD Officer Cracks Man In The Head With A Nightstick For Not Paying Bus Fare! was last modified: November 23rd, 2014 by Sure News

CONSPIRACY: Freeway Rick Ross Claims The Government Is Using Gangster Rap To Steer Kids Into A Life That Ends With Prison!

Very interesting video please take the time to watch it

Community Outraged as Firefighter Hurls Cat out of his Lift after Rescuing it from Telephone Pole

Los Angeles residents have their claws out against Department of Water and Power after one of its

Granny Golden Gloves: 75 Year old Former Police Officer and on Tough Grandma Beats Down Robbers Who Attacked her Son and Grandson

The grandmother said she two men attack her 22-year-old grandson in an attempt to get his money.

Angry Gorilla Fast Ball Pitches a Rock at Tourists that are Annoying Him

Gorilla’s had enough in a berlin zoo

One Man Outnumbered by a Group of 10 Delivers a Brutal Double Knockout to Shut Them All Up

And thats that

Father Throws Chair at Judge after She gave Driver that Killed his 2 year Old Daughter and her Grandparents ONLY 120 Hours of Community Service

That’s messed up, I got 100 hours of community service when I was 14 for burning a trash

Stockton Gym Teacher Charged after Trying to Force a 14yo Girl into a Swimming Pool

A gym teacher was caught on camera dragging a 14-year-old student towards the pool after she

Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Amazing Footage Shows Young Lion Talked and Attacked by Crocodile

Amazing video of a young male lion crossing the sabie river when a crocodile suddenly decides to

Very Large Cop Waylays High School Girl, Chaos Ensues

In the short video it appears as if the girls were approaching the deputy. Read more at
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