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April 20th, 2014

US Senator Speaking on “Commuter Safety” Violates a Key Safety Rule at a Train Station….You Can Probably Guess the Next Thing that Happens

Good thing for him this is just a hilarious fail instead of a church ceremony Read more ›

Find out Why Onlookers and Neighbors Cheered When half of a House was Ripped off by Swat Team, and One Man Was Arrested.

Sheriff’s deputies tore the front part of a Stockton home apart while trying to capture a manRead more ›

This is what happens when your dad also happens to be a video special effects expert

hahaah….this is awesomeRead more ›

A Special Place in Hell: Man Confesses to Killing Infant Son so he Could Continue Playing Video Games

A 24-year-old man confessed to killing his crying infant Thursday morning so he could continueRead more ›

Judge is Caught Off Guard at this Mans Last Name..Nope its Not a Joke

“How many times have the police told you to step out of the car during your life?”Read more ›

When Trying to Look Tougher than you Really Are Goes Wrong Very Quickly

Not Beast Mode..Least ModeRead more ›

Pitbull Calmly Playing With Kids After Officer Shoots Himself Trying To Kill it

A California deputy accidentally shot himself while trying to kill a dog that he said wasRead more ›

Michigan Judge Erupts: I Hope You Die in Prison!

Btw, she was sentenced to life without parole…Read more ›

See What Attacked Golfer Pablo Larrazabal that Forced him to Jump into a Lake on the 5th Hole

Golfer Pablo Larrazabal makes birdie after being attacked and jumping in a lake. Read more ›

The Launch of a Portuguese Navy Drone Goes Hilariously Wrong

Maybe they have developed the technology and made it an underwater drone. Read more ›

Footage From The Largest Amphibious Assault Exercise That Has Ever Taken Place

Ssang Yong 14 was the culmination of a multitude of training events and exercises between theRead more ›

Skydiver Pranks His Friend by Stealing His Shoe Mid-Jump and Throwing it Away

When the next news story pops up about someone getting knocked out by an unidentified flyingRead more ›

Guy Confronts Woman that’s Smoking While Pregnant….But, That’s not even the Worst Thing, Wait until you Hear What Else She Does

How much better would life be if some of our tax dollars went to support mandatory birth controlRead more ›

This is What Strippers Do When They Get Bored

If you can even call that stripping. It’s more like Olympic quality gymnastics in a bikini.Read more ›

Drunk Guy Shows Off the Craziest and NASTIEST Party Trick Ever. WTF!

Well…that was umm….different.Read more ›

This Mans Execution in Iran was Halted at the Absolute Very Last Minute….But When you See Why it May Offer up a Lesson in Forgiveness

FROM SOURCE: The parents of a young man killed in a street fight halt the execution of theRead more ›
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